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It's wishlist time again, time to make myself really sad and remind myself how poor I am and how bad I've got my priorities. Make up > food. I've got a really good mix for October, bit of lip bit of skin bit of eye, shame it's all so fucking expensive. Why am I like this, I always say to myself I've got enough make up and I wont even use the stuff I've got up, half of it's probably out of date to be honest. Being a beauty blogger is so damn expensive and there's always a post to lure you into buying something no matter how hard you try. So anyway. here's the products I'm drooling over this month, even if I get half of them I'll be a happy bunny...but a lot happier if I managed them all. (Set this 'Lust List out a bit differently to usual, let me know if you like it!)

1. Jouer Cosmetics Highlight in Topaz and Citrine
Fucking Nikkie Tutorials and her AD's. I wouldn't even know about these if it wasn't for her advertising her discount codes. But Oh my GOD these really GLOW a blinding glow. I've never tried anything from Jouer either so it's gonna be exciting to try a new brand.

2. Dior Nude Air Luminizer 
This is being so hyped up at the moment, it's literally 90% of my Bloglovin feed. It looks beautiful inside and out. I did actually get a chance to swatch this in store and as gorgeous as the shade and glow was, it disappeared in five minutes. This is probably last priority on my list because I already know it's not worth the money, but I need it because everyone else has it OKAY.

3. NARS Limited Edition Hot Sand Eye Palette
I've wanted this since it was released months ago but I keep putting it off because it's only available on the NARS website and their shipping etc is ridiculous if you spend under fifty pounds. But I can't resist any longer, I feel like they made it FOR me, all those golden shimmers, that is my everyday look in a palette. No longer a want but a need.

4. Urban Decay Razor Sharp Eyeliner Golden 
I really wanna add something to my usual gold and brown eye look, so I've been looking at this new golden shimmer liquid liner from Urban Decay, I really want this to put on top of my usual black eyeliner flick, so it's a 'double up.' Dunno, just think it might look really wicked and cool and like I know what the fuck I'm doing.

5. MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage
Ok so I've tried really hard to not buy from MAC because of the animal thing, and I haven't for a really long time, but I got a sample of this primer in the last order and I hate that I love it. It just makes my skin baby bum smooth and I can't ignore it, I'm sorry bunnies, but my face is craving this again. (And look at the pretty night sky'y packaging.) 

6. Too Faced Born This Way in Snow
Funny story, actually already have this foundation, and the bottle is 80% full. I got a shade way too orange for me so I need the new shade they released called Snow. So I've sold it to my mum and I'm buying the fairer shade, (yes it's re-purchase worthy.) Love this stuff.

7. Too Faced Lip Injection
Another throwback, literally had this years and years ago when I was like 13. I can confirm it does really work, obviously it's not permanent like fillers, but it really truely plumps your lips for a few hours. I've been toying with the idea of lip fillers recently, and until I have enough money for those I'll just buy this and apply it 30 times a day. (It's also great at caring for your lips, which we all need at this time of year.)

8. Too Faced Sketch Marker Black
A girl is just always looking for the next best black liner. I'm borderline running low and I've heard great things about this new one from Too Faced. That brand never let me down, so I'm not even scared it'll be shit. (Packaging is also very cute if you haven't seen it closer.)

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