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It's totally normal for us to feel inferior sometimes, blogging is a huge community that can be very competitive, we constantly compare our work to others, photography, writing, ideas, followers etc and recently it really got me down, to the point I wanted to quit. I'm back bitches, and to make some light heartedness out of a crap situation, I decided to put together a list of reasons I'm a shit blogger, hope you can all relate. Or maybe it's better if you can't relate, means you've got more confidence than me ha.

1. After 1 and a half years blogging, I still haven't mastered the flat-lay.
I just can't do it, I get all the items wonky, it's never straight or perfectly aligned. I don't have enough of the same stuff that's 'themed,' and I end up throwing in a fork or some shit to fill in empty spaces.

2. I only just downloaded Photoshop and began to edit with curves, dodging and levels.
Big mistake I've been doing all these years, just upping that exposure and highlights, no Courtney, it's time to move up. I've brought the big guns out now, Photoshop. I'm just learning my way around but already I've seen improvement, (you'll see it gradually, hopefully...)

3. I still haven't mastered perfect composition. 
Maybe I just don't have the eye for it, but I can't take images like some bloggers with peonies and blankets in the background looking perfectly placed, doesn't matter where I put products, they still look boring.

4. I never schedule Tweets.
Just nah, so boring and tedious. I don't have a full time job anyway so I've always got my phone around to make a few Tweets in the day promoting my blog, but past 10pm when I go to bed? Nah, nothing, views stop there- I only promo between 11am and 10pm basically.

5. I very rarely comment on other blogs.

To be honest I just don't really like reading, I do read a few posts but it's always on my phone and commenting is sometimes impossible to do on your phone. If I can comment easily on my phone, I've probably got nothing to say that somebody hasn't already.

6. I still haven't purchased any 'props.'
Every time I'm in town I walk past the likes of Tiger and Paperchase knowing I should go and buy props, but I just can't bring myself to spend money on them, there's so many other things I want like clothes and make up so I can keep my blog going, I don't have enough spare cash for fancy props like mini baskets and peonies.

7. I can never properly articulate what I want to say.
When it comes to mental health and lifestyle posts I just feel like words aren't enough and I wish I could make words up or make you feel a feeling to get my point across.

8. I'm super awkward at responding to comments.
I appreciate comments, but sometimes it's just really awkz because I never know what to say, for example if someone comments on a product post with something like, 'this looks so nice,' like, there's nothing for me to really respond to, I've said in the post that it's fabulous, and 'haha i know,' sounds so ew.

9. I never reach out to brands/companies etc.
Never know what to say and how to contact the right person, and even if I did I think they would just laugh at me or ignore me.

10. I rarely have posts scheduled or photos took in bulk, if I do it's only one.
So sometimes comes a week I actually have plans and there will be no post for days, other weeks I do nothing all week so I have all the time to upload a post everyday. I'm very inconsistent. Oops.

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