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I think stocking fillers are the best part about Christmas shopping, I love all the cute little mini products that are released, it's a great way to try brands out or give someone a tester of something you really love yourself. Although all these gifts are luxury brands, I ensured everything was £30 and under so it's 'stocking filler,' apporpriate. I would personally be so happy with any of these things in my stocking on Christmas morning, and I've already bought a few for members of my own family- these are my top picks. All products are linked straight to the website for your own easy buying pleasure.



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Ok so public announcement: Marc Jacobs beauty is now readily available in the UK and I no longer have to sit drooling at the Sephora website, amazing. You can find Marc Jacobs beauty at John Lewis here.



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It's the return of the beauty posts, where it all began! I haven't wrote a beauty post in what feels like forever because I just really 'went off it,' I lost my passion for talking about it and to be honest for a long time I lost interest in even buying any make up products. Wow, never thought that would happen. I've been a lot happier focusing more on just 'life,' posts and whatever I fancy doing really, but I know that a LOT of people who follow my blog follow it solely for beauty, because that's how Lashes and Luxe started out, a primarily high end beauty blog. So in attempt to try and rekindle my love, I went on a little spree for things I'd wanted for a long time but always put off buying because I never 'needed,' them, so here's what I picked up on my mission...



Christmas shopping can be such a nightmare, but if you can get all your gifts from the same place, (and that place being somewhere that is reliable, has great delivery options and rewards like Asos, it makes life much easier.) I'll personally be buying 90% of my gifts this year from Asos, because I can get money off with the A-List and they always have great discounts like '30% off beauty,' and it's also great for last minute because they offer next day delivery for £4, or you can go premier and pay £10 and get next day delivery for a year! (This post isn't sponsored by Asos I promise, I just think it's a really great place to do your shopping.)
For me, buying for my mum is the easiest- she's only 40, so I've based this gift guide on her, she would love anything from this selection! Here's what I picked out... (All products are linked!)

1. Benefit Defined & Refined Brows set (£28.50)
2. Benefit skincare set (£29.50)
3. Asos beauty advent calendar (£50.00)
4. French Bulldog ornament/money jar (£20.00)

French Bulldogs/pugs are everywhere at the moment, and this can be used for 'show,' too! If your mum wants a Frenchie but can't have one, get her this instead.
ALL mums know Benefit, so if they open up a Benefit set on Christmas Day they'll know you wanted to give them a little luxe.

5. GHD Copper Luxe Deluxe gift set (£195.00)
6. Whistles Leather Rivington in Croc Print (£80.00)
7. Elemis Best Face Forward gift set (£39.99)
8. Ted Baker Drink Me Glass Bottle (£20.00)

You cannot go wrong with a hairdryer or straighteners, especially when they're copper and GHD, same with the Whistles bag, it's a classic real leather bag perfect for dressing up/going out- it's simple and black so it can be worn with any outfit. If your mum works in an office, or she goes to the gym maybe treat her to this drop dead gorgeous Ted Baker water bottle, I don't do either but I still want it myself. If you can't afford a spa break for your mum, bring the spa treatment home with an Elemis gift set, this luxury skincare brand is used in high end salons everywhere.



I spend far too much time on Asos, I really wish I never downloaded the app...I'm always lusting after so many things and I usually have to come to terms with the fact I can't afford half of it. So here's what I've got my eyes on right now, (all products are a direct link for easy shopping if you see something you go all heart eyes over!)

Flamingo slippers | Nude jumper | NARS palette | Lace top | Monki pyjamas | NARS lipstick | Adidas T-shirt dress | Ban.Do 2017 calendar | Alice In Wonderland palette



I've only ever had one job, and unfortunately that one job has put me off ever getting another. This job I had was in a factory, I was based in the office side but I still had had to go into the factory, and what can you find in a glass making factory? Men, lots of men.

So, this one man in particular, he was the kind of life and soul of all the men- everyone knew him, his story, what he was doing, he was very outgoing and lively, and for my first few weeks this man had been very friendly/nice to me, spoke to me a lot any tried to make me feel comfortable in the factory with all of the other men. So as time went on he became one of my 'friends,' at work, I was aware he was in his 50's, and I was told he had a wife and kids, seems all sweet right?

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