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We learnt from my January favourites post that I like to be the first to get it up, I feel like there's an overload of favourites post on the last day of the month and I get tired of reading them.

The only non-beauty product this month is something a little more sentimental. I love thoughtful things, surprises etc and I'm a sucker for 'cheesy' things. February obviously brought Valentines Day and my boyfriend (Callum, if you're wondering who all the tweets are about.) wrote the most wonderful lines in my card that almost made me tear up, he isn't the soppy romantic kind so anything he does like this means ten times more. It's also been handy when I'm feeling down.

I obviously couldn't not include the Marc Jacobs foundation I've been raving about since I got it. I'm not going to stop talking about it until you all buy it and love it. Read the full review here.

I bought my first eye cream! Not because I'm at an age where I'm beginning to see wrinkles, but because my sleeping is terrible and my eye primer seemed to be dragging on my lids. I picked up The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream at the end of January in my birthday hauls. I'm a huge cry baby, so often my eyes are puffy and dried out, so this is a lovely refresher. It's also super hydrating so my eye primer isn't caking on my lids any longer.

I got the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Balm for Christmas and I've only really just started using it properly, not as a cleansing balm, but as a treatment for scars. I don't know what's in this that makes it so effective, but I've been massaging this onto scars and it seems to be fading them really well, as well as leaving my skin baby soft.

A make up firm favourite has been my new Hourglass Strobing Powder, I didn't think I'd like this but I bloody love it. It's much more day time appropriate than Champagne Pop but it's still gorgeous. Hourglass powders are as good as it gets, and they aint' let me down with these new beauties, give me every shade please!

Last but not least, a hair product from Lee Stafford's new Coco Loco range- I also picked up the conditioner. The stand out has been the CoConut Spritz, which has been giving my dead, weak, dull hair some moisture and shine. (It obviously also smells amazing.) It's been most beneficial to my sea of dead ends.

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