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I made a Tweet a few days ago saying that I no longer wanted to be among the bloggers on Twitter, I unfollowed around 200 people - so I thought I'd just have a rant and explain why and whatever and what I meant.
Everyone refers to it as the 'blogging community,' which makes me vomit in my mouth, and I feel like everyone is always trying to be clever, always having to make a clever remark on whatever is happening, it seems 70% of the 'community' take everything personally and too seriously, and y'know what? It's boring, it's miserable. Have a laugh, take things with a pinch of salt, stop being so uptight and trying to be so professional, you're a girl with 900 blog followers and not even Kim Kardashian acts as pro as you do online.

Everyone preaches about 'being yourself,' ALL of the time, about being positive and all this bollocks, but if you're yourself and they don't like it, oh God forbid you're the spawn of Satan. I am certainly not like most of the 'community,' I'm from Newcastle, which if you don't know about, go and watch Geordie Shore - and then come back. I like drinking, I swear a lot, I use a lot of slang because of where I'm from, I have people I don't like and people who don't like me, and it seems that none of that's acceptable in this 'community.' None of that makes me a bad person but it seems that way with certain people.

There's always someone to twist your words and make a mountain out of molehill, and I just think everyone needs to pipe down and mind their own. It just all really pisses me off, everyone trying to be the most mature, trying to be the cleverest and use the biggest words. You could tweet, for example, 'omg my tan has went black!" and SOMEBODY in the blogging community would go off on one saying you're a racist. 
Everyone claims to be sticking together and supporting each other etc, but all I see is people bitching, complaining and thinking they're above others. I could probably make more friends in my local Job Centre than in this 'community,' (what else can I call it? Because not only is that so cringey but it's b u l l s h i t.
It's literally a competition to see who can be the most sensible and clever, and that's fucking boring and dull.

Don't get me wrong I've made a few friends through blogging (you know who you are, hi Mol, hi Izzy, hi Lucy, hi Caitlin,) but I really mean a few. I don't want to stop blogging because I love my space and doing what I do, but I've just quit interacting with bloggers on Twitter or joining in chats.

No doubt someone will have something to say about this post, just gonna sit back and wait...

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