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I just recently moved house and very sadly my new house doesn't have a bath! Heart breaking, I know. No more bath bombs and pretty Instagram pictures, no more bubble bars or Jo Malone oil. Even worse, I bloody hate showering, I think they're really un-relaxing and I get all cold and I drop everything, so I went to Lush yesterday in attempt to pick up some things to make the whole trauma a little easier. It's actually worked, woop.

I already use The Comforter to wash with, but just to try and make going in the shower more appealing I picked up this new rainbow Fun. This is such a cool product, it can be used as a shampoo, body wash or bubble bath...I obviously won't be doing that. I loved the original Fun bars but this rainbow one is on a whole new level, each colour has a different scent and when I wash with it the water runs your chosen colour. 
Fun is essentially playdough for your body, which makes my inner child very happy. Such a small ball of product goes a long way, I can manage to gain a thick enough lather on my legs and armpits to shave with from a pea sized amount. I couldn't see this and not buy it, it just looks so appealing and funky.

To replace the luxe of bath oils, I picked up two Massage Bars- essentially solid bars of moisture and goodness to smother all over your body whilst the water is still running. Tender Is The Night is a cream coloured bar with a dusty pink flower on top, Pearl is a cream coloured bar with bright pink splodges all over.
Lush claims these to be "made with lovely moisturizing butters and gorgeous essential oils, they’re perfect for relieving tension and easing those achy muscles."
I suffer with dry skin especially on my body, so anything that says moisture has me sold, I shave etc in the shower and use these bars as my last step. Both are gorgeously scented, Pearl like Turkish Delight, I was scared the smells might irritate my sensetive skin but so far it's all clear. 
My skin is left so buttery soft after using these, and it stops the need for immediate Palmers Coco Butter as soon as I'm out of the shower. 


I've rambled in past posts that I've always avoided base products from MAC, the whole "MAC foundations give you spots!" Thing still really scares me. Spots are up their with my worst fears next to spiders and moths, so anything to lessen the chance of getting any is something worth doing. And although I really try to avoid buying any of their products due to animal testing, sometimes I'm impulsive and just need to try hyped up products- so I recently made a couple of purchases. With my products (post soon,) was a sample of their Skin Base Visage, a product which I've never heard anything about, I didn't even know it was a thing actually. Let me start off by telling you how much I love Le Blanc De Chanel and how similar this is to it, and also significantly cheaper. 

MAC claim that Skin Base Visage will even skin tone, improve radiance and reduce redness. A statement so far proving to be true, this is a lightweight gel like base- unlike other gel formulas I've used, this isn't heavy or thick, it's very comfortable and airy on the skin and I still feel like my skin can breathe. It's white in it's consistency but becomes invisible once rubbed into the skin.
It makes my skin feel and look so much smoother, almost like silk, therefore my foundation applies flawlessly on top, heavy or light coverage.
If you have dull or dehydrated skin that needs a little umpfh, or maybe you just want some extra glow for the Summer, this is for you- this is most definitley illuminating. It gives a natural, healthy glow, nothing too obvious, I really love how this makes my complexion appear. 

Much to my pleasant surprise, it didn't effect my skin at all, there wasn't a family of blemishes waiting for me when I removed my make-up, if anything, it had really been working on my skin throughout the day, because when I did take it off, my tone looked much more evened out. I also have sensitive skin, but this product doesn't really have any fragrance to it so there was zero irritation too. 

I'm so happy I got to try this out, I think more brands need to send samples out with orders! I will certainly be picking up the full size of this next payday, which comes in such sleek black packaging (with a pump,!) and I genuinely can't wait. The full size is £21.00, and considering you only need such a small amount to cover your entire face, it's going to last quite a long time.


I finally have it! It's mine. I've had my eyes on this baby for weeks, obsessively checking the QVC website to see if they had yet re-stocked the fair shade that was sold out pretty much straight away. I might of screeched a little when the post man knocked on the door with the big blue bag. (QVC, what is with your packaging?!) I've ran out of my beloved Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua, a light coverage water based foundation, but instead of re-purchasing that, (borrrrring,) we have this bottle of gorgeousness. And what a better time to be buying a light, airy foundation now that Summer is around the corner, it also has the added bonus of SPF. 

The Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea foundation is so comfortable and light on the skin, I can go as far as saying it feels like you have no foundation on at all, which is what every foundation should feel like, weightless, so your skin can actually still breathe a little and not be completely clogged up. And of course, because it's so light it's also very hydrating, (for a foundation,) I love a good hydrating foundation because I do have dry skin. If you don't have dry skin, this would without a doubt still work for you, but give you an even glowyer dewy finish. It makes your skin look fresh and just generally healthy and happy.

Although very light, it is definitley still buildable to a higher coverage simply just by adding a few extra drops in each area of the face, but personally I want to use this as my light base. It applies evenly and looks very natural, 'your skin but better,' and all that...
No matter what tool I use, my fingers, Beauty Blender, or the double ended brush that came with it, it still looks as fabulous.

Although we've had to wait a while for this to arrive in the UK, we do have the extra bonus of getting the brush made for use with this foundation, without having to buy it separately, which would be very expensive. We all know I swear by my Beauty Blender, I won't use anything else- it makes every foundation apply perfectly, however I had to try this because it felt so different to any other foundation brush I'd used in the past, and look how gorgeous it is! This is probably the best looking brush I own, the gradient colours are completely swoon worthy.
The brush is double ended, one end has a tightly packed load of bristles shaped for areas such as around the nose and under the eyes, and the other end is a lot wider and more for buffing and blending on larger areas, in my case, my bloody forehead.
This is an absolute break through and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love this brush! I'm a little scared to try it with any of my other foundations but I'm happy just using it with this.

Finally, let's talk about that packaging, isn't this the most beautiful foundation you've ever seen? (Yes.) I love how different this is, the applicator is a pipette rather than your average pump, you fill up the pipette by pushing on the button on top of the lid. I find that this sort of method saves a lot of foundation and stops waste. The lid has the coolest gradient finish, it's very summery and fun and quirky, and I think the lid alone makes the whole product so much more attractive than your average foundation. And then, we have all the gold font, both on the box and the bottle it's self which adds a little extra luxe. 

You can buy this foundation on QVC in the UK for £31.20 (including the brush.)



There's a new hype in town, it's all about the Morphe. Surprise surprise, I'm delayed jumping on the bandwagon again, but since I've heard such mixed reviews about the palettes, and to be fair, I have enough, I got my hands on some eye brushes instead. The last eye brushes I purchased were from Zoeva, they were great at first but I've found over time they've become harsher and harsher, they really all need replacing, so at least I've made a start.

I picked up two eye brushes, the M330 and M505, both of which were around the £4 mark. To be honest, for four pounds I wasn't expecting much, but I was very wrong.
These brushes are without a doubt the softest, silkiest and most gentle brushes in my entire collection, I like them better than my MAC brushes, my NARS brushes and my Zoeva. They may feel and sound a little cheap, but they perform like a dream, there's just the right amount of fluffyness.

Both brushes are the perfect size for getting into the crease of your eye or blending in the outer corners, I find that sometimes my MAC 217 is a little wide for detail, but these having tapered heads makes them so much easier to use. The M330 is exceptionally good at blending, particularly again in the creases, it's fluffy but still tapered to just the right size, and of course it's so gentle on the eyes. I find that I have really sensitive eyes but the bristles on these really are super gentle, they literally feel like silk, it's made doing my eye make up enjoyable again. Say goodbye to harsh lines and unblended shadows.

I'm so impressed with the quality of these brushes, and of course I'll be buying more very soon. I can confirm these are certainly worth the far anyway.



I think we all know by now and from my recent drugstore post that I'm not a fan of drugstore make-up, but the only exception to that is Soap and Glory, which is still one of the more expensive brands in the drugstore, but it's still half the price of my usual products. Some of my favourite items come from the brand, the One Heck Of A Blot primer is up their with my Hourglass primer! It performs like such a luxury product, I also love the Supercat Liner, it's the perfect jet black thin nibbed pen for perfecting eyeliner flicks. I just generally enjoy the whole brand, I love their bath and shower products equally as much, the smells are orgasmic. 

