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Oh my God you guys I used a Lush bath bomb and didn't have a skin reaction! I used them religiously a few year back and had to stop because they started giving me rashes, but just out of the blue I picked one up that I really wanted to try out and guess what? Nothing. I could of been using these things all this time and I haven't? Damn sensitive skin. 
I tried popping in "The Experimenter" first in a bath with my boyfriend, I expected to come out mega itchy and red the next day but much to my surprise I hadn't reacted at all, BUZZING. 

So obviously I had to try another one because I'm sick of seeing all of these gorgeous bath photos and not being able to take them myself, and now they're going to take over my Instagram. 
A few days ago I then tried "Intergalactic." Oh my God what a fantastic show it put on, I'm so happy to able to watch it fizzle away into a thousand colours and be covered in glitter like the rest of you. 

I liked Intergalactic better than The Experimenter, despite the missing popping candy which is a fabulous idea. Now, I'm not a colourful person at all, in fact I avoid it as much as possible and I'd never be caught wearing it, but it looks effing gorgeous in bath water. 

I loved the array of bright and uplifting colours that flooded out of this magical little ball of mmm-ness, the main colour being a super vibrant fun blue that looks like hair dye. As it fizzes away, pink and yellow come pouring out too, but they seem to swim away to their own little area of the bath instead of mixing together. 
When I got into the bath, all of those colours disappeared somewhere and the water turned a really deep dark blue, almost black, like a really deep ocean or a premature night sky- mixed with a huge load of golden glitter, it really did look like space.

The downside? Cleaning the glitter out of the bath afterwards..

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  1. This is so beautiful! I don't have a bath in my house, but I will when I move out in August... Can't wait for a Lush haul!

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle


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