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Now let's just take a moment...

I can't believe I have this but I do have it and it feels amazing, it's THE Violet Voss palette everyone is swooning over but it's so hard to get a hold of. Violet Voss is an american brand and they don't ship to the UK and it's not sold in Sephora, so when Beauty Bay announced they had a very limited number of these up for sale, I was in there and at the checkout faster than I've ever been before. (They sold out in about an hour and my hands were shaking thinking I wasn't going to checkout in time.) Actual panic attack over an eyeshadow palette, that's when you know you love makeup, or I just need to get out more, whatever. 

I'm sorry but I couldn't wait for a post so I used it as soon as it was delivered, I'm usually so good with photographing products before using them but, this one was just too good.
Goodbye Modern Renaissance, you were number 1 for a few weeks, but now there's a new leader now.

The Violet Voss Holy Grail palette contains 20 eyeshadows with a mixture of shimmers/foils and mattes. (Cruelty free, woo.) It's housed in a very lightweight sleek black palette that feels a lot like NARS packaging, plus it has a really decent sized mirror.
The names of the shades really please me, for example, 'On Fleek,' but 'Toffee,' has to be my favourite so far, it's a very pigmented very glittery gold. If you've ever used shimmery eyeshadows from Too Faced, you'll love these- the formula is pretty much identical, incredibly buttery and smooth, highly pigmented and a dream to blend.

All of the shadows are very much warm toned, but there's a great mixture of neutrals to daring bold shades for smokey looks, if you liked the berry/red/pink tones in the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, you'll love this one. To me it's very Autumn friendly, and y'know Autumn is on the horizon so it's a great excuse to buy it. If you like the warm tones in the Urban Decay Naked 3, but want some shades more bold and vibrant and daring, this would also be perfect to play around with, there is certainly nothing boring about this palette. (I didn't have enough room to swatch every shade on my arm!)

If Beauty Bay do re-stock this, (it is limited edition, sorry to tease you all.) it will cost you £34, which for the amount of product and the high quality of these eyeshadows is totally justifiable. 

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