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When you've moved into a new house and there's been no bath for 5 months and then suddenly you're getting a new bathroom suite fitted with a huge bath, you get a little overly happy with the bath bombs. And, Lush have just released their Valentines range, so, what's a girl to do? (Buy everything)
Of course, I had to pick up my old favourites first because I've missed my colourful baths so damn much. I used to buy an Intergalactic bomb every week for me and my fiancĂ© to enjoy on a Saturday night together, this is by far the most fun and exciting bomb in their permanent range. It makes the water all sorts of colours before turning into a bright blue filled with glitter. My second old colourful favourite has to be The Experimenter, the secret to using this one being that depending on which way you put it in, the colours that disperse out will change. I've tried it a few different ways and had different colour results each time, which still baffles me- so I had to get it again to try it all again.
The last item from the permanent line I purchased were some cute little Melting Marshmallow Moments- which you dissolve under running water and it fills your bath with oils so they're perfect for my dry skin. What drew me to these was the smell, they smell identical to Snow Fairy, which is just amazing because Snow Fairy is an annual product that I'm currently running very low on. So if you're like me, and crave Snow Fairy in your life all year round, try these out.

From the Valentines range, I just had to get another Unicorn Horn. They started selling these last year and I was heartbroken when I'd used mine and then found out they weren't permanent! Visually, this has to be Lush's cutest product ever, how can you not want a Unicorn Horn? They're also a bubble bar, so therefore you can use it all at once for mega bubbles or over a few baths for a lighter sprinkle. I'm 100% going to stock up on these this time around.
And then say hello to Cupid and Lovers Lamp, two new bath bombs in this years Valentines range. I've heard a few bad things about Cupid being disappointing in terms of what it does to your bath, but I just had to get it because I'm a sucker for pretty pleasing things. I don't know anything about Lovers Lamp, but if it's what I'm expecting then I'm gonna have red hearts floating around the water in our hotel room tub on Valentines.

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  1. This post has seriously made me want to go to Lush! Think I might have to do a haul like this myself soon! X



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