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It's that time of the month again, no, not that one, the better time of the month, or maybe it's both for you, I'm so sorry. I love favourites post time and this month I've fell back in love with some old favourites and started what is probably gonna be an endless love affair with a few new bits. I've got some make-up, some clothing, some nail bits and some skincare/make-up to chat about this month.

My ultimate love this month has been my new jumper from Lazy Oaf.
Lazy Oaf are an independent brand with their one and only shop being based in London's Carnaby Street, but luckily they are online too so I can still shop, not all of us are privileged enough to live in Landan. When I do go, I always visit Lazy Oaf and spend a bomb, on this occasion I only picked up the 'Lazy Oaf Hairy Cat Sweatshirt,' for £60.00.
They certainly don't stock the usual clothing that you'd find in Topshop or Zara etc, they focus on graphic prints and being a little weird, and I love it. They are expensive, but the pieces are only around for limited amounts of time and they don't come back! They are also amazing quality (obviously,) and they're just generally a lovely company- whoever runs all their social media is bomb. I've noticed Zoella has started to wear a lot from the brand, and pretty much whatever she wears sells out, which is a little annoying.
I adore my Hairy Cat Sweatshirt, it's super comfy and makes me feel really 'me,' and it's somewhere in-between casual and dressy, the fuzzy 'hair,' on the cat's is my favourite part.

I've been really sorting my make-up stash out because I'm moving house in a couple of weeks, and I totally forgot I had the NARS Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo and the Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Smoothing Primer. So obviously I had to use them again to see if they were worth taking with me or if they needed handing down/selling, and errrr my God. The golden shade in the eyeshadow duo is my perfect all over shade, I love a bronzey golden eye and this shadow is everything I wanted. I don't use the shade on the right because it's just not for me and it's too cool toned, but I'll be using the goldeny copper shade on the left a lot. It's so pigmented and silky, and it looks okay on its own or paired with a darker shade in the crease.
The primer didn't disappoint either, I heavily moisturized because I remembered this being thick and drying, and the finish it gave me was amazing. Photoshopped skin in a jar! It made my skin unbelievably smooth and 'bouncy,' as I like to call it, y'know, like a cushion? Pores? Gone, gone gone.

Last but certainly not least, a nail combo. The Sally Hansen Maximum Strength treatment has totally cured my nails, I had acrylics on for a year and when I eventually decided to stop getting them on, my nails underneath were horribly weak and damaged, this has brought them back to normal already and it's only been about two weeks! They really are going to be 'as hard as nails,' when I've finished with the whole bottle. To flaunt my once again healthy nails I've been obsessed with this nail varnish from Barry M, it's a gorgeous kind of in your face purple but it's still really suitable for Summer, it's unlike me to wear any other colour but grey, but I can't stop applying this. For a £4 product, the staying power is immense- I'm really impressed and I might have to stop buying high end nail polishes!



Since you all loved my Primer Edit post, where I basically talked about every primer I had and what they do etc, I thought I'd do the same with my foundations. Just for reference, I have quite dry skin and I'm extremely pale, I don't suffer with spots or oil. All of the foundations I'm talking about are high end, so if you're in the market for a new pricey base this might be the post for you. Oh, you might be here for a while as well...

Marc Jacobs Full Cover Concentrate - £37.00
The most high coverage and funnily the most expensive. I got this from Harrods (online,) who now stock the whole Marc Jacobs beauty range! I made an entire post about why this is my holy grail foundation and a lot of you seemed to be lusting over it, I assure you it is 100% worth the price tag. This is a high coverage foundation and amazing for bad skin days, there's nothing this won't hide. Despite the heavy coverage it doesn't look at all cakey, nor does it emphasize or effect my dry skin, which is very very rare with high coverage bases. When applied, it looks pretty dewy but as its blended and settled into the skin, you're left with quite a natural looking finish that's not too matte. I have the lightest shade and it's a perfect match for me. This is just flawless airbrushed skin in a bottle, just make sure you moisturize and prime if you do have dry skin like me, I actually use the matching coconut primer from Marc Jacobs underneath this, the coconut water makes it hydrating enough to keep this on my face all day comfortably, without caking or feeling tight. I also swoon over the packaging every time I use it, the applicator is so unique and innovative, the heavy glass bottle and silver accents make it look as expensive as it is. I always apply this with a damp Beauty Blender, or my Beauty Blender sprayed with a hydrating mist. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk - £37.00
This is such a well known and over hyped foundation from my point of view, yes it's nice, it's good, but it's not a staple for me and I wouldn't re-purchase. It's not very luminous or silky at all, in fact I find this makes my skin look quite dull and tired most of the time, it gives an almost matte finish that isn't silky at all. The coverage is medium which is perfect for me, but it's not very dry skin friendly. I find that I need a lot of product to get a decent and even cover, and sometimes it ends up looking very 'too much make-up on' like. If I have any redness, it won't cover it so I have to use extra concealer. It's a real hit and miss dependent upon which primer I've used and how my skin is on the said day. I apply this with a damp Beauty Blender and I'm pretty sure half of it stays in there...And when it's not being dry it's being sticky, almost too dewy that it's not nice, I find it hard to get my powder on top because the bristles just stick to my face!

