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Remember the long post about my primer collection last year? Well that was one of my most popular posts, so I thought I'd do an updated version since my collection has grown significantly. I'll start with the most pricey products and tell you all about each one so you'll know what to go and buy, i'll try to keep it as simple as possible, use this as a primer buying guide if you wish. Grab a cuppa, it's going to be a long one...



I've seen so many of you re-creating this post of your desert island beauty picks- I took this so seriously it's laughable. I wear so much make-up on a daily basis so being stranded on an island with minimal products is my idea of hell.  At first I thought, well, it'll be easy, I'd just take my favourite product from each 'category,' but when I really thought about the conditions on a desert island I changed my mind and I'm quite surprised at what I ended up choosing. Of course, ideally I'd take all my make up, but if I was stranded on a island far away living out of a bagpack, that just wouldn't really work well would it? Narrowing down to a five product face scares me, I'd feel really uncomfortable without my layers on so hopefully I'm never really in this situation.

For base I picked the new Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation. I chose this because it gives a healthy, natural looking finish that isn't dewy nor matte. The heat on an island would dry my skin out so I don't want a full coverage drying foundation, but at the same time I don't want it to be dewy and melt away and I felt like this was perfect. And of course there's the benefit of there being a good SPF in there!

I thought taking my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit was a really clever idea. I can obviously contour, but there's also three powders in the palette that I can use to set my make up, one that's pale enough to use all over my face. No sweat for me.
I also thought I could use the contour shades as eyeshadows? I usually go for a brown smokey eye but I could compromise and make it work with these 3 brown shades. It's a three in one!

Of course, I wouldn't be me without my fake lashes, so I'd have to take a pair just to make myself feel a lot better. I use Eyelure 212 or 143. I feel like having lashes on would make me look more put together, despite the fact I'm really not.

For brows I chose the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, (comparison post coming soon for those of you that like Brow Wiz.)
I chose this because I feel like it's the most sturdy, and the only brow product I might be able to get away with using as a faint eyeliner. It gives the most natural finish out of all my products- and if my face looks bare it's going to look ridiculous having painted on Dipbrow Pomade brows.

Of course, I would have to have a lipstick with me, and what better option than a Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Shine?
Matte lips are drying enough without the added factor of being on a desert island, but this baby is the complete opposite, a glossy nude lipstick with amazing staying power and moisture. Once the shine is gone the stain stays on the lips. The shine also makes me lips look a lot bigger so it saves me having to take a lip liner, sneaky.

What would you take with you?



An understandably small (but beautiful,) collection compared to other brands I collect. Jo Malone was a brand introduced to me by blogging and ever since I smelt my first cologne I understood what you've all been talking about. I've quickly become obsessed and if I had the money to buy all the fragrances I wanted, I'd be 5 grand in debt. Jo Malone is such a luxurious, swoon worthy brand and we know the Kardashian's are obsessed with the giant candles. (Next, please.) The candles are the one thing I can't quite bring myself to get, it's literally burning money, and a lot of money- I'd never buy one for myself unless I had so much money I didn't know what to do with it. But, y'know, if anyone ever wants to buy me a gift...

The most expensive product in my little collection is the Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense. Priced at £105 a bottle. (Shocked Emoji face.) This was a big chunk of my Christmas present money from my parents and I don't regret it. It has such a gorgeous but unique smell that lingers all day long, it smells expensive and a little musky. Also, let's take a moment to appreciate that black glass bottle packaging. This is saved for special days, I can't afford to replace a £105 perfume every couple of month.

Second favourite of the bunch is the Nutmeg and Ginger Bath Oil, again I got this as a gift so the scent isn't one I favor but I certainly don't dislike it. This adds an extra hint of relaxation to bath time and a whole lotta extra moisture to the water, perfect for my dry skin. The smell chills me out so well and makes me feel like I just left a spa.

When I'm not using the bath oil, I'm using the Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Wash, everyone talks about this scent in particular, I'm not mad about it but I like it. The body wash is really rich and hydrating and creates a pretty decent lather for shaving- a little goes a long long way. Oh, it's also good for use as a bubble bath.
Also from Wood Sage and Sea Salt I have the cologne and the body cream. My mam surprised me with these for my birthday- the cream is a shocking £50 but the jar is pretty huge and entirely glass. The scent lingers on my skin for hours after smothering myself in this after a bath. The cream is extremely rich and thick, providing a lot of moisture for my dry skin, despite the strong scent, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. (My boyfriend bloody loves this stuff too, he's always asking for a layer on his back!)
The cologne is my 'everyday' scent, well, by everyday, I mean the three days a week I leave the house. (lol.)

I really want the Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Intense Cologne next, oh and the Earl Grey and Cucumber cologne. And every candle...



We learnt from my January favourites post that I like to be the first to get it up, I feel like there's an overload of favourites post on the last day of the month and I get tired of reading them.

