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nars, too faced, mac, house of lashes, nars eyeshadow, nars eyeshadow palette, nars sarah moon, too faced lip injection, mac prep and prime, too faced  born this way, too faced foundation, too faced review, mac review, nars review, debenhams beauty, mac primer, house of lashes iconic
It's the return of the beauty posts, where it all began! I haven't wrote a beauty post in what feels like forever because I just really 'went off it,' I lost my passion for talking about it and to be honest for a long time I lost interest in even buying any make up products. Wow, never thought that would happen. I've been a lot happier focusing more on just 'life,' posts and whatever I fancy doing really, but I know that a LOT of people who follow my blog follow it solely for beauty, because that's how Lashes and Luxe started out, a primarily high end beauty blog. So in attempt to try and rekindle my love, I went on a little spree for things I'd wanted for a long time but always put off buying because I never 'needed,' them, so here's what I picked up on my mission...

If you're an avid fan or follower of high end beauty and all the new releases, you'll probably know about the new limited edition collection from NARS in collaboration with Sarah Moon. This collection is very dark and edgy, everything is very cool toned. The packaging is the best packaging from a NARS collab I've seen, I couldn't resist. Alongside the original pieces, some gifting products were recently added in addition to the core collection just in time for Christmas. (So in my case, Happy Christmas, from me, to me.)

I'm always a sucker for a limited edition NARS eyeshadow palette, it's the one thing that always gets me, they just always get it so right. The Look Closer palette features four neutral cool toned shades and a mini Larger Than Life liner in black. This palette is perfect for creating my everyday eye look, a light all over colour, a lid, smokey crease and very dark outer v. Like I said, the packaging on this is just gorgeous, (the actual compact has the same cover as the box.)
Also in the collection were three of the matte lipstick formulas, two in red and one nude, so obviously, I went for the nude. (Wow, adventurous, I know.) This lipstick is perfect for me right now, I'm finding it almost impossible to wear liquid lipsticks because it's Winter now and they're so dry! This NARS formula isn't as matte and feels pretty creamy. I'd best describe the shade as a dusty true nude with some cool pink undertones. (I found a good/true swatch image here, this shade is named Iridescent Proposal.)

I also got two things from Too Faced, although I could of got SO much more, my bank account just wouldn't let me. Oops.
I've already spoke about the Born This Way foundation, but I think I also recently mentioned that I donated it to my mum because the shade was waaaaay too orange for me, (and it was porcelain...embarrassing.) But thank God they extended the shade range and made two lighter shades, so to be safe I got the (new) lightest, Snow. What a lovely name though! Makes it a little better. This new lighter shade was sold out for such a long time at both Debenhams and Selfridges, so I was overjoyed to see it re-stocked so I could get back to using this foundation, it really is worth the dolla and the hype. It's going to be perfect for this time of year, because it's got amazing coverage but isn't thick or drying, and my skin really doesn't need anymore dehydration during Winter.

Another re-purchase from Too Faced was the Lip Injection gloss, I had this soooo many years ago when it was in completely different packaging and nobody really knew about Too Faced like they do now, and it actually worked really well. The gloss does burn and tingle quite a lot for about 10 minutes, your lips go pretty red too, but they 110% plump up. This is going to be perfect for adding on top of liquid lipsticks during Winter to stop them being so drying! I always find that when your lips are glossy rather than matte, they always look bigger too. So I can't afford real lip injections right now, so this will have to do.

The last make up product I picked up was the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage, and I know, I know, MAC are bad and all for animal testing, and I do try to avoid it, but I had a tester of this product and it was just too perfect. I got this knowing I'd get a lot of use out of it as soon as it arrived, it has the perfect amount of hydration my skin needs right now to handle high coverage foundations, but it also has the qualities of a good primer. (Blurring pores, evening skin tone etc.) I think anyone with normal-dry skin types would love this primer, the texture is just SO right. I'll certainly avoid it in Summer, because it'd probably make my face like an oil slick, but for now, it's just what I need.

Last, but certainly not least - I stocked up on my lashes. We all know by now I don't feel myself without some good falsies, it just makes make up look SO much better and 'finished.' I've been wearing lashes on a daily basis for about a year now, so as you can imagine I've tried my fair share, so far my all time favourites are the Huda Beauty Scarlett style, but I really wanted to find a cheaper dupe. So I took to the web and looked through every single brand, and typically, the last place I looked I found just what I wanted. Say hello to the House Of Lashes Iconic style, they look purrrfect and I really pray they're as amazing when I actually try them. I love layers, drama, length and a little flutter, these have it all.


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