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation - £36.00
One of the newer additions to both the beauty world and my stash, and this one actually does what it says on the tin. I totally trust Chanel base products, I'm yet to find something I don't love, and this didn't disappoint. This is a light to medium coverage foundation that will give you a natural looking faux healthy glow, although not completely dewy once settled and blended, it still looks luminous and really brightens my skin. This is a great one for dull skin that needs a bit of umpfh, especially since we're heading into Summer. Again I have the lightest shade, (10,) but I could do with it being even lighter to be honest, I still need to check for 'that' mark with this and blend it down my neck. It works well with my dry skin even if I haven't used a particularly hydrating primer, and of course it has that gorgeous signature Chanel foundation scent that I adore, it's very refreshing. I don't even really need under eye concealer with this. I've had similar foundations in the past that give a dewyish finish but end up emphasising pores or sliding off the skin in certain areas, but I haven't experienced either with this (so far.)

Givenchy Photo Perfexion - £34.00
Oh em gee this must of been made by God himself, ice never seen ANYONE talk about this stuff and I think you should all have it, I got this on a complete and utter whim without knowing anything about it, it was actually recommended by the assistant on the Givenchy counter. This is the only foundation I didn't do research on before buying, and rightly so, everything about it is perfect, I can't rave about it enough, it really is perfection. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this, nothing, and that's a real statement. Perfect medium but buildable coverage, amazing subtle scent, amazing staying power, great colour match, brightening, a little hydrating, everything. If I had to use one foundation for the rest of my life, it would be this without a doubt.

Givenchy Eclat Matissime - £34.00
Another star from Givenchy, this was a breakthrough for me. Dry skin + matte foundations = not a match, and usually should be avoided, not the case here. I can't believe this actually works for me, and so well too, in fact I'd go as far as saying it's one of my favorites. This will give you a light coverage of matte magic, although matte it still makes the skin look radiant and healthy, with zero cake or dryness. Of course, it's matte so the staying power is unbeatable- I never set this with powder but with a make up setting spray.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - £33.00
An oldie but a goodie, focus on the word 'aqua,' here because this foundation is as weightless and water like as it gets. I've already re-purchased this and it was my holy grail for such a long time, I can't quite express how much of a flawless finish this gives. First of all, it feels like absoultey nothing on the skin and it's really hydrating, second of all, a little goes a long way because it is so thin and watery (in a good way.) The finish is very natural as you guessed, extremely 'your skin but better,' like and despite it being light coverage, it really perfects the skin and evens it out amazingly. And of course, it has that signature Chanel foundation scent that just adds a little extra umpfh. I apply this just using my fingers usually, and I don't need any concealer as long as I have no hormonal blemishes popping up. I always set this with powder, usually a loose powder- but the glow and dewyness from the foundation still pokes through and gives an airbrushed look.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser - £29.50
This is my 'taking the dogs out,' 'popping down the doctors,' base of choice, for when I don't want to be wearing make-up but I still want my skin evened out and a little more perfected. For a tinted moisturiser, this gives great coverage and it being more moisture based, it's ideal for dry skin types. Yes it's pricey for what it is, but the bottle is pretty huge, it's lasted me a year and it's only half way through. Again, it lives up to it's name, it most certainly makes your skin look radiant and dewy- the perfect light Summer base for those with non problematic skin. I always feel like my skin is juicy when I wear this.