The only non-beauty product this month is something a little more sentimental. I love thoughtful things, surprises etc and I'm a sucker for 'cheesy' things. February obviously brought Valentines Day and my boyfriend (Callum, if you're wondering who all the tweets are about.) wrote the most wonderful lines in my card that almost made me tear up, he isn't the soppy romantic kind so anything he does like this means ten times more. It's also been handy when I'm feeling down.

I obviously couldn't not include the Marc Jacobs foundation I've been raving about since I got it. I'm not going to stop talking about it until you all buy it and love it. Read the full review here.

I bought my first eye cream! Not because I'm at an age where I'm beginning to see wrinkles, but because my sleeping is terrible and my eye primer seemed to be dragging on my lids. I picked up The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream at the end of January in my birthday hauls. I'm a huge cry baby, so often my eyes are puffy and dried out, so this is a lovely refresher. It's also super hydrating so my eye primer isn't caking on my lids any longer.

I got the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Balm for Christmas and I've only really just started using it properly, not as a cleansing balm, but as a treatment for scars. I don't know what's in this that makes it so effective, but I've been massaging this onto scars and it seems to be fading them really well, as well as leaving my skin baby soft.

A make up firm favourite has been my new Hourglass Strobing Powder, I didn't think I'd like this but I bloody love it. It's much more day time appropriate than Champagne Pop but it's still gorgeous. Hourglass powders are as good as it gets, and they aint' let me down with these new beauties, give me every shade please!

Last but not least, a hair product from Lee Stafford's new Coco Loco range- I also picked up the conditioner. The stand out has been the CoConut Spritz, which has been giving my dead, weak, dull hair some moisture and shine. (It obviously also smells amazing.) It's been most beneficial to my sea of dead ends.



Okay, so it was my birthday at the very end of January and I may of went a bit over board online with Sephora and spent so much I was almost sick, (£50 in taxes and shipping isn't good for anyone.) Hey ho you only get a birthday once a year and have that much money to spend, so I went with treat yo self. I've had the products for a while now and I've tried them all, so expect a whole load of reviews coming your way soon.

I spent a lot solely on Kat Von D, I've never tried anything from her and trust me I could of spent so much more, but you know, life.
Of course, the first thing I wanted was the much talked about Shade and Light Contour Palette, I've been using this everyday since I got it, the two lightest shades are working perfectly on my super pale skin. I don't find them the nicest to blend or apply evenly unfortunately. It's pretty similar to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette, but the hype still made me buy this.
I also picked up the Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette, we all know I love a good eyeshadow palette and this looked like I'd get a load of use out of it. Likewise, I've been using  it everyday since I got it and I've managed to use all of the shades, which is really rare for me, I'll usually stick to the same four shades and not touch the rest. Over all, the pigmentation is good and the texture of the shadows are chalky, but soft and easy to blend or build up.
I ran out of my Urban Decay Setting Spray a while ago, so I picked up the Kat Von D Lock It Spray. So far, I'm liking this better than the Urban Decay option, especially the peculiar scent and gorgeous packaging.
Last but not least from Kat Von D I got the Lock It Featherweight Primer, we all know I certainly didn't need another primer but, the packaging got me, again. I've found this to be  very similar to the Too Faced Hangover X primer.

I feel blessed that I finally own THAT gorgeous highlighter from Laura Mercier that I've seen plastered over Instagram for so long. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you ain't been in the beauty game long enough. Forget the look of Champagne Pop and look at this. It's true highlighter porn, you can't tell me you don't want that.
Also along the highlighter lines I couldn't not try one of the new Hourglass Strobing Powders. After googling swatches for an hour, I went for the shade Incandescent. This gives a gorgeous, subtle glow to the skin, it's definitley more of a day time highlight to make your skin look healthy and youthful.

I picked up two of Tarte's new lip products, the Tarteist Lip Paint and the matching lip liner. I went for the really dark, mauvey nude shade named TBT. (How cute is that stripey packaging?)
The stand out has been the staying power of the lip liner, honestly there's no stopping this thing!

I re-purchased the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, this is the only product I've ever re-purchased, (twice.) I do wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis but I still want/need a great mascara, nothing compares to the power of Better Than Sex, believe the hype.
Also along the lines of the eye area, I picked up the new Anastasia Brow Definer, purely to compare it to Brow Wiz, (comparison post coming soon.)  So far, I'm not a fan, and Brow Wiz is definitley my baby.

Let me know if you've picked up any of these recently and what you think. I hope I've done you some serious enabling. As I said, reviews are to come of desperate products.



I've said it ten times, I'll say it again, I'm addicted to skin care, I love it. I love looking after my skin and I pride myself in it's state, I'm very lazy with everything apart from looking after my skin, it's either all or nothing, but it's never nothing. When I wear make up, I wear a lot, so getting all of that product off my skin properly is vital (how people sleep in their make up is beyond me, yuck.)

The first step in my routine has always been a cleanser, for years I used Liz Earle, then Emma Hardie, now it's a mix of Oskia and Sunday Riley, i'm spending all of this money on expensive cleansers with such amazing ingredients and it just hit me recently that my skin probably wasn't getting half of the benefits from them it should be. Yes the cleansers are removing orange and black from my face, but my skin doesn't really come into contact with the product because of the sheer amount of primer and foundation on there.

