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If you're pale asf, the best bet for a decent contour shade is eyeshadow, nobody really creates contour kits light enough for me and I've found out the hard (and expensive,) way. It kills me how much money I've spent on NARS, Chanel and other high end products that have ended up being too orange or brown. Turns out the best ones are cheaper.

An ode to Anastasia Beverly Hills first, they've managed to sell cream contour kits that are good for pale skin, but I haven't yet delved into cream contouring. Never the less, the shade Fawn from the powder contour kit is perfect, better still, you can buy the pan of Fawn alone without the rest of the palette for about £10...I think. I own the actual light-medium contour kit but I've de-potted the Fawn shade for this post because the other two shades in the palette are still too dark for me. Like every ABH product, this is high quality, great pigmentation, blends easily etc.

My most recent purchase has been the NYX Powder Blush, now re-packaged and named as the 'High Defininition Blush.' This shade is out of stock everywhere, but I found this older version on Amazon for about £6. The said shade being Taupe. I don't know if the new version is any better, but the pigmentation of this is almost sheer so it does require building up, but once it's there, it's perfect.

My all time favourite is the Heroine eyeshadow from Illamasqua. It's the perfect balance of ash and warm tone that creates a natural looking chizeled face.
Another eyeshadow that's perfect comes from the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette, it's that one in the very right corner. These eyeshadows are extremely buttery and pigmented so it can be easy to apply too much for contour, but a little blending and a light hand fixes it up. I'd love to give you the shade name, but it doesn't exist...

In my Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye palette live two shades I can contour with. The best one being the large rectangle cool taupey shade named Lazarus
, the second being the first shade in the palette, named Samalel. Described as a dusty fawn.
I own the actual Shade & Light Contour Palette and all three shades are too dark for me, annoying.



I'm going to skip the whole favourites thing this month and just focus on a few make up products that I've been using pretty much everyday throughout June. With it being Summer I've been all about a bronzey look with a lot of blinding highlight, settled down a little with matte eyes.

I've been loving the Kat Von D Lock It primer, this is a hydrating primer so it's going to help achieve a glowy/dewy skin look. It's also very light and feels weightless on the skin which is perfect for the hot weather so you don't feel too claggy. But also the clue is in the name, it's all about 'locking' your make up down so hopefully this should prevent the sun melting your foundation away.

My Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette has been getting a lot of love recently, I've been turning to the bronzer in the palette to add some really nice warmth to my face, this bronzer is giving me such a healthy and glowy bronze that doesn't look cakey or too faux. It's such a finely milled powder with a hint of glitz, but overall it's quite sheer'y and it can be built up if you wish. I focus this mostly on my forehead and work it into the hairline so it looks more natural, bronze goddess perfection.

To add my pop of highlight which is always essential no matter what the weather or season, I've been using and abusing my Laura Mercier Indiscretion powder, this is similar to MAC's Soft & Gentle which I recently ran out of, but this is just that little bit better and obviously it looks gorgeous in pan. It looks a little dark but it still works on my pale skin, it gives a gorgeous golden glow to the cheekbones with little flecks of shimmer. I've been applying this with a fan brush to really diffuse the colour and hit precise points.

Last but not least, my beloved Tartelette Amazonian Clay eyeshadow palette, I've had this for a long time now but It's my only palette with all matte shades. I find that because my bronzer and highlighter, (and skin, actually,) are all quite dewy and glowy a matte eye really kind of softens the look and makes it more day appropriate, and I don't want my face just looking all greasy and shimmery. I've been using the nude shades in the palette all over the lid and then the medium to dark browns in the crease and outer v. I've been using the black shade 'Smokeshow,' to line my eyes and add a really delicate and light flick.

What products do you love to use in the Summer for a healthy glow and some bronzed up umpfh?