Too Faced Born This Way - £29.00

Definitely another case of bloggers made me buy it, but rightly so. This claims to be medium to full coverage that's undetectable on the skin. Some people really love this and others hate it, I fall in the middle, I just like it. I don't like the way it looks when first applied, but I love it once it's properly blended in and properly settled into the skin- I usually use a light layer to get a medium coverage. It gives a very soft focus finish, it almost makes my skin feel a little bouncy. A lot of people with oily skin really love this foundation, but I have dry skin and funnily enough it works amazingly for me. The only fault is although you can't see it so much on the skin, I can certainly feel it, it feels like you're wearing a high coverage foundation, and I prefer my face to feel light and comfortable, y'know so my pores can like, breathe.

Make Up Forever Ultra HD - £29.00
The newest to my stash, I literally reviewed this just two posts before this one and you can read the full review here. It's very much a rave review, thank you to all fellow beauty bloggers for making me buy it.

Next on my radar is the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, I've never tried a MAC foundation as I've always seen them as 12 year old girls who wear the wrong shade and wrong type kind of product, but recently I've been hearing good things! Let me know if you have any high end foundation recommendations that you think would suit dry skin!



I've been having acrylic nail extensions and gel for about a year now, and I finally made the choice to stop last week, I pulled my extensions off and well, what was underneath wasn't good. I started getting falsies well aware they would damage my nails, but they grow back right?
Since I've been feeling conscious and sad about not having my claws on, I thought it was a good time to purchase some new nail polishes- I usually go for Nails Inc but I can't afford £15 a bottle polishes at the moment, so I asked on Twitter and you told me Barry M was the best budget brand. (Although I still do want the entire Nails Inc Gel collection, because umpfh.)

My poor nails have been made very weak, they snapped away and bent backwards, so I purchased the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Treatment, £8.00. I've had a 'Maximum Growth' treatment from Sally Hansen before and it seemed to work quite well, but what I really need right now is strength, because even if they do grow back right now, they're still going to be like rubber. This can be used as a base coat or applied every other day on it's own, it's quite a thick consistency and has a pale/dusty pink colour to it.

I picked up four shades from Barry M, all from a different 'line,' I loved every shade and I definitley want to go back and buy some more, I really like the shades in the new Coconut Infused range. I was really impressed that a drugstore brand did both gel and matte polishes at such cheap prices, all the shades I picked up were around £4.00.

I always used to have my gel acrylics grey, so I had to pick up a grey named Chai (and they had it in gel! Bonus.) All the nostalgia.
I also once had my falsies white and despite everyone else's opinion, I bloody loved them. I was really pleasantly surprised to find a white, it's not gel but it's white and for £4 I can live with that.
The nude matte shade is named Vanilla and the final colour which I'm wearing on my nails at the moment is the Speedy Quick Dry in Need For Speed. This is without a doubt my favourite and I can't stop looking at it on my nails, very appropriate for this time of year. I needed two coats on top of my strengthening treatment, I didn't find it to be "speedy dry," but I only got it for the colour in the first place.



By now you probably know I sold my NARS Sheer Glow foundation because I just full on hated it, and obviously I had to replace it...can't be without 10 foundations. Nope.
I replaced Sheer Glow with the new foundation everyone's banging on about, hopefully this one would actually be worth the hype. I can confirm, this stuff is ama-zzzzzzzzing, well done bloggers, you did me well this time. I'm talking about the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation. 
I previously talked about how my all time favourite foundation is the Marc Jacobs Full Cover Concentrate, but this has gone above and beyond and set the bar even higher, this is everything I loved about the Marc Jacobs one and then some.

First of all, can we appreciate the absoultey huge colour range? There is literally a colour for everyone, no matter how white or dark or your undertone, there's one for you, in my case my perfect match was Alabaster. This is hands down the best colour match I've ever had in a foundation, and that's a lot of foundations I'm putting to shame- so if you're Snow White like me, this is going to be your new best friend. The world would be a much better place if every brand did such an extensive range of shades.

I found that on application I did need about 5 pumps of product to cover my whole face evenly, and this gave me a medium coverage, it definitley could of been built up to a high coverage but I really don't need high coverage right now, I guess I would of needed another 3 pumps to really mask my face.

