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There's a few brushes from NARS lurking around my dressing table, 5 to be presice, all of which are mini's, bought with discount or gifted for Christmas. Much like the cosmetics, the brushes don't come cheap- the two most talked about brushes are around the £42 mark, which is pretty insane considering you could get a full Zoeva set  for the same price tag. 
But of course there's no point buying expensive make up if you don't have the right tools to apply it, so that's me justifying these. 
I've noticed recently that my Zoeva brushes are becoming extremely rough, and hairs are sticking out all over the place, where as my NARS brushes which I've had for a longer amount of time are still in great condition.

My mini Ita Brush is my favourite tool for contouring, and I'll definitley eventually buy the full sized when I don't need a million other things. The Ita is amazing for a very defined, sharp and obvious contour. It picks up the ideal amount of product and applies the product to your cheekbones in a diffused fashion, it also perfectly fits into the hollows. An Ita Brush would set me back a whopping £43, I'm so happy I got this miniature with my Laguna Bronzer.
I'd say if you can afford it, and you genuinely have money to spare, and you love contouring, it's worth it. It's an everyday tool for me that makes the job quick and easy so I can totally justify a purchase, right?

I have the full sized Diffusing Brush and Contour Brush, priced at £26 and £32. 
The diffusing brush is supposed to be for eyeshadow, but it's way too big in my opinion and there's no way of using this on the eyes and getting a good result, so I use it for matte highlight after contour to sharpen the lines up, and to apply yellow powder under my eyes.
The contour brush is my brush of choice for a softer contour on my cheekbones and to apply bronzer to my temples/forehead area, this is a very soft, fluffy brush but it's shaped perfectly for cheekbones. However, I've had this for around two year now and I've noticed hairs starting to sparse out and fall out onto my face.

Save or splurge? Splurge for sure if you're in budget to spend that amount of money on a brush. The quality is way beyond my other brushes.

Have you tired any tools from NARS?

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