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I've finally ticked off all the things from my last wish list post, so it's time to construct another right? There's always a ton of things I'm desperately after. Do I have too much make up? Yes. Do I want more? Yes.

My first priority is the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Primer in the shade 'Luminous Light,' these have been out for a little while now but I wanted to wait and read some reviews before buying. Anything from Hourglass is amazing, and I love every other product in the Ambient Lighting range, they never ever fail to amaze me, this is definitley top of my payday list. It's weirdly a lot cheaper than all the other primers they do, I have their Mineral Veil primer which is around £52.00, where as this new one is only £36.

I am going crazy waiting for this Jouer Mermaid Glow Palette to be released on Cult Beauty, (yes I'm on the waiting list...maybe it'll be released by the time this post goes live, awkward.) It's limited edition and I know it's going to sell out like hot cakes, so I'm actually really anxious I won't get one! I'll have to beg and borrow money if they come out in the next few days, oops. It has such a gorgeous ray of quirky highlights that are a little different to the norm, they look perfect for paler skin! They appear so iridescent and mmm. I have no idea how much it's going to be, I'm guessting around the £40 mark?

Everyone is going mad about Pixi skincare right now, the Glow Tonic is raved about by every blogger and their mum and I'm still to try it. Pixi really doesn't appeal to me purely because of the packaging to be honest, but this is so highly recommended I can't ignore the hype any longer. I need to try this out in my skincare routine, and I am actually in need of a new toner so it's perfect timing.

I know I just picked up a new foundation from Tarte, but I would really really really really like this one as well. This is the Double Duty Confidence Cream Foundation, they had it exclusively at Ulta in the US for such a long time and I'm overjoyed QVC have it here in the UK. It's currently sold out in my shade, as usual. It looks like a powder foundation, and I hate powder foundation, but it's actually a really unique innovative formula I'm super intrigued by. It also comes with a double ended brush which looks, well, interesting...
This is currently only £31.00 for it's 'introductory price,' so hopefully I can get it whilst it's still lower.

Last but not least, a much more purse friendly product from Make Up Geek, one of their Contour Pans in the shade 'Break Up.' Everyone's raving and collecting their eyeshadows, and now these. They do a great shade for fair skin and it's only £7! It'll be the first product I try from MUG so hopefully I get a great first impression. 

What are you lusting after at the moment? Have I made you want any of this? Do you HAVE any of this?

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