After applying my primer, (Hourglass Mineral Veil,) I applied this with my Beauty Blender, (damp,) and did the usual hitting myself on the face motion to blend it in, which it did pretty quickly and evenly. It gave me a really undetectable flawless coverage, the foundation claims to give invisible coverage and that's exactly what it does, it didn't look like I had much foundation on at all, it looked very natural and second skin like.
I didn't need to apply any concealer, apart from a little to brighten my under eyes.

The foundation covered everything I wanted it to and more, it didn't cake on dryer areas despite not using a particularly hydrating primer, (and I have dry skin.) It wasn't at all patchy, drying or uncomfortable. The finish wasn't dewy nor matte, but somewhere in-between, they call it semi-matte or something right? I don't know, to me it was just flawless skin.

Without a doubt it stayed in place all day, it didn't melt when I got hot, and it didn't dry my skin out, it was very comfortable to wear, I pretty much felt bare faced. 

I can't recommend this stuff enough, it's easily my new number one and it totally lives up to the hype, unlike Sheer Glow. The only thing I can pick at is that it doesn't have any scent, I love my foundations to have a little tinge of something, I love Chanel for it's foundation scents, but this just had nothing, and I just really wanted it to smell nice.
The foundation is priced at £29.00, but I got it in the Debenhams sale for £26.00! So go and get it now. 



'High' school, (that's secondary school here,) was the worst five years of my life, and I say life because I really don't think I could ever go through anything again from now on that could make me feel so low and make me so unwell. I speak a lot about my mental health issues on my blog, and secondary school was definitely where they really began. I was bullied a little in primary school by one particular girl, so my confidence and self esteem was already pretty low anyway.
Before bullying began in primary school I was extremely out going, had a huge group of friends, I wasn't shy, I was sure of myself, I had a lot of confidence, it was amazing, I would do anything to have it all again.
Of course, being so young I didn't know what anxiety or depression or what mental health even was in primary school when I began to feel different, I remember becoming very withdrawn and shy, and this definitley started my phobia of people.

I went to secondary school and I'd lost that girl that bullied me in primary the years before, so I felt a lot safer and comfortable, I had my best friend of 5 years sat next to me and with me all day on my first day of secondary school. Her name was Katie, and she was my only light through all of this- she was so happy and positive to be around, she gave off such good vibes and I loved her madly. Still, I was still young here so I never spoke to Katie about how I was feeling, instead she saw that I'd self harmed for the first time.

I tried very hard in my first year of secondary school to get my old self back, I tried to be out going and confident but there was now hundreds of people in this school that would see me and have to accept me.
I started going through that scene/emo phase nearly everyone went through in my second year of school, and I think this was the first thing I was picked on for. I remember walking down the corridors everyday and being glared at, some people shouted things like, 'slit your wrists,' etc, one girl two years above me used to walk past me and shove me into walls and kick me. I was just trying to be who I wanted to be (at that point in my life,) but people at school taught me that I wasn't allowed to do that without being ridiculed, it was either be like everyone else, or be a total outcast that everyone was against.

Most of the girls in my year at this point were going through that stage of having fake designer bags and wearing false nails, and there I was, with my Lazy Oaf bag pack and my Dr Martens, I loved both of those things at the time, but everyone taught me that I couldn't love those things because it was wrong, I should of been doing what they were doing.
People used to humiliate me, I was so scared and intimidated by everyone, I never knew what anyone would do or say to me when I walked past them in a corridor, I knew everyone was different to me and the way I felt inside was extremely confusing, this was the loneliest time of my life. Nobody knew how I felt, nobody even really knew what was going on- I've only just started talking about this now, at 18.

I started self harming because I felt so horrible about myself, I didn't want to be on this planet because I was so alone in who I was and how I felt, everyone around me was happy and had friends and I was the outcast that didn't speak. I was never 100% about anyone, even if someone said they didn't hate me, I didn't believe it, I really kept myself to myself.
My first suicide attempt was surprisingly in year 10, when I realized that I wasn't 'okay' and the way I felt wasn't normal, and by this point I was more educated on mental health. I started seeing a counselor in year 9, but it didn't help, I had psychiatrists and CBT and now I'm on 3 different medications but nothing can reverse the years and years of psychological damage.

