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If you're pale asf, the best bet for a decent contour shade is eyeshadow, nobody really creates contour kits light enough for me and I've found out the hard (and expensive,) way. It kills me how much money I've spent on NARS, Chanel and other high end products that have ended up being too orange or brown. Turns out the best ones are cheaper.

An ode to Anastasia Beverly Hills first, they've managed to sell cream contour kits that are good for pale skin, but I haven't yet delved into cream contouring. Never the less, the shade Fawn from the powder contour kit is perfect, better still, you can buy the pan of Fawn alone without the rest of the palette for about £10...I think. I own the actual light-medium contour kit but I've de-potted the Fawn shade for this post because the other two shades in the palette are still too dark for me. Like every ABH product, this is high quality, great pigmentation, blends easily etc.

My most recent purchase has been the NYX Powder Blush, now re-packaged and named as the 'High Defininition Blush.' This shade is out of stock everywhere, but I found this older version on Amazon for about £6. The said shade being Taupe. I don't know if the new version is any better, but the pigmentation of this is almost sheer so it does require building up, but once it's there, it's perfect.

My all time favourite is the Heroine eyeshadow from Illamasqua. It's the perfect balance of ash and warm tone that creates a natural looking chizeled face.
Another eyeshadow that's perfect comes from the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette, it's that one in the very right corner. These eyeshadows are extremely buttery and pigmented so it can be easy to apply too much for contour, but a little blending and a light hand fixes it up. I'd love to give you the shade name, but it doesn't exist...

In my Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye palette live two shades I can contour with. The best one being the large rectangle cool taupey shade named Lazarus
, the second being the first shade in the palette, named Samalel. Described as a dusty fawn.
I own the actual Shade & Light Contour Palette and all three shades are too dark for me, annoying.

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