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Don't know about you, but when it comes to Christmas I can't avoid getting a load of sweets and chocolate to 'fill my bag up,' and sometimes you just get a box of maltesers too many, you're crying Smarties and you've got toothache from crunching so many Minstrels. Y'know, all the usual stuff. So, this year I did my own Christmas shopping for the first time, and it came to that awkward stocking filler stage where I just needed a few more things to wrap up for people, but it was just going to be so boring buying all the usual sweets, and lets be honest, we don't enjoy opening them, it's so anti-climax.

So I took to the internet and came across Auntie Ammies, which is essentially an online American candy store, that isn't horribly over priced. They sell everything from Lucky Charm cereal to quirky flavoured Fanta. It's a family run store based in Kent, but they offer a delivery service. (My delivery arrived with Hermes.) I was a little worried they might arrive squashed or broken, but they'd been really well wrapped up and protected.

I ordered some Birthday Cake Oreos, and oh my God, I can't explain how happy I was with these. I got them for my fiancĂ© because he loves Oreo and he loves cake, so couldn't go wrong right? Right. I ended up giving him these early and we both loved them, they were so much better than I expected them to be, the filling actually genuinely tasted like birthday cake. The creme inside the biscuits has rainbow coloured confetti inside, which I was almost crying over because, cute. They cost me £4.99 but there was a pretty generous amount inside, and they tasted a m a z i n g, so it was totally worth it.
They offer SO many different types of Oreo imported from the US, such as Cinnamon Bun Oreo, Red Velvet Oreo, S'mores Oreo, and Triple Double Stuffed Oreos.

I also ordered a couple of Oreo Brownies, which were £1.40 each, but again, these things are dreamy. Like, you don't even need to like Oreo to like these, they're just SO BLOODY GOOD. They're a lot bigger than they look, they're more like a cake, so again, definitley worth the price- I can't wait to order some more. By some, I mean 20.

And of course, I could not order American candy without getting a box of Twinkies. Everyone loves Twinkies, and if you haven't tried them yet, do it. They're one of those things that you eat, and then can't stop until you're five boxes down. They're essentially little finger cakes with a runny creamy filling, but there's just something about them that makes them so different to your typical cake, they taste so much better.
If you're already a fan of Twinkies, they also have a variety of flavours such as chocolate cream, Banana cream and chocolate coated.

There's so much more on the website, and I'll without a doubt be going back for more, as a present from me to me. So if you want to get sweety stocking fillers that are an actual stocking filler price, this American candy store is a good place to start, opening up things we don't have here is so much more exciting than opening a box of Maltesers.

*This post isn't sponsored, I just really love the site and what they offer and wanted to share it with you.*

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