I was taught for so long that I am wrong. The person I am is wrong, is bad, is unworthy, I was taught that I should want to kill myself, that I didn't have friends, that nobody liked me. For the past six years I'd been damaged by the words and actions of other teenagers, and when I think about that today it makes me so angry.
What they did then, still affects me today. Thanks to them, I now have a phobia of people, going outside, I suffer with anxiety, depression and BDD. My life is still not normal, and I fear it never will be, because there's some deep damage that's been done, and I can't erase all them years from my mind.
I've totally lost myself, and it annoys me deeply that I now see those people on social media living a normal, happy, care free, mental health problem free life, with no idea what they've done.


Colour correcting seems to be the new "thing," I always had a little issue with redness on my face, probably due to the fact I'm pale and have sensitive skin. 90% of the time it's really calm and I use face masks to get rid, but at "that time of the month" my redness can really bother me, and for whatever reason my foundation just won't really even it out or sit nicely, so I end up adding a lot of concealer which isn't ideal, it's too expensive for that.

YSL have recently expanded on their Touche Éclat, (you all know what that is, if not, you've lived under a rock for 5 years.) Say hello to three new members of the family, Touche Éclat Correctors- in shades green, violet and peach. Obviously I purchased the green correcting wand because green targets redness and also helps conceal blemishes, and this was my first ever colour correcting product, at £25.00 I was expecting good things.
I still don't understand colour correcting, why do we need to spend more money on 3 more shades of concealer? We don't. It's just another 'thing,' and I think it's completely unnecessary. Your primer, foundation and concealer cover imperfections, evens skin tone etc, and if they don't you need a new base combination. Once your make up is finished, nobody knows you've colour corrected under all of it, and you probably won't look any different.

Of course me being me I still wanted to try these just because they're a new launch from one of my favourite beauty brands- I applied my moisturiser and primer and then I added this green concealer to a few spots I had at the time on my chin, around the corners of my nose and a little on my rosy cheeks. I blended the product in just using my ring finger, and it did blend very nicely and looked natural, redness did completely disappear and it didn't make my foundation go on any differently in those areas. (However, I did go downstairs at this point and my dad thought I was really poorly because my face had a green tinge.)

So, yes it gets rid of redness and helps cover blemishes, and it applies nicely to the skin, but I still think colour correcting products are unnecessary, I can only really see this being really helpful in Summer when you maybe just want to wear a tinted moisturiser. 



Today I finally sold on my bottle of Nars Sheer Glow, a foundation I purchased purely because of blogger hype. I had high expectations and tried to like it as much as everyone else does, but I just couldn't, it wouldn't work for me at all. I experimented with all of my primers but it still left me really let down, I really don't understand how so many people swear by this, I think it's horrible.
I love NARS as a brand, I have such a huge collection of their products and this is the only one I've been un-happy with, but after selling this I'll be trying the new Matte Skin Tint, hopefully that will perform a lot better for me.
Here's why I didn't like Sheer Glow...

1) Everyone says it's great for dry skin. I have dry skin, and it's not good at all. I had to load my face with moisture and a hydrating primer when I tried to make this work, and it still looked dry. My face looked dull and very dehydrated, and obviously felt extremely uncomfortable.

2) Blotchy, uneven, slides off certain patches of skin. Ew. It applies so awfully and uneven, the coverage builds very slightly but also rubs away, my skin seems to drink it up, by the end of the day I was left with half my face with no foundation left, and half looking caked and claggy.

3) Too much product is needed. If I even wanted to try and get a decent, even cover I had to pump and pump this because it soaks away into the skin. You'd go through this very quickly and it's not cheap to buy! I hate having too much foundation caked up, I want my pores to breathe please.

4) £30+ and no pump?! Not cool.



coconut lane, mirrored sunglasses, marble, marble phone case, marble sunglasses

Coconut Lane seems to be the blogger favourite online store at the minute, offering prints that are very prop friendly and a lot of marble printed products that are very asthetically pleasing.
They recently extended their store and added "luxe" products, I'm not sure what makes these products luxe but there were a couple of marble things calling my name. (AND THEY MATCH.) I really look and feel like a blogger now with all my faux marble accessories, now I just need a Diptique candle and the Pretty Honest book. 

I'm loving this mirrored lens sunglasses trend that's going on right now, and my 2014 Topshop ones aren't cool anymore, so I've shamelessly jumped on the new bandwagon. These sunglasses are coated in a high quality marble pattern with golden accents. 
They're very much oversized, (even on my long head.) and cover quite a lot of face, which to me is a huge bonus because ew nobody needs to see that. I like to feel hidden behind my shades #SelfEsteemGoals. 

