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I've been winging it since I was about 13, started from the bottom and now we are kind of there...I think I've tried almost every liquid eyeliner under the sun. I've tried everything from Collection to Yves Saint Laurent to find my perfect match, and I think I've found my soulmate in the Stila Stay All Day liner, which annoyingly, I don't even have at the moment. Of course there's still more I want to try out, like the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which seems to be promising. Anyway, here's a run down of the three I currently have in my stash and what I think about them, let's start with the worst...

Soap & Glory Supercat

Sorry but nah. All those people on Twitter that love this obviously haven't tired better liners, because to me this is pretty crap in terms of colour. To me this is light black/dark grey, it isn't bold or jet black at all, and over the day it just fades even lighter, not a good look. It's like it's constantly running out, even when it's brand new. Yes it looks pretty, and the nib is good, but when you use liquid liner you want intense jet black lines that wont fade, this isn't that, I've had kohl liners be blacker.

Collection Fast Stroke (£3)
Half the price of the last one and yet half way further to being perfect. For me this is the blackest of the black, you couldn't get a liner any darker so it's not going to fade through out the day, and even if it somehow did, it would still be jet black. For a £2.99 liner, the pigmentation is amazing- better than some high end liners I've tried. It's a shame that it looks and feels really cheap, but there is a lot in that pot so it's probably going to last longer than your average pen. The applicator on this is a strange one, it requires a very steady hand and a lot of flick practice otherwise it very easily goes terribly wrong. The nib is quite hard, and a lot of the time it picks up way too much product, making your line way too thick or totally ruining your flick- and it isn't easy to remove.

Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint (£19)
Ooooo girl, that price jump, nasty. Let's start with the obvious, it looks fabulous, I love the gold touches and the font, it definitley doesn't look like a drugstore product. However, just because it looks pretty, doesn't mean it's practical, this liner squeezes out of a tiny hole, which you can guess, most of the time ends up in an exploding mess. I squeeze, nothing, squeeze again, no, squeeze harder and woop it's all over the mirror and the floor and my face, waste of an expensive product.
It looks like the name makes it look, it does look very matte and 'clay,' like on the lid, there's no sheen and the pigmentation is amazing, it certainly doesn't budge all day because the formula is quite thick and heavy. 

What liquid liners are you loving? I'm clearly not very happy with any that I use at the moment, so a new one is on next weeks pay day list. What's your tool of choice for getting your perfect flick?

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