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Hello, welcome to, above we can see what are quite possibly the sexiest tools I've laid my eyes on, just a few of the gorgeous brushes from Spectrum. Why haven't I bought any of these before? I don't know. Why isn't everyone blogging about them? Beyond me. I'll start, my pleasure.
They're a little more pricey than Zoeva to buy individually, but so worth it! These four cost me just over thirty pound, they were delivered super quickly and were packaged beautifully in a holographic envelope and pink plastic case. I cannot wait until I get money to buy myself more, I am utterly obsessed with these fluffy things and nothing will stop me getting each and every one. They are looking so damn good on my dressing table.

Of course, they don't just look pretty, they perform pretty. The hairs are luxuriously soft and fluffy, I find them to be so much smoother than Real Techniques and not as rough as Zoeva's can be.

My favourite of the four I picked is the B02, i'm already questioning how I managed to do my make up properly without this, (maybe I wasn't.) It's such a dense tightly packed brush but still remains silky soft and this is perfect for blending contouring, bronzing, highlighter and whatever powder products you use. For me this is a game changer when it comes to getting a natural contour on my cheekbones, it gets rid of harsh lines and makes everything look so well set.

I've never tried a fan brush, so I picked up the A10, a skinny finer version of their original fan brush. I opted for the lighter option because I wanted something that would be better for applying really 'in your face' highlighters such as Champagne Pop, I was using quite a thick packed brush prior to this and it applied way too much. This applies the perfect amount of product and is shaped just right to apply light on your cheekbones and center of the nose, it's like a little duster,

The last face brush was A01, a huggibly soft fluffy powder brush for all over face application. It gets the job done quickly and well, and looks great in the process, what more do you need?
Finally an eye brush, quite a tightly packed brush perfect for blending out harsh lines and crease shades- I also used this to apply a light base colour and it worked just as well. This is such a versatile one, I think it would be great for blending creamy concealers, even under the eyes because the hairs are so gentle.

I strongly recommend you all go and try some Spectrum brushes and then come back and thank me.

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