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Guys, I went into Superdrug to buy make my make up snob dying? I can't remember the last time I walked into a drugstore to buy make up, but this palette was something I could no longer deny myself. Nikkie Tutorials uses and loves it, so if it's good enough for her, good enough for me. Not just her, but every beauty blogger I follow on Twitter is raving about this, I can confirm its worth all the fuss. 
I usually pay anywhere from £20 to £45 for a single or double highlight pan/palette, so being able to get almost  the same pigmentation and four shades of glow for £9.99 is daylight robbery.

Sleek tried with the packaging, I love that they've made it gold for a highlighting palette, but it still feels cheap, not helped by the pathetic and awful rough "brush," that's slotted down the side, that went straight into the bin. But for £10 and 4 good highlighters, you can't slate the packaging, it is drugstore after all and it could be a lot worse. Perks are that it has a huge mirror, but I reckon if you dropped this it would very soon be in a million golden pieces.

Inside are four highlights, one cream and three powder, and I love the variety of colour, I certainly don't have a pinky/purpely toned highlight, but now I do and I love it.
The cream shade looks way too dark for my skin, but once I actually swatched, it's totally fine and this palette works amazingly with pale skin. The pigmentation isn't 'wow,' like the likes of my beloved Champagne Pop, but it's half the price and for drugstore the pigmentation is really unbeatable, I don't know how they've managed to create such four beautiful highlighters with great pigmentation for only ten pound.

The powders are more pigmented than the cream, but if I use the cream it'll be solely as a base for a powder, to really blind everyone with my highlight.
The hype around this really hasn't let me down, I'm so in love with it and I'm really impressed by the quality- I don't have any shades like this that are so gleaming and iridescent, I'm so glad I put my snob aside for five minutes and purchased this, and if you're still on the fence about it- get off and go and buy it now. (It's literally sold out everywhere,) I actually got the last one in my local Superdrug, phew.

I did have to 'double dip,' with the swatches to get them to this intensity for a picture, but I think if you're using a good brush it should work great first time around. (Also bare in mind I have fake tan and scars on my arm that might make them look different to others.)

Until now my only drugstore 'must haves,' that have really impressed me are the Soap & Glory primer and the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but this has definitley earned a place on the very tight list, so it must be good

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