Finding a foundation that actually matches your skin and doesn't leave an orange mark around your chin when you're probably paler than NC10 is an almost impossible task. I buy the palest shade in every foundation and concealer I buy, but sometimes even the palest isn't pale enough. I've found that NARS's palest shade is perfect for me, but unfortunately I hate their foundations, typical. And no I'm not going to fake tan my face. If I had to convert all of my make up collection to drugstore and only have one product high end, it would have to be foundation. Drugstore foundations are not made for really pale people, as I proved ages 11-13...

Three foundations that actually match my skin and don't leave tide marks are three that I've previously raved about on my blog for just generally being amazing.
Without a doubt the best match is the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation, they offer an amazing range of shades from the very palest to the very darkest, with every undertone included- there's such a huge choice that if I wasn't Snow White I'd find it really hard to match myself. Read my full rave review of this foundation here.

The Marc Jacobs Full Cover Concentrate is also a perfect match whilst also providing full coverage. It's a really pricey one so I'd only expect a good match for the price I paid. Definitely not one that requires a lot of blending down my neck and bronzing up. Last but not least, what I think is a huge hidden gem foundation, Givenchy Photo Perfexion. 


When I first started wearing make up, aged around 11, I never used concealer all the way until turning 16, because I knew I didn't need it because I never suffered with spots. My friends at age 14 started clagging on layers and layers to cover acne, and at that age I felt "left out," I didn't use ridiculous. Basically jealous I didn't have spots to try and cover up. Obviously as I've matured, learnt how to use make up and aged concealer has become a staple in my routine. I don't sleep like a baby back like I did then, so I now have dark circles to try and brighten, I have eyeshadow to make sharp, I have highlighting to do. Here's a run down of the concealers I've accumulated recently and which one suits specific tasks the most. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I used to worship this stuff, I've had 3 tubes, but this will probably be my last. It was my first ever concealer with a doe foot spongey applicator, prior to this I'd only ever used concealers in pots, such as Benefit's Bo-ing. In fact, this might of even been the first ever NARS product I purchased, and it gave me a real good first impression. A tube of this will last you what feels like forever, however it does start drying up quite quickly and becomes very un-creamy. I used this religiously to sharpen eyeshadow and cover any hormonal spots, and it did a great job, it was a little meh under the eyes- so it ain't really all that radiant, and with each use it gets drier. If you go back to my first blog posts, you'll see me raving about this- but then came along...

Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer and changed everything. 
This is what I call radiant and creamy, and it's great for every job. 
It's hard to find a product to brighten under your eyes when you have pale skin, nothing's ever quite light enough, but this somehow manages. But at the same time this also covers blemishes amazingly, it's certainly got buildable coverage that doesn't ever cake or feel too dry. The applicator is well sized and very fluffy, which is great for being gentle under the eyes! Again, this little tube of magic will last you a very long time, due to its great pigmentation, coverage and its ability to build and blend seamlessly.

The newest addition to my stash is the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Aquacealer, which I reviewed fully previously. 

YSL recently introduced some new additions to their Touché Éclat range, in the form of three new correcting shades of their cult concealer. Say hello to the Touché Éclat Corrector, I went for the green shade which aims to conceal redness. I apply this after primer and before foundation if my skin is going through a bad patch, it helps hide blemishes as well as general redness around my nose. This is such a fabulous product to perfect your skin when you don't really want to wear foundation.

Finally, I've got one from the drugstore. The Maybelline Eraser Eye, which every blogger seems to love. For me this isn't great because the lightest shade just isn't light enough, so rather than brightening under my eyes, it makes them orangey/yellow, that liver damage look we all want, y'know. I do love the sponge applicator that fits perfectly around the eye. For me, this isn't buildable and it's kept strictly to my eyes. 

So in conclusion, if you're looking for an amazing all rounder go for the Urban Decay.
If you want something that looks pretty on your dressing table, go for the Tarte.
Redness on your skin? Dull under eyes? Get yourself a Touche Eclat.
If you haven't got really pale skin and suffer with under eye dark circles and bags, but don't necessarily want coverage for blemishes, go for the Maybelline.
Don't go for the NARS, it's all rounder but the Urban Decay option is a mile high better, (and cheaper.)


