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So I was complaining on Twitter (as usual,) about the price of the newest 'must have' razor, the Venus Ball or whatever it's called, the replacement heads are twenty pound! No thank you. And that was when Friction Free Shaving wanted to lend me a hand.
Friction Free Shaving are a brand that specialize in ensuring you always get the best shave, irritation and cut free by sending out the razor and blades to you, with a reminder to change your head every week. This is a subscription service, and a great, well priced one at that. Starting from £3 a month, you can get your razor and replacement heads to last you the month posted straight to you, (and it's in a letterbox friendly size, so there's no need to be home waiting for it!) Oh and the postage is free!
I know I'm not the only one guilty of using the same blades for weeks and ending up with little red spots on my legs- this solves the problem.

Friction Free
offer a choice of razors in slightly different price brackets, I chose the 'Frankie' model*, purely if I'm honest because it's pink. Frankie* comes with a 3 blade head, but there's also Samantha with a 5 blade head and Faye with 2. Frankie costs only £5 a month,
I've been really loving it so far, the flexible head makes doing my armpits so much easier- and the major break through is that I can do my knees without slicing them up. TMI, but the flexibility is very handy when doing downstairs too...
I've experienced no irritation and the results are super smooth.
For the price, the razor looks much more expensive, it feels pretty heavy and weighted and the heads are super easy to replace. It's just a matter of click and pull.

Friction Free are a one of a kind monthly subscription provider, it's affordable, helpful and keeps your bits in pristine smooth condition. It's a genius idea and one every woman should have.
You can visit the website here to find out more and choose your 'shaviour.'

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