One product that's really hyped up but yet I've never tried (until now,) is the Solar Powder bronzer, priced at £11.00. I've lost count of the amount of times I've heard people rave about this, it's always in bloggers top picks from the brand and I know Lily Pebbles loves it, and I trust her completely. I'm actually really glad I waited to get this because they recently changed the packaging, got rid of the cardboard and made it completely plastic, it looks and feels a lot more high quality. When I first swatched this, I thought, 'oh wow this looks like a great contour shade,' it appeared very light and coolish, but when it came to dipping the brush in and putting it on my face, wew. This definitley isn't a contour shade for pale skin, it's very much 'sunkissed,' and certainly more for general bronzing, which to be fair, is what the product says it's for. I like that this isn't shimmery, it's pretty much matte, and most bronzing bronzers such as my Nars Laguna have that tinge of sparkle that can emphasize the fact your tan aint' real. Over all it gives a very healthy glow, it's one I'll probably only be wearing in Summer, but I'm really impressed at the versatility of this, in a way that it's a 'one shade only,' product but yet still works for my skin tone.

I also picked up one of the new Sexy Mother Pucker lipsticks, they've recently brought out a few new shades in different finishes, and of course, I got a matte finish and a nude shade named "Super Nude." What else? I literally cannot remember the last time I used a drugstore lipstick, I've been using MAC for years and years now, so buying this was quite a breakthrough for me.

And this is why I love Soap and Glory, they really offer high end quality products. (The actual bullet it's self also smells amazing (for a lipstick,) but it is S&G so I wouldn't expect any less.) You can find the new nude lipstick collection priced at only £9.00! 
The lipsticks are described as "Creamy, conditioning and ultra-smooth – with hydra-boosting Moisture-rap™ technology – they glide easily onto your lips and stay firmly in place as you go a-pout your day."
I can't fault the description really, for a matte lipstick this has amazing moisture, better than that of certain MAC lipsticks I own, I can wear this for much longer and much more comfortably. Admittedly they aren't as super matte, but matte enough.



I say this every time I review an eyeshadow palette, but I really bloody love eyeshadow palettes and I can't resist a new release, especially when it looks this gorgeous. Like, how Instagram worthy is this? I knew it'd look great in blog photos before it was even delivered. A massive thank you to my fiancé Callum for being a huge babe and buying me this! I've been so close to getting it from Sephora, but the extra £25 in taxes and shipping was a whole other story. I was so happy to see QVC finally had it, along with more Rainforest Of The Sea items, (review coming soon ;).) 

Say hello to the Tarte Tease Amazonian Clay Eye Palette. With a mix up of mattes and one shimmer, this palette puts a little twist on my normal taste. Still sticking along the lines of browns and beige's, but with more cool undertones than usual and a little hint of plum/purple. I paid £23.00 for this from QVC, although I don't think they have it in stock any longer! Sorry to tease you...

Whisper and Wink are two very light matte shades, good for a base, brow highlight or inner corner. Crush is the only shimmer but it's a gorgeous gold, underneath that we have First Kiss, which has a metallic finish, but isn't 'glittery' as such, but it's certainly not matte. Heartbreaker is 'the' brown, great for the crease and outer v, and finally there's Bff, the more plummy shade which compliments the gold and brown amazingly. As you may recognize from the swatches, some shades are more pigmented than others, the brown and gold being the most stand out- and of course you can barely see the light shades on my arm because I'm pretty much Casper. If I'm honest my swatches are pretty crap, but I wanted to just give a true idea of the colour pay off from one swipe of my finger, the swatches online are much more dramatic. The shades are so versatile, and this could without a doubt create subtle looks or really smokey eyes like I wear myself. I also really love that the shade names go along with the name of the palette, there's a sort of sexual vibe going on.

It's noticeable that the shimmer shades are much more velvety and soft, but they do leave a little bit of fall out, the matte shades are very much what you'd expect when the word 'clay,' is in the title, they are a little bit like chalk, but nice, soft chalk? But they do apply without fall out, which is amazing for the darker shades especially, although the dark shades can apply a teeny bit patchy if you're going all over lid, so build up is probably going to be necessary. I've always said Tarte are my second favourite for eyeshadow formula, Too Faced being first, because no matter the finish of the shade, they are all equally buttery and silky.

Now finally let's talk about this packaging, swoon or what? The whole theme is very fun and quirky, the gold plastic stage holding the eyeshadow pans gives it that extra luxurious touch and makes it extra umpfh. The outer cardboard is actually very sturdy and I love the geometric printing.