Ha, where do I start with my bad habits? We’ve all got them, I’ll admit most of mine are down to being lazy, or just down to being bad at being a girl. Hopefully somebody can relate to some of these so I don't look like such a flop.

Rarely washing my make-up brushes…
Nobody likes doing this right? I have so many brushes and washing them isn't something I enjoy, I'll put it off and off for weeks. I can't remember the last time I washed them if I'm honest. I hate scrubbing them, I hate trying to put them back into shape, I hate them shedding, I hate waiting for them to dry, I hate the make up that goes all over and the mess in the sink. I know this is really unhygienic and I envy anyone in a routine of doing a wash every two weeks or so.

Biting my nails…Another one I know some people find gross, but with my raging anxiety I can't help but nibble away at my nails. I went through a phase of getting acrylics on every three weeks but it's just so expensive to maintain and actually caused a lot of discomfort. I do try not to bite them and I even use treatments to help them grow and strengthen, but my nerves or boredom sometimes get the better of me. 

Rarely exfoliating my body…
I find it hard to believe that anyone actually does this every week, it's such a chore and I honestly hate the feeling of it. My skin is really sensitive so exfoliating my body is a nightmare, it gets really irritated and feels sore and generally uncomfortable, I'd rather just lather on a load of moisturiser. I don't care how many 'dead skin cells' there are on my knees, I don't have that kind of energy in me, twice a year will do right?

Never using heat protection on my hair… 
After years of bleaching, dying, heat, styling etc, I still don't use heat protection. I mean, I have it, but I just don't use it. I know it's bad, I know my hair is dying, I know the ends will snap off, I can see it happening, but I just can't be bothered with another step in the morning. And to be honest it's just another thing to buy every other week, and I want my money for make up.

Only fake tanning certain parts of my body at certain times… 
For example, I just got a new pair of shoes that show my feet, so I've started just doing my feet and legs. I am a jigsaw of white and orange.

What are your bad beauty habits?



Like everyone else I've been completely converted to liquid lipsticks, I've built up a good collection but there's definitely more to come. There's an obvious theme of nudes, I never wear dark colours or reds anymore because I'm just too pale to pull them off. So let's get into this, I'll be writing about them in the order they appear in the picture for your own blog-post-induced-buy needs.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams: Stockholm, Abu Dhabi & London. 
Everyone's being going mad over these for months and the hype continues, rightly so. I haven't heard anyone give these a bad review. They do everything they say in the name, whilst still being really comfortable and not too drying, having great pigmentation and a good, fluffy applicator which pulls out the perfect amount of product. I always turn to these when I'm in a rush, I know any shade will look great and they all suit my pale skin.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid: Nude Thrill.
Jesus I hate this. Vivid? Suppose so. Matte? Not in the slightest. This is not a liquid lipstick but more of just a typical lip colour in a tube, it's really quite juicy and shiny looking, I thought it might dry matte and set after a while but na, it didn't settle and came off way too easily. I'm not a huge fan of the colour either, it's a very reddish nude that isn't true to it's online images. Oh and the applicator is horribly shaped and sized, not at all for precision or even application. Certainly nothing 'thrilling' about this nude, it's the unwanted dick pic.

NYX Liquid Lingerie: Babydoll, Push Up, & Corset. 
I did quite a lengthy post on these a while ago, you can read that here. 
This was basically an entire collection of nudes from NYX, the dream come true. The formula is quite a funny one, you're either going to love it, hate it, or be totally on the fence with it like I am, it's almost like they couldn't decide on a formula for these so they mixed two together. It's like, a 85% matte finish, mixed with some stickyness of a cheap lipgloss, but still with the staying power of a decent lipstick.

