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I've been having acrylic nail extensions and gel for about a year now, and I finally made the choice to stop last week, I pulled my extensions off and well, what was underneath wasn't good. I started getting falsies well aware they would damage my nails, but they grow back right?
Since I've been feeling conscious and sad about not having my claws on, I thought it was a good time to purchase some new nail polishes- I usually go for Nails Inc but I can't afford £15 a bottle polishes at the moment, so I asked on Twitter and you told me Barry M was the best budget brand. (Although I still do want the entire Nails Inc Gel collection, because umpfh.)

My poor nails have been made very weak, they snapped away and bent backwards, so I purchased the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Treatment, £8.00. I've had a 'Maximum Growth' treatment from Sally Hansen before and it seemed to work quite well, but what I really need right now is strength, because even if they do grow back right now, they're still going to be like rubber. This can be used as a base coat or applied every other day on it's own, it's quite a thick consistency and has a pale/dusty pink colour to it.

I picked up four shades from Barry M, all from a different 'line,' I loved every shade and I definitley want to go back and buy some more, I really like the shades in the new Coconut Infused range. I was really impressed that a drugstore brand did both gel and matte polishes at such cheap prices, all the shades I picked up were around £4.00.

I always used to have my gel acrylics grey, so I had to pick up a grey named Chai (and they had it in gel! Bonus.) All the nostalgia.
I also once had my falsies white and despite everyone else's opinion, I bloody loved them. I was really pleasantly surprised to find a white, it's not gel but it's white and for £4 I can live with that.
The nude matte shade is named Vanilla and the final colour which I'm wearing on my nails at the moment is the Speedy Quick Dry in Need For Speed. This is without a doubt my favourite and I can't stop looking at it on my nails, very appropriate for this time of year. I needed two coats on top of my strengthening treatment, I didn't find it to be "speedy dry," but I only got it for the colour in the first place.

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