Hold up, I've got a new favourite lip product, again. Goodbye NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, you served me well, I hope you enjoyed your time at the top of the pecking order, but there's a new number one in town, in the form of the Lime Crime Velvetines
I know a couple of years ago there was a little drama surrounding this brand, and it got it's self some really bad press- and for a while I was really put off, but when I discovered I could buy some of the products from Love-Makeup I was sold. The Velvetines are so hyped, for years people have went crazy for them on E-Bay and generally getting them from wherever, I'm really glad they are now available from a reliable source that sell authentic products. Personally, I think the brand and it's whole aesthetic is really appealing, I adore the packaging of every product, it's a real stand out and it just really satisfies me, everything from the fonts used to the colour schemes, it's just yum.

I picked up two shades to try out, Cashmere was first in my basket, and quickly. This is 'the,' shade everyone goes crazy over, it's always sold out and it's one of those the beauty gurus wear and everyone will ask what it is. Rightly so. Let me tell you, I have enough nudey/neutral liquid lipsticks to provide one for every woman in a village, but this is a complete stand out and by a mile my new favourite ever ever ever. I literally haven't had this off since it arrived, I am utterly obsessed with this beauty. The second shade was Buffy.

The texture of these isn't anything like my other liquid lipsticks, they really do feel more like velvet, and look like it too. They glide on the lips like a dream, the pigmentation is amazing so no layering is required, nor are they too runny or too thick. The best part? Not drying! I find most liquid lipsticks literally rip any hydration from my lips and leave them feeling so uncomfortable and chapped, but I can wear these for a good 6 hours before they start to feel that way, which can totally be prevented by applying a fresh coat, not that you'll really need it because these seem pretty much bullet proof. I swatched them upon arrival and then tried to scrub my hand with a sponge and soap, and I had to do some serious harsh rubbing to get it off. Despite that, some staining was still there and I then went in the shower and scrubbed again, finally it was completely off, so you're going to have to use make-up remover to remove this properly, in my case, Bioderma. 

I think it's fair to say I definitley need more shades of Velvetines, and I'm very tempted to buy a back up Cashmere...that's how much I love it. These frosted glass tubes of magic can be yours for £13.50. (I think that's a really good price too- I'd pay much more.)


I love contouring, but finding products that are light enough for my fair skin is quite a challenge, most are either too orange or generally too dark and require a lot of blending. I was so sick of the whole thing that I almost purchased a cream contour kit, (I never want to get into that,) but then I came across this powder eyeshadow from Illamasqua. Illamasqua offer a cream pigment named Hollow which is quite popular in the NC10 community for contouring, but again that's a cream product and not something I'm an expert on using, so when I found out there was a powder just as light, I was sold. 

Heroine is the most perfect shade I've come across for contouring, despite the fact it's actually an eyeshadow. It has the perfect balance of cool undertones and isn't at all orange! The shade is a very dusty, mousey light brown. I've been using both the orange Real Techniques Contour Brush and my NARS Contour Brush with this product and both work equally as well- the perfect amount of product is picked up every time. The colour applies lightly, but it can be very easily built up for a strong, dramatic contour, which then blends seamlessly. Oh and of course it's perfectly matte. I picked mine up for £16.50 on Beauty Bay.  



This has been a long time coming, I had this on my last wishlist post that I made months ago and I've only just bit the bullet- if you've read my blog for a while you'll know eyeshadow palettes are my ultimate weakness, my collection is pretty ridiculous already. 
I've seen so much blog coverage on this Nude Spectrum Palette from Zoeva, and considering the amount of shadows, the quality of packaging etc, at £28.00 I think it's a steal! 
It's got the perfect mixture of mattes and shimmers, the spectrum of colours consists of nudes, mostly warm under toned. This is a palette that can do everything, you'd be totally fine if this was the only eye palette you had, it can create subtle looks to super smokey dark eyes- It's got your highlight colours covered, your bases, your crease and your outer v.
Funnily enough, even though this is an eyeshadow palette, I've found that there's one shade absoultey perfect for contouring my really pale skin- what a bonus! (It's that one on the last row...)
This is totally worth the hype, I am so impressed with the formula of the shadows, they all differ in pigmentation and texture depending upon the finish and how dark/light it is, the more golden/darker ones are extremely buttery and they're pretty much identical to my favourite high end formula, the Too Faced eyeshadows.
For fifteen greatly pigmented eyeshadows that blend like a dream, for this to be packaged so 'high endly' for the price/from the brand is amazing, the palette even comes in a box, and the palette it's self isn't flimsy and it doesn't feel like cheap cardboard, it's all metallic and embossed with the Zoeva logo.
Although this is probably perfect for Autumn with all it's crispy and copper shades, it's the kind of look I typically go for everyday, this is almost my perfect palette.

