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I always want things, it's sad but the thought of new make up being delivered can keep me awake at night- if somebody could just give me all the money so I could buy every new release that would make me very happy. I really don't need anymore make up probably for the next five years, but it makes me happy, it's my only hobby/interest and thing I'm good at... (I think,) and you can never have enough of what makes you happy! Plus the more I buy the more I can share my thoughts with you all.

Tarte just dropped their new Rainforest Of The Sea Collection and it's got me seriously swooning, that packaging sold me straight away and I'm getting so impatient waiting for it to launch on QVC UK at the end of March, I'll be sure to keep money aside before it sells out. No way am I paying those Sephora shipping and tax costs again.
The eyeshadow palette in the collection looks like it was made for me, it is literally calling my name, the browns, the nudes, the shimmer, it's me me me. I know I would be able to use every shade and Tarte's eyeshadows are a clear second favourite in my eyeshadow charts. (This is a mental list that actually exists.)
The foundation and concealer are all about hydration, which is exactly what I look for in a foundation because my skin is pretty dry, they also offer super pale shades so I can get a perfect match. When I do get my hands on this pair, It'll probably be my Summer base, light airy and glowy.
The last thing I want out of this collection is the Marine Boosting Setting Spray, and to be honest, even if this is no good, it's gonna look very pretty on my vanity. But again, it's all about the hydration with this so I imagine it'll be great for my high coverage or matte foundations.

There's so much rave about the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation and the matching concealer and I cannot ignore it anymore. Hopefully this hype won't let me down like the Nars Sheer Glow one did. Again, they offer a super light Alabaster shade which will be perfect for me. Since the Tarte concealer is more about brightening and not coverage I want this Make Up Forever one too, because since starting birth control pills I've noticed myself getting blemishes I wouldn't usually!
I never realized what a gigantic range of primers MUFE offered! I am the primer queen and we all know that now, so why hasn't anyone told me about all of these?! I need that redness correcting one for sure because my skin just aint my friend some days and I don't have a correcting primer- but I also want the smoothing one to help my pores.

A few things from Zoeva, first of all the Nude Spectrum Palette- Laura has me obsessing over this and I've been putting it off for ages, telling myself I don't need another nude based palette but fuck it, it's bloody gorgeous. Them golds and dark browns, mmmmm.
I'm desperate for some new eye brushes, my eye make up is my obsession so having an excessive amount of different shaped brushes is essential. I really want these two from Zoeva, the Eye Finish and Luxe Petit Crease. You can't go wrong with Zoeva brushes and they aren't expensive!

Last but certainly not least, I have been going crazy about the Anastasia Glow Kit on Twitter since it launched, it's still not available in the UK and it's killing me- it's all over my explore page on Insta and the swatches are insane, I keep tweeting BeautyBay and Cult Beauty but there's still no good news! I really don't wanna pay double the price from Sephora either.

What are you lusting after right now?

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