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I spent a lot of money on make up before blogging, but now that amount has probably doubled. It's impossible to scroll through all the posts everyday full of new launches and rave reviews and not want to buy anything, although I don't easily give into hypes, there are a few products in my stash that you all definitley made me buy.

First of all of course it's Nars Sheer Glow, wow, what a regret. You all loved this stuff and everyone still does, and quite honestly I'm baffled as to how I can hate it so much and everyone else can swear by it. I never ever use this foundation anymore, you all told me it was amazing and it's probably the worst beauty product I've ever spent over 30 pounds on- that hurts. I've tried it with different primers, moisturisers, application methods, and it's still gross.

You all went mad for Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, it was around this time last year the craze really began, (not that it's really ended.) And rightly so. This stuff was so worth all the hype and it's now a necessity in my everyday make up. I purchased my pot a very long time ago and it's still going strong, if you still haven't got this, WHY!?

Those Rose Golden Zoeva Brushes everyone was swooning over? I got them too. Not only did bloggers make me buy this set in particular, but blogging introduced me to this brand all together- I didn't really know it existed when I first started out. Zoeva is now my go-to brush brand and the eye set I purchased is essential to my routine, the brushes are so worth the hype especially for the price.

Oh Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad, how I regret you too. I saw you all raving about the Dolce Vita quad and we all know eyeshadow palettes are my ultimate weakness- so of course I had to have one but I purchased the 'Rock Chic' quad and after using it twice I've literally never looked at it again. It stays well at the bottom of my mountain of palettes. Not only do all the pans fall out of the compact but the shades just aren't for me, they're way too cool toned- the swatches on her website were extremely mis-leading!

It's that blusher that looks gorgeous in everyone's flat lays, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I'm really not big on blush, I rarely use it and rarely look at it and think, 'oh my god, I need that!' However this stunning piece of eye candy from Hourglass couldn't get past me. No matter how much I didn't wear blush didn't matter, I just wanted it to look at. Saying that, I do use this sometimes and it's my 'go to' because the formula is amazing. Hourglass powders are all so finely milled and gorgeous and they're definitley worth the hype.

Last but certainly not least, the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. Again, I didn't know this brand existed until you all started raving about this powder as well as the Candlelight highlight, (which I still need.) Without a doubt this is my favourite contouring product ever, the formula and texture is such a stand out and it's really like no other in my stash. The shade is so perfect, it's got the right balance of tone and pigmentation, it blends absoultey amazingly and gives an over all seamless contour that looks very Kim K.

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