Without a doubt this is my new 'go to,' and I'll be getting a lot of use out of this wonderful creation. I really want to try other palettes from Zoeva now, especially 'Naturally Yours.' I purchased my palette from BeautyBay, it was dispatched the same day and got to me in perfect condition. (Well my fiancé kindly bought me this, so shouts to him for being a complete babe.)


So since my blog is growing, I recently did a poll on Twitter asking you all (who follow me on there anyway, if not hola,) if you would like to see drugstore products featured on Blush and Blend instead of it just being purely high end based. 100% of the votes went to featuring some drugstore products too, so I listened and I felt like a good blogger when I did my first ever drugstore haul since I was about thirteen! It was so strange getting so many things for such a low price, I think I got all of the products pictured above for the price of one high end foundation I wanted, which is a little mad. I must admit, I really didn't get that same great feeling when it was delivered like I do when my usual higher end stuff arrives, I wasn't swooning over anything or particularly optimistic.

First of all I got four things from Maybelline, two of which are from a limited edition "Rio Wrap" collection, basically they're a selection of the best sellers in pretty'er packaging.
I couldn't of done my first drugstore haul and not gotten that concealer everyone raves about, The Eraser Eye. First of all, this is the lightest shade and it's not light enough for me, it's supposed to be for under eyes and for me it's way too orange- I'll probably try to use it on my face instead but I definitley wouldn't recommend it to anyone who's NC10 like me and wants to brighten the under eyes. However, it did have a nice consistency and blended extremely nicely. I also got Master Sculpt in the lightest shade, and unfortunately this too is too orange for my skin, I thought it looked perfect in the pan, but once on my skin it just looked like a streak of accidental fake tan.

I am utterly obsessed with liquid lipsticks, so I thought I'd try my luck with a drugstore option, the new Vivid Matte Liquid, and it makes my want to hit my head off a wall, but I didn't really like this either. The applicator is strangely shaped and sized, it wouldn't dry completely so it felt a bit sticky and tacky on my lips- and also left a 'supposed to be matte but not,' finish. The shade was 'Nude Thrill,' and it did have good pigmentation despite all the negatives.
The final thing from Maybelline was just a Super Kohl Liner in white. I got this to use in the corners of my eyes as a highlight and it certainly does the job- it had good staying powder and wasn't too harsh to use, but the pigmentation could be a lot better, I was finding I had to layer and layer it up to get a true white.

The last make up item I got was from Collection, this is a huge throwback for me because I used to use this product everyday when I was 12-13, I couldn't go out without caking my eyes in this. When visiting my friends house the other week, I noticed she used it still today, so for 2.99 I wanted to see if it was still as I remembered. The Collection Fast Stroke Liner is the only thing I'm really happy with make-up wise, I'm actually really happy I picked this up and I'd say it's my new favourite eyeliner, this stuff is amazingly pigmented and has high end staying power- it's better than eyeliners I've used in the past from YSL. Very very pleased.

Finally I picked up two nail polishes from the Models Own Chrome range, one lilac and one silver. I've been wearing the purple one from the moment it was delivered and so far, no chips! I totally forget about this brand when it comes to my nails, but I'm really loving these two shades and the thick consistency of the actual polish, so I'll definitley be going back to look for more! I think the packaging is gorgeous too.

I think it's fair to say I haven't got good first impressions, and this has put me off drugstore more than I already was...I think my blog will be staying more high end based for now.


