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I finally have it! It's mine. I've had my eyes on this baby for weeks, obsessively checking the QVC website to see if they had yet re-stocked the fair shade that was sold out pretty much straight away. I might of screeched a little when the post man knocked on the door with the big blue bag. (QVC, what is with your packaging?!) I've ran out of my beloved Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua, a light coverage water based foundation, but instead of re-purchasing that, (borrrrring,) we have this bottle of gorgeousness. And what a better time to be buying a light, airy foundation now that Summer is around the corner, it also has the added bonus of SPF. 

The Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea foundation is so comfortable and light on the skin, I can go as far as saying it feels like you have no foundation on at all, which is what every foundation should feel like, weightless, so your skin can actually still breathe a little and not be completely clogged up. And of course, because it's so light it's also very hydrating, (for a foundation,) I love a good hydrating foundation because I do have dry skin. If you don't have dry skin, this would without a doubt still work for you, but give you an even glowyer dewy finish. It makes your skin look fresh and just generally healthy and happy.

Although very light, it is definitley still buildable to a higher coverage simply just by adding a few extra drops in each area of the face, but personally I want to use this as my light base. It applies evenly and looks very natural, 'your skin but better,' and all that...
No matter what tool I use, my fingers, Beauty Blender, or the double ended brush that came with it, it still looks as fabulous.

Although we've had to wait a while for this to arrive in the UK, we do have the extra bonus of getting the brush made for use with this foundation, without having to buy it separately, which would be very expensive. We all know I swear by my Beauty Blender, I won't use anything else- it makes every foundation apply perfectly, however I had to try this because it felt so different to any other foundation brush I'd used in the past, and look how gorgeous it is! This is probably the best looking brush I own, the gradient colours are completely swoon worthy.
The brush is double ended, one end has a tightly packed load of bristles shaped for areas such as around the nose and under the eyes, and the other end is a lot wider and more for buffing and blending on larger areas, in my case, my bloody forehead.
This is an absolute break through and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love this brush! I'm a little scared to try it with any of my other foundations but I'm happy just using it with this.

Finally, let's talk about that packaging, isn't this the most beautiful foundation you've ever seen? (Yes.) I love how different this is, the applicator is a pipette rather than your average pump, you fill up the pipette by pushing on the button on top of the lid. I find that this sort of method saves a lot of foundation and stops waste. The lid has the coolest gradient finish, it's very summery and fun and quirky, and I think the lid alone makes the whole product so much more attractive than your average foundation. And then, we have all the gold font, both on the box and the bottle it's self which adds a little extra luxe. 

You can buy this foundation on QVC in the UK for £31.20 (including the brush.)

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