Tartiest Lip Paint: Tbt.
I ordered this from Sephora as a Birthday present to myself in January and I've only used it twice since, the colour 'tbt,' is way too dark and not at all what it looked like on the Sephora website. This is so so pigmented, literally a dab on the lip will do your entire pout, but it's also pretty runny, but still thick? It feels really suffocating on, and if you aren't super careful with applying the smallest amount this stuff will not dry or set, certainly doesn't look matte. However, it's really handily sized and I love the simple packaging with the hand written style font. Funkaaay.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Midi & Vice. 
Love Midi, hate Vice. Strange. These are literally like two totally different products. I must warn you, the swatches on the Colour Pop site are so untrue, these two look totally different on me/my skin and even in the tube to the way they appeared online, which is really disappointing when you're paying extra to get them in the UK.
Midi is like the perfect nude, where as Vice is a tacky, pinky nudey orangey mess, I just full on hate it, not to mention it wouldn't go on my lips, I literally had to apply coats, and after applying coats it began to crumble off down my chin. My fiancé never dares say a bad word about my make up, but the one (and only,) day I wore this he said "I don't think you should wear that again," fair to him, it looked horrible and felt ten times worse.
Midi however is not so bad, it's not as drying but I still have to wear a lip balm underneath it, but the colour and staying power is amazing.

Lime Crime Velvetines: Cashmere & Buffy.
I only recently wrote a full review on these two and my opinion stays the same. These are without a doubt my favourite formula from my collection and if I could take my other shades from other brands and turn them into this formula, I'd have my perfect liquid lipstick. To me, these are the original liquid lipstick, they were out years before all this new hype and they're so unique. Believe the hype, despite what's happened with the brand in the past, everyone needs one (maybe ten,) of these. I'm so happy I managed to get my hands on the most popular shade 'Cashmere,' which is typically sold out everywhere, all of the time. If you're interested in these, read my full post here.

Swatches left to right: NYX Stockholm, NYX Abu Dhabi, NYX London, Maybelline Nude Thrill, NYX BabyDoll, NYX Push Up, NYX Corset, Tarte TBT, Colourpop Midi, Colourpop Vice, Lime Crime Cashmere, Lime Crime Buffy.


I've finally ticked off all the things from my last wish list post, so it's time to construct another right? There's always a ton of things I'm desperately after. Do I have too much make up? Yes. Do I want more? Yes.

My first priority is the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Primer in the shade 'Luminous Light,' these have been out for a little while now but I wanted to wait and read some reviews before buying. Anything from Hourglass is amazing, and I love every other product in the Ambient Lighting range, they never ever fail to amaze me, this is definitley top of my payday list. It's weirdly a lot cheaper than all the other primers they do, I have their Mineral Veil primer which is around £52.00, where as this new one is only £36.

I am going crazy waiting for this Jouer Mermaid Glow Palette to be released on Cult Beauty, (yes I'm on the waiting list...maybe it'll be released by the time this post goes live, awkward.) It's limited edition and I know it's going to sell out like hot cakes, so I'm actually really anxious I won't get one! I'll have to beg and borrow money if they come out in the next few days, oops. It has such a gorgeous ray of quirky highlights that are a little different to the norm, they look perfect for paler skin! They appear so iridescent and mmm. I have no idea how much it's going to be, I'm guessting around the £40 mark?

Everyone is going mad about Pixi skincare right now, the Glow Tonic is raved about by every blogger and their mum and I'm still to try it. Pixi really doesn't appeal to me purely because of the packaging to be honest, but this is so highly recommended I can't ignore the hype any longer. I need to try this out in my skincare routine, and I am actually in need of a new toner so it's perfect timing.

