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It's not very often I follow tags and trends, but after reading a few of these posts I couldn't resist asking Callum about my make up. I've seen some hilarious answers and I expect Callum isn't going to be much better, I could of asked him so much more but he has the attention span and patience of a five year old, enjoy what I collected anyway...

Primer: "Like an under layer that you put on first so everything else goes on better?"

Foundation: "What you put on after primer to change the top of your skin"

Concealer: "What you put on spots and that to hide them"

Powder: "Get's you all powdered up"

Highlighter: "Is it that stuff that makes your face glow?"

Bronzer: "Give you a bit tan"

Blusher: "Does it go on your cheeks?"

Mascara: "Gives your lashes some definition and volume," HAHAHA sorry WHAT?

Eyeliner: "That thing you put around your eyes to make them look bigger"

Setting spray: "To stop your make up smudging"

Lip liner: "So you can draw your lips on and make them look bigger"

I'm actually quite impressed, I've seen worse! And coming from Callum this is a huge achievement, I've trained the boy well. I'd love to do this again but ask him more about techniques, such as what contouring is, what strobing is etc. Let me know if you've questioned your other half about your make up, I'd love to see the answers- and if not, do it now- and I challenge you not to laugh.

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