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Ha, yes, me, the most un-productive person to probably ever walk on earth is writing a preachy post about how to be productive, I really should take my own advice and give myself a huge kick up the backside. I swear I would be so much more 'successful,' by now with my blog if I had been productive everyday for the past two years, never mind. Maybe I'll start next week, (probably not.)


This is so important especially if you work from home/you're self employed etc, or maybe you have a day off from your normal job and want to work on your side chick. Almost create a list of rules and instructions for yourself mentally each morning, and try to keep it the same everyday so you wake up and your brain kicks into auto pilot. Be strict with it, don't allow yourself an hour of lazing around doing nothing, schedule each 'task' in the ritual one after another, for example: Get up, 8:00am, coffee and breakfast 8:05, shower 8:35. To be extra positive, add in time to write in a journal or 'one sentence a day,' type of books, this will help you practice gratitude and mindfulness and start off your day on a happy note. Remember, practice what you preach, if you Tweeted 'Today WILL be productive, going to kick ass.' in bed this morning, make sure you kick 2 asses so you don't look back at the end of the day and feel disappointed in yourself. 

This kind of follows in the same lines, but personally I could not deal without my routine each day, I hate things changing and mixing up, I like it to be the same everyday. For example, I always shower at night and do my fake tan and moisturizing, I would never dream of doing that during the day, my day time is for blog work, going out, tidying, dog walking and seeing my fiancĂ©. I always prioritize the tasks I have to do each day, and I'll do this mentally in bed the day before so it's all organised in my brain, if I have more things to do than usual, the good old fashioned method of writing a list (yes, on paper, not on my phone) never does any harm. Doing this type of thing will minimize the stress and worry, and you'll never be left questioning whether or not you can fit something in. (Read also: my night time routine.)

You might think you're getting more tasks completed quicker by multi-tasking, but the best thing to do is to always concentrate on one at a time. You will never get (as good) results on a task if you're splitting your concentration up between other things. By giving one task your full, undivided attention- you'll not just get the best result, but also you'll actually probably finish it quicker. Also, #lifehack - start with the most dreaded tasks, get them out of the way and you'll be happier for the rest of the day (and proud of yourself.) 

I hate to admit this, because I'm the worst for sleeping in until mid-day and then getting back into bed a couple of hours later, but my most productive days are the ones where I rise early. You just have so much more time to get things done, you're not rushing about as much and you've always got some spare time to look after yourself, which is really important. You might think you're super hard working and dedicated because you're staying up until 3am writing posts or scheduling or planning, but in reality, it's so much healthier and efficient to get up early, use your day time properly and then get a good nights sleep at a decent time. Good 'sleep hygiene,' is essential for your mental health too, and once you get into the habit of waking up and sleeping at a certain time, your body will get used to it and it'll become so much easier. (Read also: Simple things to do everyday for a better, happier you)

And remember, productivity means different things to different people. Some people typically achieve a lot more in day than others, and on a bad day with my mental health, just getting out of bed and washing myself is an achievement. Stop comparing your achievements to others, focus on yourself and set your own personal goals- only you know your limits each day- what you decide to do with them is up to you. 


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