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Look at this and tell me you don't need it I dare you. Y'know what? You can't, you can't because anyone who is anyone and loves make up needs this palette in their stash.
The Champagne Pop hype has slowly died out and the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit's are the new 'thing.'
The Glow Kit's are available in two shade schemes, 'That Glow' which I have pictured above, and 'Gleam,' which features cooler toned, pinkyer shimmers.
I waited what seemed forever for these to be available in the UK, I was getting so impatient that I almost purchased it from Sephora with an extra twenty quid piled on for tax and shipping. but thankfully I didn't act on my impulse (for once,) and waited for Cult Beauty to tweet their release, I swear I've never clicked a link and put in purchase details so quickly. Sad.

The palette features four very generously sized pans filled with highly pigmented, smooth warm shimmers:
Golden Bronze, (which I've used as an eyeshadow...)
Bubbly, (my favourite)
and Dripping In Gold.
All of the shades are pretty intense, they certainly aren't a subtle, natural glow but more of a 'in your face,' thing. And y'know what? I love it, I don't care, I want to blind bitches with my highlight. Pack this everywhere, your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, brow bone, collar bones, yum.

I was very pleasantly surprised when this arrived and I saw just how big the pans were, (7.4g each,) they're pretty much a full sized pan that you'd get in a buy alone compact, so this thing will probably last forever. The pans, much like the Contour Kits are easy to remove and replace with a fresh load, or maybe you're travelling or staying out the night and you don't want to take the entire kit, just pop out the chosen shade and you're good.
I'm really not bothered by this not having a mirror, I never use mirrors in palettes anyway, but I know for some of you it's a big negative.
I really love the gradient packing of the kit, and the gold text, but inside it just looks a little basic and 'meh,' but it is home to four beautiful highlighters so...not complaining.
For a cardboard product, this is heavier than I expected, it's heavier and larger than my ABH Contour Kit, but again I don't need to take my make up anywhere so that doesn't bother me. House hermit 4 lyf.

You can find the Glow Kits here in the UK for £39 on Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay. 

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