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Exciting news for fans of Real Techniques, (so everyone right?) there's some new releases hanging around in your local Boots now. SO. MANY. SPONGES. Now we all know I love my original Beauty Blender, but I'm not a fan of the Real Techniques complexion sponge- however I am a sucker for a new release. I've needed smaller sponges for my eyes for a long time, I used to apply foundation with my BB and concealer under my eyes with my ring finger, but now I have acrylic nails on, it's pretty impossible. 

So say hello to the new Miracle Mini Eraser sponge, £5.99 for two! 
Online these are described as tools to "erase make up mishaps," but personally I don't really understand how that will work out so great, to me these are mini Beauty Blenders made for the eyes.
I avoid brushes completely around my eyes, my finger is much more gentle and I find that a lot of the time brushes just make the concealer streaky and wipe away foundation underneath.

The sponges have flat edges, rounded sides and pointed tip - and the main thing I love about these, (apart from the fact they're so small and cute,) is that they're dark purple in colour, I find that my BB shows up make up so badly because it's so pink and bright, where as this will remain clean looking for a little longer, great when you avoid washing tools like I do. (Ew, I know, soz.)
I can confirm that these are the perfect size for blending in concealer around the eyes, the tapered point gets right into the inner corners and the flat edges are great for keeping straight lines when you're concealing next to sharp eyeshadow creations.

The softness/firmness balance is just right, I feel like I do need something 'harder,' around the eye because concealer can be thick and harder to blend in, I used my eraser sponge wet (spritzed with Mac Fix+,) and the company of water seemed to soften it further. It's not so soft that you really have to hit your under eyes like I do with my forehead and Beauty Blender, tapping does the job. (Don't be giving yourself a black eye...)

Have you, or will you be picking up any of the new RT sponges?

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