I know I just picked up a new foundation from Tarte, but I would really really really really like this one as well. This is the Double Duty Confidence Cream Foundation, they had it exclusively at Ulta in the US for such a long time and I'm overjoyed QVC have it here in the UK. It's currently sold out in my shade, as usual. It looks like a powder foundation, and I hate powder foundation, but it's actually a really unique innovative formula I'm super intrigued by. It also comes with a double ended brush which looks, well, interesting...
This is currently only £31.00 for it's 'introductory price,' so hopefully I can get it whilst it's still lower.

Last but not least, a much more purse friendly product from Make Up Geek, one of their Contour Pans in the shade 'Break Up.' Everyone's raving and collecting their eyeshadows, and now these. They do a great shade for fair skin and it's only £7! It'll be the first product I try from MUG so hopefully I get a great first impression. 

What are you lusting after at the moment? Have I made you want any of this? Do you HAVE any of this?


Remember this post when I raved about Bioderma? I mentioned the cheaper option that everyone seems to swear by, funnily enough when I went into Boots yesterday to re-purchase my beloved Bioderma was out of stock and this huge bottle of Garnier Micellar Water was right next door on offer for three quid! So many people couldn't be wrong and for price, I wasn't really losing much if I hated it. I'll admit I don't hate it, (so far,) but it really isn't as good as the Bioderma, but it was a lot cheaper.

I've found the Garnier option to be drying on my already dry skin, nor does it feel as gentle, feels more like it's ripping away moisture and texture. It definitley doesn't break down make up as well as my Bioderma, it takes longer to remove my eye make up and I find myself wiping over and over my face to get all of my base make up away.
For me, the biggest fault is really the dryness- my skin is already dehydrated so I definitley don't need to be buying things to takeaway more, so I'd say avoid this and go for Bioderma if you do have dry skin. My face felt quite tight and uncomfortable after using the Garnier water, where as when I use my Bioderma I feel like I could wait hours before adding any moisturiser.

I'd also opt for the Bioderma if you wear heavy make-up daily, it removes it much easier and leaves the skin feeling much cleaner- when I am wearing make up I go for a full on smokey eye, lashes, contour etc, and for me the Garnier seems to struggle a little with breaking it all down.

I also have sensitive skin, and for me the Bioderma has never upset it all the months I've been using it, I was scared of the Garnier stinging or making me itch but fortunately it didn't, but it did leave my skin looking a little red and feeling quite rough.

So in conclusion I think you'll already of gathered my answer, I'm all sides for the Bioderma, but it was good to test the cheaper option out and I'll definitley still use it now and then. 



My hair is rammed with years of damage, from bleaching, heat, dyes, hair extensions- you name it, I've done the damage. It's very slowly getting somewhat healthy again, and it's been quite a task finding products that actually work for me and show positive results. I've found the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner has really restored hydration and smoothness, and when it comes to dying it I always use a dye formulated with oils etc. 

I'm constantly buying oils and sprays, leave in conditioners prove to be very helpful, but none of them really have a 'lasting' effect, they look an feel great for half an hour and then it's back to my hay stack. I popped into Boots the other day just to pick up some razor blades and this spray from L'oreal was on offer and obviously the bottle just really caught my eye, and it smelt great too. Without even looking at what it was for I took it to the till. (I am a sucker for pretty packaging!)

This is the first additional hair product I've tried that actually has lasting benefits and gives results for longer than an hour. I spray this in my hair before straightening or after blow drying and it makes my hair feel extremely silky and appear very shiney and healthy, (which it's definitley not.) The spray gives such a gorgeous faux glow to your hair, it's literally Champagne Pop for your mop. 
If you're suffering from dull, dehydrated frizzy hair, this is your new best friend- it might not actually reverse all the damage, but it masks it for days.

It lives up to everything it says it does on the bottle, and this will be the first hair care product I re-purchase. I'm so glad to have found something that actually works. The search is over. Next stop, mission find treatment to fix split ends.
You can find the L'oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Luminiser in Boots for £9.99, I actually managed to get mine whilst on offer at only £4.99, and without the reduction in price I probably would't of bought it in the first place, so cheers Boots.
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