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I have such a love affair with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, they are my ultimate go to product for a perfect matte nude lip that's going to last all day. When I heard NYX were releasing a whole range of liquid lipsticks in nude shades I was all over it, I waited what seemed forever for them to be brought to the UK and got myself on the Boots waiting list. Compared to the Soft Matte Lip Creams, everything is just bigger, the tube it's self is bigger and heavier, the doe foot applicator is bigger and the wand is bigger, the price tag is also £1 bigger.

I got myself three NYX Lip Lingerie's but now I'm keen to get the entire range, the shades range from pinky nudes to browns, the shades I chose were: Push Up, Corset and Baby Doll. (Love the names too.) I went for warmy toned nudes and an almost brown. (Channeling that Kylie Lip Kit True Brown K.)

I've actually been dreading trying to write this post because the formula of these have thrown me, and I just don't really know how to describe it. It's sort of, the slight stickiness of a lip gloss combined with the slight dryness of a MAC matte lipstick, so, it's not really sticky or really drying, but there's 'elements' of both. I don't hate it but I don't love it, I'm very much on the fence about the texture, it's unlike any lip product I've tried before.

Application is just, weird. The applicator is too long and too skinny and it makes the process unnecessarily faffy, and I think it's the bad applicator that makes the texture feel worse, unlike the other NYX applicators, it just doesn't have that fluffiness or bounce that makes the colour feel like a hug on the lips.
Once applied, the product is best described feeling like a dry gel, it has a slight tackiness you'd expect from a cheap lip gloss but it's also semi matte and therefore semi drying too, it really is a strange combination. But having said that, that 'tacky' side of the formula means that after a few hours my lips don't feel like the Sahara Desert, and then the matte side means it has very impressive staying power for a £6 lip product.
The pigmentation is a little less than what you get with the Lip Creams, I do find that I need to re-dip the applicator and do a few coatings for a good, even coverage.

I don't mean to sound negative about these because I do really like them, but they're just so strange, but kind of a good strange? I mean, the shade range was enough to sell them to me, ALL DEM NUDES.



Since I haven't really had any stand out products in March I thought I'd twist up my usual loves post and fill you in with things I've been loving that aren't materialistic. Yes, I am capable of loving more than lipstick. Here's what's made me happy this month...

If you aren't yet following Caitlin and her blog, (through the mirror.) why? She's been my firm favourite this month, her daily periscopes brighten my boring days and she provides me with much needed company and entertainment, even if it is online. She works really hard on her blog and it pays off, her photography and organisation skills are ultimate goals. She's also extremely down to earth and a lot like me because of where we live. I'm sure I'll continue to love her past March!

Buffer! This is a website/mobile app for scheduling posts, I've been using it solely for Twitter to promote posts and my blog etc. I hate scheduling tweets and I very rarely do it, but having this app on my phone makes it a lot easier and quicker- now I'm scheduling pretty much everyday and it feels GOOD. It allows you to set the times you want to post a Tweet, (it also tells you the most popular times, very helpful!) Not only that but it gives you stats from your scheduled Tweets so you know who's interacting with what at what times. The app is so handy for when I'm lying in bed and just can't sleep, social media is dead, so schedule tweets, why not?

Watching Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway with Callum. I live for weekends when Callum moves into my house, Saturday night means takeaway and Ant & Dec, we always snuggle up in PJ's with my fluffy throw and watch it. 

Coffee. I stopped drinking this for such a long time, but this month I've totally fallen in love with caffeine rush again, I crave my morning coffee and it gives me such a buzz to get blog work done! (Writing this post mid-coffee.) It has to be Nescafé Gold or Douwe Egberts Espresso.

Getting flowers.
You know you're really adulting and turning into a real woman when you just want someone to show appreciation and buy you flowers. I bloody love Tulips and my parents got me a bouquet of them for Easter, they are looking gorgeous and really brightening up my mood and my bedroom! Also, blog prop!



