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Since I haven't really had any stand out products in March I thought I'd twist up my usual loves post and fill you in with things I've been loving that aren't materialistic. Yes, I am capable of loving more than lipstick. Here's what's made me happy this month...

If you aren't yet following Caitlin and her blog, (through the mirror.) why? She's been my firm favourite this month, her daily periscopes brighten my boring days and she provides me with much needed company and entertainment, even if it is online. She works really hard on her blog and it pays off, her photography and organisation skills are ultimate goals. She's also extremely down to earth and a lot like me because of where we live. I'm sure I'll continue to love her past March!

Buffer! This is a website/mobile app for scheduling posts, I've been using it solely for Twitter to promote posts and my blog etc. I hate scheduling tweets and I very rarely do it, but having this app on my phone makes it a lot easier and quicker- now I'm scheduling pretty much everyday and it feels GOOD. It allows you to set the times you want to post a Tweet, (it also tells you the most popular times, very helpful!) Not only that but it gives you stats from your scheduled Tweets so you know who's interacting with what at what times. The app is so handy for when I'm lying in bed and just can't sleep, social media is dead, so schedule tweets, why not?

Watching Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway with Callum. I live for weekends when Callum moves into my house, Saturday night means takeaway and Ant & Dec, we always snuggle up in PJ's with my fluffy throw and watch it. 

Coffee. I stopped drinking this for such a long time, but this month I've totally fallen in love with caffeine rush again, I crave my morning coffee and it gives me such a buzz to get blog work done! (Writing this post mid-coffee.) It has to be Nescafé Gold or Douwe Egberts Espresso.

Getting flowers.
You know you're really adulting and turning into a real woman when you just want someone to show appreciation and buy you flowers. I bloody love Tulips and my parents got me a bouquet of them for Easter, they are looking gorgeous and really brightening up my mood and my bedroom! Also, blog prop!

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