The Beauty Blender is still thrown around the 'is it worth it,' world, personally I am all for it, not going to lie, for a very long time I doubted that that little pink sponge could be worth £16, but one day I finally just went for it out of complete and utter impulse- thank God I did.
I fell in love with this pretty much instantly, I remember applying my foundation for the first ever time with this and genuinely being really surprised at how much easier and quicker it made application, and more importantly, how much more amazing it made the finish.
At first I was just using it damp, but now I've moved onto using it with the Vitamin E Face Mist from The Body Shop and the Mac Fix+ spray, I find that these provide a lot more moisture for my dry skin and generally make my foundations more comfortable on the skin.

Re-purchasing this wasn't an option, I didn't have to think about it or ask myself was it really worth the money? I'm all for the Beauty Blender now and I would never go back to any other method of application. What really gave me the push to get a fresh one was seeing my best friends, she recently purchased her first one and when I visited her the other day I was disgusted at the difference in colour and condition. My Beauty Blender was a light pink, holey deeply dirty mess- I didn't realize how bright pink it was supposed to be. (Yuck.)

Everyone laughs at me (well, my fiancé and my mum,) when I try to tell them that this isn't just a sponge, that there's special 'technology' in it that makes it magical. Of course, both of them still claim if they got me a sponge from Asda it would be the same, but I'm sure the beauty blogging community can back me up here.
I've tried the Real Techniques sponge and it's not at all the same, I disagree with anyone that claims it to be a dupe, it really isn't the same at all, please just buy an original Beauty Blender and thank me later!
Oh, and the old ones make a really great stress ball!



It's not very often I follow tags and trends, but after reading a few of these posts I couldn't resist asking Callum about my make up. I've seen some hilarious answers and I expect Callum isn't going to be much better, I could of asked him so much more but he has the attention span and patience of a five year old, enjoy what I collected anyway...

Primer: "Like an under layer that you put on first so everything else goes on better?"

Foundation: "What you put on after primer to change the top of your skin"

Concealer: "What you put on spots and that to hide them"

Powder: "Get's you all powdered up"

Highlighter: "Is it that stuff that makes your face glow?"

Bronzer: "Give you a bit tan"

Blusher: "Does it go on your cheeks?"

Mascara: "Gives your lashes some definition and volume," HAHAHA sorry WHAT?

Eyeliner: "That thing you put around your eyes to make them look bigger"

Setting spray: "To stop your make up smudging"

Lip liner: "So you can draw your lips on and make them look bigger"

I'm actually quite impressed, I've seen worse! And coming from Callum this is a huge achievement, I've trained the boy well. I'd love to do this again but ask him more about techniques, such as what contouring is, what strobing is etc. Let me know if you've questioned your other half about your make up, I'd love to see the answers- and if not, do it now- and I challenge you not to laugh.



I don't know why but recently I've noticed my usually perfect skin gathering some unwanted guests- pesky under skin blemishes and a few red mountains, not cool. But this was an excuse to buy some skin care right? I'm not in any position to be buying any high end skincare at the moment, and as much as I love my Lush face masks, they go out of date too quickly! So I turned to bae number two to come to the rescue. Please restore my skins no-need-for-concealer look.

The Honey And Oat Mask is my favourite of the bunch, this pot of goodness smells absolutely insane, you know that like, holiday smell? When you go abroad and walk into the hotel lobby and you can smell sun cream and just like, holiday? That smell. This smells of that. I can't tell you how much I love the smell, I've sat with it on my face for hours at a time just so I can enjoy it. It's so uplifting, refreshing and calming, perfect pamper night mask. This little pot of aromatic joy is also filled with hydration, (and no the smell doesn't upset my skin.) In fact, it leaves it smooth, soft and glowy.

I'm pretty sure I've raved about the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask before but I'll very happily repeat myself.
Unlike any other clay mask, this doesn't dry my skin out massively or feel like chalk after ten minutes- for a clay mask it has a very unique texture (which I love,) it feels more like a liquidy gel mousse...
Makes sense right? But whatever, it feels bloody lovely to apply and it's easy to wash off. I can leave this mask on for an hour and it'll still feel remotely comfortable on my skin and it won't be begging for a moisture surge. 
More importantly, it does its job! It certainly helped the little volcanoes on my chin! 