Sooo, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll probably know that I got engaged at the beginning of the month and finally got my ring this weekend! Maybe this is the start of things looking up for me, (I hope.)
So in honor of the occasion I thought it would be fun to put up a more lifestyle'y, not so serious, lighthearted, relateable post. (It's also a little TMI.)
When you're with someone and you spend a lot time with them, things change and of course a relationship isn't going to stay at that awkward trying to impress stage for long, my fiance is my best friend and I sit and laugh about how we were when we first met/got together. I've known my other half for about three years now and there's nothing he hasn't really seen, I'll try and keep this as PG as possible. 

1. Sex. When you first get together, he's all over you, constantly wanting to be in your bed. Now, we lie and argue about who's 'doing the work.' We're both super lazy and we usually blackmail or bribe one another into doing the work, we're now in a 'take turns' routine.

2. Sex gets casual. At first we used to really awkwardly and slowly turn each other on for half an hour without speaking or looking at each other- now it's a case of me saying 'I want sex, give me it' and then talking about what we're going to do. But we'lll probably have a nap first.

3. A long time ago, I wouldn't dream of letting him see me walking around fully naked without a fake tan and perfectly shaved bald bits- now we have baths and showers together, and he sits in the bath whilst I shave...he's even shared my razor.

4. "You can use my toothbrush, you kiss me so it's just the same." Right?

5. If I need to 'release wind' or burp, I'm going to do it. No more hiding it or holding it in until I go home. Infact, me and my other half have farting and burping competitions. Even in public.

6. Period? So what. Now we've been together a while I'll shamelessly advertise that I'm bleeding from the womb and change my tampon infront of him, and he'll even throw the packet away for me. Period pants? Sexy. You're going to sleep next to me wearing these tonight, yum.

7. Remember when I did all my hair and make up to impress you? Bugger that, I can't be bothered. 95% of the time we're together I'm in Disney pyjamas and have no make up on, sometimes no deodorant. 

8. Oh you've got a spot? Let me pop that for you.

9. Picking dandruff out of each others hair, checking each others noses for bogies, checking each others ears for wax and dry skin. Let me get that out for you...

10. Morning breath kisses are now my favourite ones. Yes your breath stinks, but good morning.

11. Sweaty armpits? I would of ended this a while ago if I smelt those bad boys. Now it's a case of, 'mmm let me cuddle into you, I love your natural aromas.' 



There's a few brushes from NARS lurking around my dressing table, 5 to be presice, all of which are mini's, bought with discount or gifted for Christmas. Much like the cosmetics, the brushes don't come cheap- the two most talked about brushes are around the £42 mark, which is pretty insane considering you could get a full Zoeva set  for the same price tag. 
But of course there's no point buying expensive make up if you don't have the right tools to apply it, so that's me justifying these. 
I've noticed recently that my Zoeva brushes are becoming extremely rough, and hairs are sticking out all over the place, where as my NARS brushes which I've had for a longer amount of time are still in great condition.

My mini Ita Brush is my favourite tool for contouring, and I'll definitley eventually buy the full sized when I don't need a million other things. The Ita is amazing for a very defined, sharp and obvious contour. It picks up the ideal amount of product and applies the product to your cheekbones in a diffused fashion, it also perfectly fits into the hollows. An Ita Brush would set me back a whopping £43, I'm so happy I got this miniature with my Laguna Bronzer.
I'd say if you can afford it, and you genuinely have money to spare, and you love contouring, it's worth it. It's an everyday tool for me that makes the job quick and easy so I can totally justify a purchase, right?

I have the full sized Diffusing Brush and Contour Brush, priced at £26 and £32. 
The diffusing brush is supposed to be for eyeshadow, but it's way too big in my opinion and there's no way of using this on the eyes and getting a good result, so I use it for matte highlight after contour to sharpen the lines up, and to apply yellow powder under my eyes.
The contour brush is my brush of choice for a softer contour on my cheekbones and to apply bronzer to my temples/forehead area, this is a very soft, fluffy brush but it's shaped perfectly for cheekbones. However, I've had this for around two year now and I've noticed hairs starting to sparse out and fall out onto my face.

