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coconut lane, mirrored sunglasses, marble, marble phone case, marble sunglasses

Coconut Lane seems to be the blogger favourite online store at the minute, offering prints that are very prop friendly and a lot of marble printed products that are very asthetically pleasing.
They recently extended their store and added "luxe" products, I'm not sure what makes these products luxe but there were a couple of marble things calling my name. (AND THEY MATCH.) I really look and feel like a blogger now with all my faux marble accessories, now I just need a Diptique candle and the Pretty Honest book. 

I'm loving this mirrored lens sunglasses trend that's going on right now, and my 2014 Topshop ones aren't cool anymore, so I've shamelessly jumped on the new bandwagon. These sunglasses are coated in a high quality marble pattern with golden accents. 
They're very much oversized, (even on my long head.) and cover quite a lot of face, which to me is a huge bonus because ew nobody needs to see that. I like to feel hidden behind my shades #SelfEsteemGoals. 

Say goodbye to my Popcorn Skinny Dip case and hola to this gold marble effect, the perfect match for my new shades. Much like the sunglasses, the case feels very sturdy and I'm confident if I drop my technology baby that she'll survive, whilst  also looking fabulous. 
My basket totalled £35.00 after using another bloggers 20% off code, (you can find these floating about Twitter everywhere.) 

My goodies came with a protective pink bag for my sunglasses and pastel green cloth, which is also really good for my phone screen too. I love that they added some pink feathers into my package because they're going to be a very handy blog photography prop! 

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