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Since my last post went down so well where I talked about pricey products worth the dolla, I thought I’d do a drugstore version. Like I said in that post, 99% of the time I buy high end, so when I do buy drugstore, it’s always products that I’ve everyone raving about. Here’s a roundup of the products you said were great, and they proved you right. 

Two stars from Soap & Glory, first of all the One Heck Of A Blot Primer, now you'll know how many high end primers I have if you've followed my blog a while and witnessed my famous Primer Edit post. This one, being £10, blew me away. This is so much better than half of my high end primers, it totally does what it says on the tin. Not only does it make your skin silky smooth so that your foundation ends up looking flawless, but it totally blurs out pores and gives a really airbrushed look. The texture isn't too thick and my skin still feels comfortable. 
The second gem from Soap & Glory is the Solar Powder Bronzer. I got this because Lily Pebbles always uses it and I totally trust her opinions. This is perfect for bronzing up my pale skin to match my fake tanned body- if you're a little darker skinned than me, this would be great for contouring, but when you're as white as me it's strictly bronzing up. This has the perfect amount of pigment and the tones are all balanced perfectly, it doesn't go on cakey and always looks natural. 

Again a double whammy, this time from NYX. Two lip products both in a sort of liquid lipstick form. Everyone knows about the Soft Matte Lip Creams, I have all the 'nude,' shades from the collection and they're my all time favourite lip product, above any Chanel or YSL lipstick, this is the best, it does no wrong. So pigmented and comfortable, so easy to apply, a dream. Then they released the Lip Lingerie line, which is basically all nude liquid lips, from pink nudes to mauvey nudes, it's got everything. I've got a few true nudes and browny nudes from the collection. I'm not the biggest fan of the formula, it's a little bit weird- but I can live with it, and for the price I can't complain. 

The Sleek highlighting palette that everyone and their mother is talking about right now, I was going to buy this because of blog posts, but then Nikkie Tutorials used it and I was like, "right, yep, need this MUST be amazing if she likes it." 
I did a whole post on this palette very recently so I'll skip repetitive detail, just know that you need this, stop thinking about it. This is like the ABH Glow Kit of the drugstore.

Last, and I suppose least too, is the Maybelline Eraser Eye. This is a great under eye concealer, I love the sponge applicator that fits perfectly into your eye socket, and I love the whole twist to release product thing, it's very yellow'y to really brighten your under eyes, which is all great, however I find that the lightest shade isn't light enough for me. If they made a fair shade, this would be holy grail for me, but for now I try to avoid it because it makes my eyes look a little more orange than bright. 

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