Save or splurge? Splurge for sure if you're in budget to spend that amount of money on a brush. The quality is way beyond my other brushes.

Have you tired any tools from NARS?



Get ready for some serious enabling, if you're like 2014 me and you're still just staring at these instead of buying one, then, well...(can't think of anything witty to finish that with.)
If I had to use one powder formulation for the rest of my life, it would be the one from Hourglass, this isn't one of those products that look amazing but don't perform amazing- in my eyes Hourglass can do no wrong with their powders. My collection definitley needs expanding but that's some pricey shopping.
The same amazing formula is present in every powder product, the face powders, blushers, bronzers and new strobing shades. It's very light weight, it doesn't enhance my dry skin or make me look too matte and ill.

In the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette I bought myself with my tax rebate, (remember when I was employed lol.) are three of the all over face powders, which to me are the stand out product of the bunch. They are unique to any other powder and totally worth the money, I find that they add just the right amount of matte to my make up, don't make me look cakey, add a tint of radiance and a healthy glow, as well as blurring imperfections. Iridescent light and Diffused Light are perfect for my pale skin, they don't add any extra pigment. Iridescent light is particularly helpful if i'm wearing a matte foundation and my skin needs an extra little life- it has a very discreet pearly glisten to it that would probably also work as a very subtle highlighter. Diffused Light is a yellow toned powder perfect for setting all my make up in place and softening my complexion.

Their new Ambient Strobing Powders are no step down, I picked mine up in the shade Incandescent Strobe Light but my God do I want the entire collection now I've tried this. This shade gaves off the most gorgeous, pearly glow and glisten on the cheekbones, it's not too in your face but it's totally recognizable. This has quickly become my new favourite 'everyday' highlight, and swapping to Champagne Pop for more drama at night. The highlight is extremely finely milled and does not emphasize my pores even in harsh light.

It's those blushers, those pools of mixed pigment that are featured in every big beauty bloggers flat lays. The Ambient Lighting Blushers are a mix of pigment and lighting powder. I have the shades Mood Exposure, Incandescent Electra (singular pan) and Luminous Flush. They give such a radiant, dimensional finish to the skin, they don't just add colour to the apples of your cheeks, but they add a glow to your cheekbones. Said to be infused with 'Photoluminescent Technology.' these blushers are designed to not look 'flat' like your regular blusher. To touch, the blush is like silk- whilst also looking drop dead gorgeous of course.

Finally, the Luminous Bronze Light bronzing powders. (so far) there are only two shades of this bronzer, both of which are too orangey toned for my fair skin. However, this is a gorgeous all over bronzer for giving you that 2 weeks away in Dubai look with a little extra umpfh. The bronzer has a light dusting of shimmer which adds that extra glowyness to your fake holiday skin.

These powders don't come cheap, but if you're in the market for a new high end product and still haven't experienced the magic of this formulation, do it now. I can't wait to see what's next!



Forget the Tangle Teezer, meet the Tangle Angel.* Say goodbye to no proper handle or grip, this is new bae.
First of all, have you ever seen a more gorgeous looking brush? No. It looks like a human sized Barbie brush so my inner child and girly girl get very excited. I was lucky enough to be sent the pink brush I wanted but they offer a range of colours.
There are a lot of Tangle Teezer wannabes out there, but this aint' one of them, in fact it's above it- I don't know why more people aren't going mad for these instead.

You have a gorgeous design, slick packaging, and the versatility of having both a handle and grip around the 'wings' if you'd rather use it that way.
Unlike the Tangle Teezer, this brush is heat resistant so it won't de-shape when used with a hairdryer- so you can get stop those knots we all get after a hefty blast from the dryer.
It also claims to have anti-bacterial bristles, I'm not entirely sure what this really means but it can't be a bad thing right?
The bristles are flexible and feel a lot less rough than those on a TT, they bend around with ease and are really gentle on the hair- perfect for my hair extensions. Last but certainly not least, yet another property of these bristles are that they are anti-static, goodbye fly aways and fine hairs sticking to my brush during a blowdry.

