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We have 9 days left of 2016, how insane is that? We’re into single digits people, best start working on that “new year, new me,”

Start with the obvious things, de-clutter your make up, your wardrobe, your bedroom, your handbag, your bedside table. Make everything organised and tidy, (as possible.) Then start with the not so obvious things, like your e-mails, the junk box, your camera roll, your contact book, your jewellery stash, anything you can think of really. There's nothing like a fresh start, a blank canvas, and a tidy environment = tidy mind. It’s true, honest. 

Get closure
This might be with an ex, for example. If things ended badly this year, and it was all rather sudden, maybe be brave and give them a message and see if they’ll take five minutes just to chat and explain things. Reflect with each other, say your sorrys and your moving on messages. This is something I did a few years ago before new years, that relationship ended very badly and on bad terms, and it’s just nice, it’s a peace of mind to get closure, and it’s healthy. Stop hating each other, and just be civil. Move the f*ck on. 

 Tie up loose ends
Stop finding excuses for things and putting off making that phone call or attending that appointment that was supposed to be done months ago. Take care of it NOW, trust me, you’ll be able to sleep better and stress less, because until you do that one thing you keep avoiding, it’ll sit in your brain and just so happen to pop up at 3am. Basically, don't take any unfinished business with you into 2017.

 Reflect on small and big achievements
If it feels like you haven’t achieved anything this year, dig deeper. That will not be true. Ok, fair enough I didn’t get a job, or pass my driving test, but I managed to overcome many things that once were impossible because of my anxiety. And as small and stupid as being able to make a phone call without having a panic attack may seem, it counts, and it’s important. I feel like I really grabbed anxiety by the balls this year. Oh, and I got engaged? Does that count? 

 Learn and practice meditation
This is something I only started doing very recently, I downloaded the app ‘Calm,’ and surprisingly, it actually works. Like seriously, it’s great just too really switch off for ten minutes in bed before you go to sleep, I sleep a lot better when I use this app when I get into bed. 

 Set goals
Write them down, set small goals for yourself that you’re sure are really achievable so you don’t end up feeling deflated. Don’t expect too much from yourself, ease the pressure and just go small. Big is not always better. Miracles don’t happen in just a years’ time, especially with how fast time seems to fly by these days. For example, set the realistic goal of saving money towards a house, not buying a house.


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