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I just recently moved house and very sadly my new house doesn't have a bath! Heart breaking, I know. No more bath bombs and pretty Instagram pictures, no more bubble bars or Jo Malone oil. Even worse, I bloody hate showering, I think they're really un-relaxing and I get all cold and I drop everything, so I went to Lush yesterday in attempt to pick up some things to make the whole trauma a little easier. It's actually worked, woop.

I already use The Comforter to wash with, but just to try and make going in the shower more appealing I picked up this new rainbow Fun. This is such a cool product, it can be used as a shampoo, body wash or bubble bath...I obviously won't be doing that. I loved the original Fun bars but this rainbow one is on a whole new level, each colour has a different scent and when I wash with it the water runs your chosen colour. 
Fun is essentially playdough for your body, which makes my inner child very happy. Such a small ball of product goes a long way, I can manage to gain a thick enough lather on my legs and armpits to shave with from a pea sized amount. I couldn't see this and not buy it, it just looks so appealing and funky.

To replace the luxe of bath oils, I picked up two Massage Bars- essentially solid bars of moisture and goodness to smother all over your body whilst the water is still running. Tender Is The Night is a cream coloured bar with a dusty pink flower on top, Pearl is a cream coloured bar with bright pink splodges all over.
Lush claims these to be "made with lovely moisturizing butters and gorgeous essential oils, they’re perfect for relieving tension and easing those achy muscles."
I suffer with dry skin especially on my body, so anything that says moisture has me sold, I shave etc in the shower and use these bars as my last step. Both are gorgeously scented, Pearl like Turkish Delight, I was scared the smells might irritate my sensetive skin but so far it's all clear. 
My skin is left so buttery soft after using these, and it stops the need for immediate Palmers Coco Butter as soon as I'm out of the shower. 

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