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Sooo, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll probably know that I got engaged at the beginning of the month and finally got my ring this weekend! Maybe this is the start of things looking up for me, (I hope.)
So in honor of the occasion I thought it would be fun to put up a more lifestyle'y, not so serious, lighthearted, relateable post. (It's also a little TMI.)
When you're with someone and you spend a lot time with them, things change and of course a relationship isn't going to stay at that awkward trying to impress stage for long, my fiance is my best friend and I sit and laugh about how we were when we first met/got together. I've known my other half for about three years now and there's nothing he hasn't really seen, I'll try and keep this as PG as possible. 

1. Sex. When you first get together, he's all over you, constantly wanting to be in your bed. Now, we lie and argue about who's 'doing the work.' We're both super lazy and we usually blackmail or bribe one another into doing the work, we're now in a 'take turns' routine.

2. Sex gets casual. At first we used to really awkwardly and slowly turn each other on for half an hour without speaking or looking at each other- now it's a case of me saying 'I want sex, give me it' and then talking about what we're going to do. But we'lll probably have a nap first.

3. A long time ago, I wouldn't dream of letting him see me walking around fully naked without a fake tan and perfectly shaved bald bits- now we have baths and showers together, and he sits in the bath whilst I shave...he's even shared my razor.

4. "You can use my toothbrush, you kiss me so it's just the same." Right?

5. If I need to 'release wind' or burp, I'm going to do it. No more hiding it or holding it in until I go home. Infact, me and my other half have farting and burping competitions. Even in public.

6. Period? So what. Now we've been together a while I'll shamelessly advertise that I'm bleeding from the womb and change my tampon infront of him, and he'll even throw the packet away for me. Period pants? Sexy. You're going to sleep next to me wearing these tonight, yum.

7. Remember when I did all my hair and make up to impress you? Bugger that, I can't be bothered. 95% of the time we're together I'm in Disney pyjamas and have no make up on, sometimes no deodorant. 

8. Oh you've got a spot? Let me pop that for you.

9. Picking dandruff out of each others hair, checking each others noses for bogies, checking each others ears for wax and dry skin. Let me get that out for you...

10. Morning breath kisses are now my favourite ones. Yes your breath stinks, but good morning.

11. Sweaty armpits? I would of ended this a while ago if I smelt those bad boys. Now it's a case of, 'mmm let me cuddle into you, I love your natural aromas.' 

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  1. Omg, yes I can relate to most of these! Me & my boyfriend have been together 4 years this year. Congrats on your engagement girl! xx


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