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The Beauty Blender is still thrown around the 'is it worth it,' world, personally I am all for it, not going to lie, for a very long time I doubted that that little pink sponge could be worth £16, but one day I finally just went for it out of complete and utter impulse- thank God I did.
I fell in love with this pretty much instantly, I remember applying my foundation for the first ever time with this and genuinely being really surprised at how much easier and quicker it made application, and more importantly, how much more amazing it made the finish.
At first I was just using it damp, but now I've moved onto using it with the Vitamin E Face Mist from The Body Shop and the Mac Fix+ spray, I find that these provide a lot more moisture for my dry skin and generally make my foundations more comfortable on the skin.

Re-purchasing this wasn't an option, I didn't have to think about it or ask myself was it really worth the money? I'm all for the Beauty Blender now and I would never go back to any other method of application. What really gave me the push to get a fresh one was seeing my best friends, she recently purchased her first one and when I visited her the other day I was disgusted at the difference in colour and condition. My Beauty Blender was a light pink, holey deeply dirty mess- I didn't realize how bright pink it was supposed to be. (Yuck.)

Everyone laughs at me (well, my fiancé and my mum,) when I try to tell them that this isn't just a sponge, that there's special 'technology' in it that makes it magical. Of course, both of them still claim if they got me a sponge from Asda it would be the same, but I'm sure the beauty blogging community can back me up here.
I've tried the Real Techniques sponge and it's not at all the same, I disagree with anyone that claims it to be a dupe, it really isn't the same at all, please just buy an original Beauty Blender and thank me later!
Oh, and the old ones make a really great stress ball!

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