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By now you probably know I sold my NARS Sheer Glow foundation because I just full on hated it, and obviously I had to replace it...can't be without 10 foundations. Nope.
I replaced Sheer Glow with the new foundation everyone's banging on about, hopefully this one would actually be worth the hype. I can confirm, this stuff is ama-zzzzzzzzing, well done bloggers, you did me well this time. I'm talking about the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation. 
I previously talked about how my all time favourite foundation is the Marc Jacobs Full Cover Concentrate, but this has gone above and beyond and set the bar even higher, this is everything I loved about the Marc Jacobs one and then some.

First of all, can we appreciate the absoultey huge colour range? There is literally a colour for everyone, no matter how white or dark or your undertone, there's one for you, in my case my perfect match was Alabaster. This is hands down the best colour match I've ever had in a foundation, and that's a lot of foundations I'm putting to shame- so if you're Snow White like me, this is going to be your new best friend. The world would be a much better place if every brand did such an extensive range of shades.

I found that on application I did need about 5 pumps of product to cover my whole face evenly, and this gave me a medium coverage, it definitley could of been built up to a high coverage but I really don't need high coverage right now, I guess I would of needed another 3 pumps to really mask my face.

After applying my primer, (Hourglass Mineral Veil,) I applied this with my Beauty Blender, (damp,) and did the usual hitting myself on the face motion to blend it in, which it did pretty quickly and evenly. It gave me a really undetectable flawless coverage, the foundation claims to give invisible coverage and that's exactly what it does, it didn't look like I had much foundation on at all, it looked very natural and second skin like.
I didn't need to apply any concealer, apart from a little to brighten my under eyes.

The foundation covered everything I wanted it to and more, it didn't cake on dryer areas despite not using a particularly hydrating primer, (and I have dry skin.) It wasn't at all patchy, drying or uncomfortable. The finish wasn't dewy nor matte, but somewhere in-between, they call it semi-matte or something right? I don't know, to me it was just flawless skin.

Without a doubt it stayed in place all day, it didn't melt when I got hot, and it didn't dry my skin out, it was very comfortable to wear, I pretty much felt bare faced. 

I can't recommend this stuff enough, it's easily my new number one and it totally lives up to the hype, unlike Sheer Glow. The only thing I can pick at is that it doesn't have any scent, I love my foundations to have a little tinge of something, I love Chanel for it's foundation scents, but this just had nothing, and I just really wanted it to smell nice.
The foundation is priced at £29.00, but I got it in the Debenhams sale for £26.00! So go and get it now. 

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