Not only is there a gorgeous selection of colours from metallic blues to black, but they also offer different 'models' of the brush. This Xtreme model* (£18.95.) was recommended to me because I wear hair extensions. Or, you can buy the original for £14, or maybe you fancy a mini version to pop in your handbag, they even design them for pets! (They have a really cute paw print design.)

've been really enjoying using this product and I highly recommend it to anyone with hair extensions, hard to handle, and thick, long locks. You can shop them from the website directly or on LookFantastic. 



I always want things, it's sad but the thought of new make up being delivered can keep me awake at night- if somebody could just give me all the money so I could buy every new release that would make me very happy. I really don't need anymore make up probably for the next five years, but it makes me happy, it's my only hobby/interest and thing I'm good at... (I think,) and you can never have enough of what makes you happy! Plus the more I buy the more I can share my thoughts with you all.

Tarte just dropped their new Rainforest Of The Sea Collection and it's got me seriously swooning, that packaging sold me straight away and I'm getting so impatient waiting for it to launch on QVC UK at the end of March, I'll be sure to keep money aside before it sells out. No way am I paying those Sephora shipping and tax costs again.
The eyeshadow palette in the collection looks like it was made for me, it is literally calling my name, the browns, the nudes, the shimmer, it's me me me. I know I would be able to use every shade and Tarte's eyeshadows are a clear second favourite in my eyeshadow charts. (This is a mental list that actually exists.)
The foundation and concealer are all about hydration, which is exactly what I look for in a foundation because my skin is pretty dry, they also offer super pale shades so I can get a perfect match. When I do get my hands on this pair, It'll probably be my Summer base, light airy and glowy.
The last thing I want out of this collection is the Marine Boosting Setting Spray, and to be honest, even if this is no good, it's gonna look very pretty on my vanity. But again, it's all about the hydration with this so I imagine it'll be great for my high coverage or matte foundations.

There's so much rave about the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation and the matching concealer and I cannot ignore it anymore. Hopefully this hype won't let me down like the Nars Sheer Glow one did. Again, they offer a super light Alabaster shade which will be perfect for me. Since the Tarte concealer is more about brightening and not coverage I want this Make Up Forever one too, because since starting birth control pills I've noticed myself getting blemishes I wouldn't usually!
I never realized what a gigantic range of primers MUFE offered! I am the primer queen and we all know that now, so why hasn't anyone told me about all of these?! I need that redness correcting one for sure because my skin just aint my friend some days and I don't have a correcting primer- but I also want the smoothing one to help my pores.

A few things from Zoeva, first of all the Nude Spectrum Palette- Laura has me obsessing over this and I've been putting it off for ages, telling myself I don't need another nude based palette but fuck it, it's bloody gorgeous. Them golds and dark browns, mmmmm.
I'm desperate for some new eye brushes, my eye make up is my obsession so having an excessive amount of different shaped brushes is essential. I really want these two from Zoeva, the Eye Finish and Luxe Petit Crease. You can't go wrong with Zoeva brushes and they aren't expensive!

Last but certainly not least, I have been going crazy about the Anastasia Glow Kit on Twitter since it launched, it's still not available in the UK and it's killing me- it's all over my explore page on Insta and the swatches are insane, I keep tweeting BeautyBay and Cult Beauty but there's still no good news! I really don't wanna pay double the price from Sephora either.

What are you lusting after right now?



I love me some 3 for 2 shopping at Boots, (who doesn't?) it's such a good opportunity to try out new products and re-purchase regulars. You're getting your third product free, can't complain. (As well as racking up points, oooo more free things!) I say things, I currently stand with seven pounds worth of points on my card. Hair dye, anyone?