The last naughty purchase was the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub. 
Despite its name, this is actually an incredibly gentle exfoliant. It's gentle enough to be using everyday without drying the skin out.
A pea sized amount provides a good lather for the entire face, so this bottle is going to last me a very long time. 
I know you can't really "feel" your pores, but I feel like my pores are really cleaned and helped out after using this- my skin feels less clogged and dull and a little more alive. 
I must admit, it doesn't taste as good as it smells...the amount of times I've ended up with this in my mouth is not okay. 

Despite slathering on all of this and frantically using Tea Tree Toner my forehead is still looking very bumpy, there's just a lot of little under skin bumps that have no colour- you can't really see anything but I can certainly feel the little shits. If anyone has any ideas what this is from/what I can to do help it please let me know. (My skin is very important to me and my self esteem.)



It's not often I can talk about anything from the drugstore on my blog, but I know a lot of you love cheaper products and a recent poll on my Twitter told me that you all wanted me to start including drugstore items in my posts instead of just high end. I never buy drugstore make up, it doesn't give me the same joy or buzz that buying high end gives me and I feel better and more confident in myself wearing expensive things, but that's just personal preference, I know that there's some great affordable items out there at the moment but I just don't want to buy them, weird. I suppose you could say I've become a make-up snob, (nothing wrong with that.)

Howeverthe 1 of 2 drugstore items in my make-up drawer is funnily enough one of my favourites in the category. You may have seen my popular Primer Edit post, but I also raved about this when I first purchased it. It's the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer, (£10.) I will forever re-purchase this gem, it performs better than some of my high end primers. The formula gives the perfect balance between hydration and mattifying, even on my dry skin. It's not thick or heavy, it feels quite refreshing on the skin and such a little squeeze goes a long way. This stuff is a-maaaaaaazing for hiding pores, and let's appreciate how cute the packaging is!

A skincare product from the drugstore that I've re-purchased over and over is the Garnier Moisture Match Moisture Nourish. This stuff is a miracle in a tube for dry skin, it's really useful when I know I'm going to be wearing a lot of make up for a long time and I need to keep my skin underneath hydrated to prevent cakey foundation.
It has a pretty thick formula but it really does give your skin a good drink, it sinks into the skin like a dream and keeps it hydrated for about seven hours. I often get compliments from my fiancé and family when I wear this, they always tell me my face smells nice...



Ooooo it's been a long time since I did an updated skincare routine, and I feel like at the moment I've got a routine my skin is really loving and it's showing. I think there's quite a good mix of affordable and pricey items in my routine at the moment, so there should be something for all of you here. Bare in my mind I have quite dry skin that can be very sensitive.

I like to do sort of a double clean because if I have been wearing make-up, i'll of been wearing the works, lashes etc. So first of all I take two cotton pads and squirt some Bioderma into each, I concentrate this mostly on my eyes and kind of use 'what's left' of the wetness to swipe the rest of my face.
Then for a proper cleanse, I'm using either the Oskia Gel or the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Balm. 
I'll apply either one and leave it on my face for about 10 minutes, so my skin can really soak up all the amazing ingredients. I opt for the Oskia cleanser if my skins looking dull, and for the Sunday Riley if it feels like it needs any gentle exfoliation or deep hydration. I then just rinse this off with a muslin cloth, (the nicest ones are from Emma Hardie.)

I then go in and spirtz all over with my favourite ever toner, Lush's Tea Tree Water. I've went through so many bottles of this and I'm yet to find something I like as much, sometimes I just spray it on and leave it to soak in, sometimes I take it on a cotton pad and really rub it around in circular motions, especially around my nose. I also sometimes just take this during the day as a mid-day boost for my skin.

Finally I'll moisturize using the Garnier Moisture Match+ Nourish, this is a super rich and thick cream perfect for keeping dry skin hydrated for a long loooong time. For an extra bit of TLC for my eyes that are really abused with heavy make up and rough removing, I use the Vitamin E Eye Cream from The Body Shop. I just use my ring finger and tap this all over my lids and under my eyes. Most eye creams irritate my eyes but this one is so far the only one I've found that's gentle enough, and y'know it's never too early to start anti-ageing right? My eyes will be glowing at 30.

And of course, some nights I slip in a Lush face mask, such as Mask Of Magnaminty, or some Emma Hardie Facial Oil.
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