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First of all, sorry for the crappy image, the lighting right now is impossible to work with!
I hope you're ready for some serious enabling today, because you need this foundation in your life. I've never had anything like it, and I've tried a lot of foundations. I'm all over this new foundation from Marc Jacobs Beauty, (now available at Harrods for us lot in the UK, yay!) It's the Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. Whatever your skin type, keep reading.
Foundations that claim to be full coverage always send me running, because when I picture dry skin and full coverage, I see cakeyness, tightness and patches. This one however, really had me stumped because it claims to be a 'concentrate.'

The texture of this base is so unique, it's applicator is a small, silver, metal ball that you roll around on your face to apply the product before blending. I find that one 'ball full' is all I need for my full face, and I actually really enjoy rolling it around and putting patterns on my face.
To blend this I used my Beauty Blender, using bouncing motions to spread and work into the skin. Of course, it blended like a dream, seamlessly and looked even better with every bounce. First impressions were that it had a mild but nice scent, and the shade is literally the best match I've ever, ever, ever had. My mums reaction to this was 'it's white!' and that's a really good thing, just call me Wednesday.

It certainly gave me a full cover, it even covered freckles and blemishes I would usually top up with concealer. Not only that, but it worked under my eyes as well, this foundation is so glowy and dewy that it really lifts and lightens my dark circles. It's an all in one, so worth the hefty price tag, right?

Despite it being the highest coverage foundation I've ever used, it was also the most glowy, healthy looking and partly dewy. It looks and feels like a serum on my skin, it's so comfortable and feels nourishing. It gave me a really healthy and even glow, and it works amazingly with or without powder on top.
I literally cannot express in words how much I loved the finish of this, it really is 're(marc)able', (funny.) I love all 12 foundations I own, but this has just over took the top spot instantly, holy grail status for sure.
It would tailor to any skin type, give you any finish you wanted and you can experiment with coverage, so if you buy 1 thing this payday, make it this.

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  1. This foundation sounds lovely. I'm after a new full coverage foundation and might just give this one a go. So happy that Marc Jacobs is now available in Harrods! Need a little shopping trip.


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