I re-purchased an oldie but a goodie from Doves hair therapy range, the Intensive Repair Leave In Conditioner. I use this pretty much everyday and the bottles almost empty now, but it's just such a good, easy quick fix and freshen up. To be honest my hair is pretty much dead, it's full of split ends, constantly hit with heat and hair dye, sorry, hair. I have extensions stuck into my hair too so I have a lot of it to take care of, but lets be real, most of the time I don't. When I buy something nice for my hair it probably jumps with joy and thinks it's Christmas. I didn't just buy it 1 leave in treat, but two. The second bottle of hair food I picked up was from Lee Stafford's new CoCo LoCo range. Unf this stuff is like sex for the hair, it smells so damn good and gives so much shine and hydration to my abused locks. If it doesn't actually do any good, at least my hair smells like a sweet shop in Ibiza, (even though the scent makes my neck really itchy.)

I should of been using heat protection a long time ago, especially when I'm paying £300 for hair extensions, I finally realized I needed some and went for the Elnett Volume Booster. I can get heat protection and some life in my hair in one product? Sold. I can't really look into the cells of my hair and tell you if this is doing any good at protecting my lengths from the 230 degree flat iron but I can tell you it definitley gives me hair an extra little umpfh, which it 110 percent needed. Not big on the smell of this stuff, reminds me of stale urine in public toilets, yum.

Also along the umpfh lines I wanted to try some of Batiste's new products, like every other female I rely on their dry shampoo heavily, so they couldn't really go wrong with anything else right? Wrong. I thought the XXL Volume Spray would be life changing but it's just not nice, (packaging, deceiving.) First of all, it leaves that cloud semen white powder all over my hair worse than the dry shampoo does...and my hair is black. And sorry but it feels like that too, it makes all my hair stick together in dry, tight waxy clumps. Yes, the clumps do make my hair fatter and therefore more 'voluminous' but it's the sort of thing you can't wait to wash out. Flat hair > sticky hair.

A product I bought and actually have nothing to complain about (not even writing this at my time of the month,) was the Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion with Shea Butter. I moisturize my body everyday after a bath and it still gets dry so I need a deep, mega hydrating cream and this did the job whilst also making me smell lovely. It was also a treat to my bank account not buying £20 moisturiser from Lush for a few weeks.



I spent a lot of money on make up before blogging, but now that amount has probably doubled. It's impossible to scroll through all the posts everyday full of new launches and rave reviews and not want to buy anything, although I don't easily give into hypes, there are a few products in my stash that you all definitley made me buy.

First of all of course it's Nars Sheer Glow, wow, what a regret. You all loved this stuff and everyone still does, and quite honestly I'm baffled as to how I can hate it so much and everyone else can swear by it. I never ever use this foundation anymore, you all told me it was amazing and it's probably the worst beauty product I've ever spent over 30 pounds on- that hurts. I've tried it with different primers, moisturisers, application methods, and it's still gross.

You all went mad for Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, it was around this time last year the craze really began, (not that it's really ended.) And rightly so. This stuff was so worth all the hype and it's now a necessity in my everyday make up. I purchased my pot a very long time ago and it's still going strong, if you still haven't got this, WHY!?

Those Rose Golden Zoeva Brushes everyone was swooning over? I got them too. Not only did bloggers make me buy this set in particular, but blogging introduced me to this brand all together- I didn't really know it existed when I first started out. Zoeva is now my go-to brush brand and the eye set I purchased is essential to my routine, the brushes are so worth the hype especially for the price.

Oh Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad, how I regret you too. I saw you all raving about the Dolce Vita quad and we all know eyeshadow palettes are my ultimate weakness- so of course I had to have one but I purchased the 'Rock Chic' quad and after using it twice I've literally never looked at it again. It stays well at the bottom of my mountain of palettes. Not only do all the pans fall out of the compact but the shades just aren't for me, they're way too cool toned- the swatches on her website were extremely mis-leading!

