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I do like to think of myself as quite a savvy shopper, I certainly buy more than I can actually afford and I take 'treat yo self,' to a whole new level. My family often ask me how I afford the things I get, and the amount of deliveries at the door each week- and to be honest, it still baffles me too. But I'll admit I've for sure picked up a few hacks along the way, either to save money, earn money or get money back! And since it's Christmas time, you're all very likely to be spending a lot, so I thought I'd share some of my tips. Happy shopping!

Sign up for a Space.Nk, N.Dulge membership/card
You earn 1 point for every £1 spent, when you reach 100 points you receive £5 on your card. And that means five quid off your next purchase, which really mounts up! They also give you a gift on your birthday (mines in January so, looking forward to that!)

Have a browse of
They sell high end make up and beauty products with huge discounts, even up to 60% off the RRP! Not many people know about this website, but I've used it for years, the delivery is very quick and it's 110% reliable, sometimes the offers look too good to be true, they aren't!

Sign up with ASOS, and buy your make up there
Asos have recently introduced a points scheme, too. You spend money and earn points, the more you spend, the more points you get, the more points you have, the more money off you get. Asos now sell all sorts of make up brands, such as NARS, NYX and Benefit. The last NARS eyeshadow palette I wanted, I ordered from ASOS, and got £10 off because of my ASOS points balance! It made a huge difference.

Sign up for 
The name says it all, really. You get cashback from whatever you buy, simply sign up on the website and then select the store you want to buy from (they have a good and huge selection.) I find it particularly useful for Debenhams when buying make up. After a few shopping trips, your balance builds up- and they've always got offers on like up to 10% cashback on your purchase! You're getting money back that you spent, who doesn't want that?

Debenhams Beauty Club card
Debenhams have a huge range of high end brands, and I often find myself spending hundreds of pounds at once online on a good old make up haul. Again, it's a spend=points=money off scheme, but when you've got a £150 shopping basket, that ten pounds off really seems to make it better.

Always check Feel Unique before buying direct
It's extremely rare that a brand will have a sale or money off their products on their own website, so I hardly ever shop directly from a brand, I always check Feel Unique first! Feel Unique always have some beauty deal on, from 15% of YSL beauty to a free mascara or something. Plus, when your delivery comes, they always send you money off vouchers so you shop with them again!

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