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I feel like a lot of people mistake MAC Fix+ for a setting spray, and it's not really intended for that, it has so many uses for those people that have went past the beginners stage of doing their make up and are now venturing into more advanced things. It's definitley not a must have, you don't need some of this, but if you're really into your make up and you really enjoy (and are good at,) applying it, then this is a gem to have around. It's under £20 and has a lot of uses, some that I might not even know about, but I've listed seven ways I use Mac Fix+.
I feel like it's a lot more handy for dry skinned gals and if you really suffer with it, this might just be your new bffl. 
Fix+ has some ingredients in that are great for your skin too, such as cucumber and caffeine, so it's not 'just water.' 

1. Spray some of this into your eyeshadow pan, or onto your brush for double the usual intensity.

2. If your foundation ends up looking cakey, or feeling dry and uncomfortable, spritz this all over to add some hydration.

3. Spray it into your Beauty Blender before applying a foundation, it's a lot quicker and easier than soaking it in water, and if you have dry skin, it'll make your foundation much more suitable for your skin. 

4. Take it out with you on hot days as a skin refresher, it'll cool down your face a little without ruining your make-up.

5. Spray it into highlighter pans, it'll make your highlight incredibly blinding and intense. Great if you're looking cakey too, as it's more like applying a cream highlight. 

6. Spray it onto your desired brush before dipping into pigment or glitter, it'll help the product stick to the brush better and reduce fall out.

Rescue a product such as a cream/gel eyeliner, if it's drying out and getting stiff to use, spray this right in.

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