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Like everyone else I've been completely converted to liquid lipsticks, I've built up a good collection but there's definitely more to come. There's an obvious theme of nudes, I never wear dark colours or reds anymore because I'm just too pale to pull them off. So let's get into this, I'll be writing about them in the order they appear in the picture for your own blog-post-induced-buy needs.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams: Stockholm, Abu Dhabi & London. 
Everyone's being going mad over these for months and the hype continues, rightly so. I haven't heard anyone give these a bad review. They do everything they say in the name, whilst still being really comfortable and not too drying, having great pigmentation and a good, fluffy applicator which pulls out the perfect amount of product. I always turn to these when I'm in a rush, I know any shade will look great and they all suit my pale skin.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid: Nude Thrill.
Jesus I hate this. Vivid? Suppose so. Matte? Not in the slightest. This is not a liquid lipstick but more of just a typical lip colour in a tube, it's really quite juicy and shiny looking, I thought it might dry matte and set after a while but na, it didn't settle and came off way too easily. I'm not a huge fan of the colour either, it's a very reddish nude that isn't true to it's online images. Oh and the applicator is horribly shaped and sized, not at all for precision or even application. Certainly nothing 'thrilling' about this nude, it's the unwanted dick pic.

NYX Liquid Lingerie: Babydoll, Push Up, & Corset. 
I did quite a lengthy post on these a while ago, you can read that here. 
This was basically an entire collection of nudes from NYX, the dream come true. The formula is quite a funny one, you're either going to love it, hate it, or be totally on the fence with it like I am, it's almost like they couldn't decide on a formula for these so they mixed two together. It's like, a 85% matte finish, mixed with some stickyness of a cheap lipgloss, but still with the staying power of a decent lipstick.

Tartiest Lip Paint: Tbt.
I ordered this from Sephora as a Birthday present to myself in January and I've only used it twice since, the colour 'tbt,' is way too dark and not at all what it looked like on the Sephora website. This is so so pigmented, literally a dab on the lip will do your entire pout, but it's also pretty runny, but still thick? It feels really suffocating on, and if you aren't super careful with applying the smallest amount this stuff will not dry or set, certainly doesn't look matte. However, it's really handily sized and I love the simple packaging with the hand written style font. Funkaaay.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Midi & Vice. 
Love Midi, hate Vice. Strange. These are literally like two totally different products. I must warn you, the swatches on the Colour Pop site are so untrue, these two look totally different on me/my skin and even in the tube to the way they appeared online, which is really disappointing when you're paying extra to get them in the UK.
Midi is like the perfect nude, where as Vice is a tacky, pinky nudey orangey mess, I just full on hate it, not to mention it wouldn't go on my lips, I literally had to apply coats, and after applying coats it began to crumble off down my chin. My fiancé never dares say a bad word about my make up, but the one (and only,) day I wore this he said "I don't think you should wear that again," fair to him, it looked horrible and felt ten times worse.
Midi however is not so bad, it's not as drying but I still have to wear a lip balm underneath it, but the colour and staying power is amazing.

Lime Crime Velvetines: Cashmere & Buffy.
I only recently wrote a full review on these two and my opinion stays the same. These are without a doubt my favourite formula from my collection and if I could take my other shades from other brands and turn them into this formula, I'd have my perfect liquid lipstick. To me, these are the original liquid lipstick, they were out years before all this new hype and they're so unique. Believe the hype, despite what's happened with the brand in the past, everyone needs one (maybe ten,) of these. I'm so happy I managed to get my hands on the most popular shade 'Cashmere,' which is typically sold out everywhere, all of the time. If you're interested in these, read my full post here.

Swatches left to right: NYX Stockholm, NYX Abu Dhabi, NYX London, Maybelline Nude Thrill, NYX BabyDoll, NYX Push Up, NYX Corset, Tarte TBT, Colourpop Midi, Colourpop Vice, Lime Crime Cashmere, Lime Crime Buffy.

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