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Just in case any sugar daddys or Santa come across my blog, here is a whole load of new products that I would very much like to add to my collection. If anyone wants to donate to the 'Courtney really wants new make up to make her happy,' association, just ask for my PayPal in the comments.

Two concealers, probably stupid considering I already have four and never use them, but I can't resist all the hype and build up around these two being available in the UK now.
I love the Born This Way foundation so I can't NOT have the matching concealer right? That would be rude, this is now available at Debenhams for us in the UK although the very fair shade I'm after is sold out 100% of the time.
The second concealer I can't ignore is the Tarte Shape Tape, Nikkie Tutorials has been raving about this, designed for contouring and highlighting this is also available in a very fair shade. What's even more exciting that for us in the UK, QVC are selling this with their new sponge, which is their own take on a Beauty Blender but purple and differently shaped.

Something else I'm swooning over for my face is the new Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick, but it is very pricey, I've been reading rave reviews and I've never tried a stick foundation so that's enough reason to super splurge right?

One last thing for the complexion, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sweets. I already have one of these in the shade 'that glow,' which is full of golden toned highlights, but this is totally different to any other highlighters I own, and I love the whole pink theme and the name of course. Sadly this isn't in the UK yet, (as far as I'm aware anyway, and I'm very aware...) But when it is, I'll pounce.

Something I actually NEED is a new mascara, I've had mine for so long now it's not healthy, pretty sure it's making my eyes itch and water. I've used Better Than Sex for so long now I'm getting bored, so I'm gonna change things up on payday and add some luxe to my lashes with the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara. I like how fat and fluffy the brush looks, just how I like them.

Last but not least, the liquid lipsticks everyone's going mad for. I've been waiting for these to come to the UK for what feels like forever, it's the Too Faced Melted Mattes. Too Faced is my favourite brand so I have to try everything, and the packaging is a 10/10 as per. There's 2 nude shades I need but both are sold out, no surprise.

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