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Forget the Tangle Teezer, meet the Tangle Angel.* Say goodbye to no proper handle or grip, this is new bae.
First of all, have you ever seen a more gorgeous looking brush? No. It looks like a human sized Barbie brush so my inner child and girly girl get very excited. I was lucky enough to be sent the pink brush I wanted but they offer a range of colours.
There are a lot of Tangle Teezer wannabes out there, but this aint' one of them, in fact it's above it- I don't know why more people aren't going mad for these instead.

You have a gorgeous design, slick packaging, and the versatility of having both a handle and grip around the 'wings' if you'd rather use it that way.
Unlike the Tangle Teezer, this brush is heat resistant so it won't de-shape when used with a hairdryer- so you can get stop those knots we all get after a hefty blast from the dryer.
It also claims to have anti-bacterial bristles, I'm not entirely sure what this really means but it can't be a bad thing right?
The bristles are flexible and feel a lot less rough than those on a TT, they bend around with ease and are really gentle on the hair- perfect for my hair extensions. Last but certainly not least, yet another property of these bristles are that they are anti-static, goodbye fly aways and fine hairs sticking to my brush during a blowdry.

Not only is there a gorgeous selection of colours from metallic blues to black, but they also offer different 'models' of the brush. This Xtreme model* (£18.95.) was recommended to me because I wear hair extensions. Or, you can buy the original for £14, or maybe you fancy a mini version to pop in your handbag, they even design them for pets! (They have a really cute paw print design.)

've been really enjoying using this product and I highly recommend it to anyone with hair extensions, hard to handle, and thick, long locks. You can shop them from the website directly or on LookFantastic. 

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