Say goodbye to my Popcorn Skinny Dip case and hola to this gold marble effect, the perfect match for my new shades. Much like the sunglasses, the case feels very sturdy and I'm confident if I drop my technology baby that she'll survive, whilst  also looking fabulous. 
My basket totalled £35.00 after using another bloggers 20% off code, (you can find these floating about Twitter everywhere.) 

My goodies came with a protective pink bag for my sunglasses and pastel green cloth, which is also really good for my phone screen too. I love that they added some pink feathers into my package because they're going to be a very handy blog photography prop! 



Oh my God you guys I used a Lush bath bomb and didn't have a skin reaction! I used them religiously a few year back and had to stop because they started giving me rashes, but just out of the blue I picked one up that I really wanted to try out and guess what? Nothing. I could of been using these things all this time and I haven't? Damn sensitive skin. 
I tried popping in "The Experimenter" first in a bath with my boyfriend, I expected to come out mega itchy and red the next day but much to my surprise I hadn't reacted at all, BUZZING. 

So obviously I had to try another one because I'm sick of seeing all of these gorgeous bath photos and not being able to take them myself, and now they're going to take over my Instagram. 
A few days ago I then tried "Intergalactic." Oh my God what a fantastic show it put on, I'm so happy to able to watch it fizzle away into a thousand colours and be covered in glitter like the rest of you. 

I liked Intergalactic better than The Experimenter, despite the missing popping candy which is a fabulous idea. Now, I'm not a colourful person at all, in fact I avoid it as much as possible and I'd never be caught wearing it, but it looks effing gorgeous in bath water. 

I loved the array of bright and uplifting colours that flooded out of this magical little ball of mmm-ness, the main colour being a super vibrant fun blue that looks like hair dye. As it fizzes away, pink and yellow come pouring out too, but they seem to swim away to their own little area of the bath instead of mixing together. 
When I got into the bath, all of those colours disappeared somewhere and the water turned a really deep dark blue, almost black, like a really deep ocean or a premature night sky- mixed with a huge load of golden glitter, it really did look like space.

The downside? Cleaning the glitter out of the bath afterwards..



anastasia glow kit, that glow, highlighter kit, anastasia highlighters, swatches, abh glow kit swatches, anastasia beverly hills glow kit swatches,

Look at this and tell me you don't need it I dare you. Y'know what? You can't, you can't because anyone who is anyone and loves make up needs this palette in their stash.
The Champagne Pop hype has slowly died out and the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit's are the new 'thing.'
The Glow Kit's are available in two shade schemes, 'That Glow' which I have pictured above, and 'Gleam,' which features cooler toned, pinkyer shimmers.
I waited what seemed forever for these to be available in the UK, I was getting so impatient that I almost purchased it from Sephora with an extra twenty quid piled on for tax and shipping. but thankfully I didn't act on my impulse (for once,) and waited for Cult Beauty to tweet their release, I swear I've never clicked a link and put in purchase details so quickly. Sad.

The palette features four very generously sized pans filled with highly pigmented, smooth warm shimmers:
Golden Bronze, (which I've used as an eyeshadow...)
Bubbly, (my favourite)
and Dripping In Gold.
All of the shades are pretty intense, they certainly aren't a subtle, natural glow but more of a 'in your face,' thing. And y'know what? I love it, I don't care, I want to blind bitches with my highlight. Pack this everywhere, your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, brow bone, collar bones, yum.

I was very pleasantly surprised when this arrived and I saw just how big the pans were, (7.4g each,) they're pretty much a full sized pan that you'd get in a buy alone compact, so this thing will probably last forever. The pans, much like the Contour Kits are easy to remove and replace with a fresh load, or maybe you're travelling or staying out the night and you don't want to take the entire kit, just pop out the chosen shade and you're good.
I'm really not bothered by this not having a mirror, I never use mirrors in palettes anyway, but I know for some of you it's a big negative.
I really love the gradient packing of the kit, and the gold text, but inside it just looks a little basic and 'meh,' but it is home to four beautiful highlighters so...not complaining.
For a cardboard product, this is heavier than I expected, it's heavier and larger than my ABH Contour Kit, but again I don't need to take my make up anywhere so that doesn't bother me. House hermit 4 lyf.

You can find the Glow Kits here in the UK for £39 on Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay. 

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