It's that blusher that looks gorgeous in everyone's flat lays, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I'm really not big on blush, I rarely use it and rarely look at it and think, 'oh my god, I need that!' However this stunning piece of eye candy from Hourglass couldn't get past me. No matter how much I didn't wear blush didn't matter, I just wanted it to look at. Saying that, I do use this sometimes and it's my 'go to' because the formula is amazing. Hourglass powders are all so finely milled and gorgeous and they're definitley worth the hype.

Last but certainly not least, the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. Again, I didn't know this brand existed until you all started raving about this powder as well as the Candlelight highlight, (which I still need.) Without a doubt this is my favourite contouring product ever, the formula and texture is such a stand out and it's really like no other in my stash. The shade is so perfect, it's got the right balance of tone and pigmentation, it blends absoultey amazingly and gives an over all seamless contour that looks very Kim K.



I never thought I'd see the day that Lush products were a necessity in my daily routine. Having avoided the store for years because of my weirdly sensitive skin, I've now fallen in love with their skincare. There are three products in particular that I keep re purchasing, because I feel like my skin just can't function without them.

I've always been very picky with my exfoliators and for years I stuck to cream products such as the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, it was super gentle and had no harsh grains to make my skin red raw. Somehow, I've converted to the Lush Cup O'Coffee exfoliating mask- so much that I purchased the huge tub. It's the opposite to what I've usually always opted for, it's packed with harsh grains that really give a micro abrasion type of effect. It's also obviously a huge bonus it smells of coffee because I do love ma coffee.

To really freshen and wake up my skin when it's looking or feeling a bit crap I slather on Mask Of Magnaminty. This mask is a great all rounder, it really helps me when I get a blemish or my skins just misbehaving a little, especially around that time of the month. It smells so fresh and minty...obviously, and really cools down my face and makes me feel awake on a morning especially. If you're really suffering with break outs for non hormonal reasons, I really recommend this pot of magic.

Last but not least, my favourite toner. I have quite a collection of toners and I'm always on the hunt for new ones that will give me skin something the others don't.
I'm obsessed with the Tea Tree Water toner from Lush, again it's amazing for blemishes when I do get one or two but I use this purely because I am obsessed with Tea Tree's scent and it's benefits. I spray this on my face pretty much whenever I walk past it in my bedroom, it's especially good on a morning or when you're suffering with a cold or hangover- it's a really nice pick me up to freshen up you and your skin, the whole spritzing thing is super relaxing too.

Do you have any must haves from Lush? Or have you tried any of mine?


So I was complaining on Twitter (as usual,) about the price of the newest 'must have' razor, the Venus Ball or whatever it's called, the replacement heads are twenty pound! No thank you. And that was when Friction Free Shaving wanted to lend me a hand.
Friction Free Shaving are a brand that specialize in ensuring you always get the best shave, irritation and cut free by sending out the razor and blades to you, with a reminder to change your head every week. This is a subscription service, and a great, well priced one at that. Starting from £3 a month, you can get your razor and replacement heads to last you the month posted straight to you, (and it's in a letterbox friendly size, so there's no need to be home waiting for it!) Oh and the postage is free!
I know I'm not the only one guilty of using the same blades for weeks and ending up with little red spots on my legs- this solves the problem.

Friction Free
offer a choice of razors in slightly different price brackets, I chose the 'Frankie' model*, purely if I'm honest because it's pink. Frankie* comes with a 3 blade head, but there's also Samantha with a 5 blade head and Faye with 2. Frankie costs only £5 a month,
I've been really loving it so far, the flexible head makes doing my armpits so much easier- and the major break through is that I can do my knees without slicing them up. TMI, but the flexibility is very handy when doing downstairs too...
I've experienced no irritation and the results are super smooth.
For the price, the razor looks much more expensive, it feels pretty heavy and weighted and the heads are super easy to replace. It's just a matter of click and pull.

Friction Free are a one of a kind monthly subscription provider, it's affordable, helpful and keeps your bits in pristine smooth condition. It's a genius idea and one every woman should have.
You can visit the website here to find out more and choose your 'shaviour.'

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