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When I first started wearing make up, aged around 11, I never used concealer all the way until turning 16, because I knew I didn't need it because I never suffered with spots. My friends at age 14 started clagging on layers and layers to cover acne, and at that age I felt "left out," I didn't use ridiculous. Basically jealous I didn't have spots to try and cover up. Obviously as I've matured, learnt how to use make up and aged concealer has become a staple in my routine. I don't sleep like a baby back like I did then, so I now have dark circles to try and brighten, I have eyeshadow to make sharp, I have highlighting to do. Here's a run down of the concealers I've accumulated recently and which one suits specific tasks the most. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I used to worship this stuff, I've had 3 tubes, but this will probably be my last. It was my first ever concealer with a doe foot spongey applicator, prior to this I'd only ever used concealers in pots, such as Benefit's Bo-ing. In fact, this might of even been the first ever NARS product I purchased, and it gave me a real good first impression. A tube of this will last you what feels like forever, however it does start drying up quite quickly and becomes very un-creamy. I used this religiously to sharpen eyeshadow and cover any hormonal spots, and it did a great job, it was a little meh under the eyes- so it ain't really all that radiant, and with each use it gets drier. If you go back to my first blog posts, you'll see me raving about this- but then came along...

Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer and changed everything. 
This is what I call radiant and creamy, and it's great for every job. 
It's hard to find a product to brighten under your eyes when you have pale skin, nothing's ever quite light enough, but this somehow manages. But at the same time this also covers blemishes amazingly, it's certainly got buildable coverage that doesn't ever cake or feel too dry. The applicator is well sized and very fluffy, which is great for being gentle under the eyes! Again, this little tube of magic will last you a very long time, due to its great pigmentation, coverage and its ability to build and blend seamlessly.

The newest addition to my stash is the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Aquacealer, which I reviewed fully previously. 

YSL recently introduced some new additions to their Touché Éclat range, in the form of three new correcting shades of their cult concealer. Say hello to the Touché Éclat Corrector, I went for the green shade which aims to conceal redness. I apply this after primer and before foundation if my skin is going through a bad patch, it helps hide blemishes as well as general redness around my nose. This is such a fabulous product to perfect your skin when you don't really want to wear foundation.

Finally, I've got one from the drugstore. The Maybelline Eraser Eye, which every blogger seems to love. For me this isn't great because the lightest shade just isn't light enough, so rather than brightening under my eyes, it makes them orangey/yellow, that liver damage look we all want, y'know. I do love the sponge applicator that fits perfectly around the eye. For me, this isn't buildable and it's kept strictly to my eyes. 

So in conclusion, if you're looking for an amazing all rounder go for the Urban Decay.
If you want something that looks pretty on your dressing table, go for the Tarte.
Redness on your skin? Dull under eyes? Get yourself a Touche Eclat.
If you haven't got really pale skin and suffer with under eye dark circles and bags, but don't necessarily want coverage for blemishes, go for the Maybelline.
Don't go for the NARS, it's all rounder but the Urban Decay option is a mile high better, (and cheaper.)

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