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I never thought I'd see the day that I was buying stuff with Zoella branding on, not because I'm not fan, because admittedly I really am despite my age, but just because it kind of makes me cringe- she's kind of a guilty pleasure and I feel like her products would only be acceptable for a 15 year old to be excited about, but here I am. An adult, waiting for the launch and paying for next day delivery...
I didn't get everything I wanted but as soon as I'm not in my over draft, you bet I'll be going back for more. I hate myself.
I was quite surprised at the prices of a lot of the products, taking into consideration the majority of her fans are probably only old enough to get £15 pocket money a week for washing the dishes. But I suppose as an "adult," (lol I'm not a fucking adult,) they aren't too bad for good quality good looking products.

I must admit I was really impressed by the quality and packaging when these arrived, they did look like they could of been more expensive than they were. The packaging isn't too 12 year old girly, in fact I really loved the whole theme and the contemporary but quirky theme. And then inside is all the rose golden, copper, marble blogger orgasm goodness.

I have way too many candles so I decided to get the Lazy Days Reed Diffuser, I was really pleasantly surprised at how much product was in the glass, and how well it was presented in the box, the wooden sticks were tied together with a little peachy bow like, aw man. Although you can't smell it when you walk in my bedroom like you could when a candle burns, you can REALLY smell it when you're near it, at the moment it's almost too strong that it's giving me a headache.

I probably won't even use this, but I got the Once Upon A Time Journal, purely because it is notebook dreams and it's extremely synthetically pleasing. I love the colour palette and the Z branded into the spine, I love the whole theme of the book and it's also really good quality- it doesn't feel like a cheap merchandise type thing at all. It's full of lined pages and marble, and through out the book it has some really positive quotes that are gonna look great on Instagram. I'm really fussy about paper and how it feels to write on, I hate really thin paper that feels flimsy and you can see through, but this isn't like that at all. (Oh it smells great too.)

Last but certainly not least, my favourite is the Warm Hands Warm Heart set. A gift set including a travel mug and finger-less gloves. (My hands JUST say fit in the gloves, they were certainly made for smaller people.) But at least I can see my nails and type on my phone. But what I really got this for was the cup lets be real, I haven't drank out of anything since getting this and you bet I made a coffee as soon as I got it. Not only does it look like marble and copper heaven, but it's great for walking the dogs on a morning so I can take my coffee with me- it's just the right size.

Next I want to pick up the pillow and pots from Zoella Lifestyle. Have you gotten anything?

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