So I've heard a lot of bloggers talking about the Garnier Micellar Water as their step 1 for removing make-up, but if you know me well you'll know that I have some sort of phobia of cheap skin care, I had bad experiences in the past and I read so many horror stories that I just don't want to risk damaging all my hard work. Like, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the Garnier water, I'm sure it's fabulous and works just as well, but I just have this underlying fear so I went with the expensive option of Bioderma, (£10.50.) It's still stocked in Boots but just the fact it's more of a luxury brand with a more high end price tag gives me some sort of security blanket. I've also heard Estee and Lily Pebbles talk about this a lot and I really trust both of their opinions.

I've been using this with cotton pads, I usually get away with soaking 2 in the water and it'll manage to do my face and heavy eye make up. It didn't at all irritate my really sensitive skin, there was no signs of redness, no burning sensation, it really was just like water on my face, but this is magic water.I also have quite dry skin, and this doesn't worsen my dehydration at all after use, if anything it just feels like my pores can breathe again.
I noticed straight away that unlike with my cleansing balms I wasn't rubbing really harshly on my eyes to remove all the dark eyeshadow, it seems I can just take a couple of swipes with this and everything's gone and not melting down my entire face. So already this was a huge bonus and enough reason to keep on using it. And unlike eye make up remover, it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes either!

Me and my skin are happier, my make up is being removed extra well and then my skin is experiencing all these amazing ingredients in my cleansing balms properly! I've also noticed a reduction of black heads around my nose from clogged pores.




Hello, welcome to, above we can see what are quite possibly the sexiest tools I've laid my eyes on, just a few of the gorgeous brushes from Spectrum. Why haven't I bought any of these before? I don't know. Why isn't everyone blogging about them? Beyond me. I'll start, my pleasure.
They're a little more pricey than Zoeva to buy individually, but so worth it! These four cost me just over thirty pound, they were delivered super quickly and were packaged beautifully in a holographic envelope and pink plastic case. I cannot wait until I get money to buy myself more, I am utterly obsessed with these fluffy things and nothing will stop me getting each and every one. They are looking so damn good on my dressing table.

Of course, they don't just look pretty, they perform pretty. The hairs are luxuriously soft and fluffy, I find them to be so much smoother than Real Techniques and not as rough as Zoeva's can be.

My favourite of the four I picked is the B02, i'm already questioning how I managed to do my make up properly without this, (maybe I wasn't.) It's such a dense tightly packed brush but still remains silky soft and this is perfect for blending contouring, bronzing, highlighter and whatever powder products you use. For me this is a game changer when it comes to getting a natural contour on my cheekbones, it gets rid of harsh lines and makes everything look so well set.

I've never tried a fan brush, so I picked up the A10, a skinny finer version of their original fan brush. I opted for the lighter option because I wanted something that would be better for applying really 'in your face' highlighters such as Champagne Pop, I was using quite a thick packed brush prior to this and it applied way too much. This applies the perfect amount of product and is shaped just right to apply light on your cheekbones and center of the nose, it's like a little duster,

The last face brush was A01, a huggibly soft fluffy powder brush for all over face application. It gets the job done quickly and well, and looks great in the process, what more do you need?
Finally an eye brush, quite a tightly packed brush perfect for blending out harsh lines and crease shades- I also used this to apply a light base colour and it worked just as well. This is such a versatile one, I think it would be great for blending creamy concealers, even under the eyes because the hairs are so gentle.

I strongly recommend you all go and try some Spectrum brushes and then come back and thank me.



Another blog post, another base combination. I've been obsessed with buying new base products recently and this certainly isn't the last post about new additions.

Too Faced is a brand I've loved and trusted for years, but funnily enough I've never tried out any base products, but if the amazingly buttery shadows and Better Than Sex mascara is anything to go by, it's going to be amazing. I literally have enough primer and foundation to do a small towns make up for a year, so I'm really hard to impress, but the Born This Way foundation did just that. The Hangover X primer? It's good, it's nice but it didn't work any miracles.

The Born This Way foundation is very much like the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, in that it gives a medium but buildable coverage that looks extremely natural and 'your skin but better,' like. It isn't overly glowy but it gives off a tint of healthy looking radiance. This foundation claims to do a lot, but it certainly lives up to it's main claim of 'undetectable coverage.' Who doesn't want to look like they have naturally photo shopped skin? And in true Too Faced style, it's packaged beautifully with a quirky, girly edge.
I have quite dry skin and this didn't cake on me at all, it gave me a satin/matte finish and I felt like I could of gotten away without powder on top.

The Hangover X primer is perfect if you have dull, dry, just really lifeless and not at all radiant skin. I'm blessed with naturally radiant healthy glowing skin that's pretty normal and a little dry in Winter so this is a product I could of done without.
However, I do still really like this, because not only does it do that, but it leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth, it almost resurfaces my skin to this perfect canvas ready for any paint (foundation.) I've used a couple of foundations with this primer so far and they've all applied amazingly and made my skin look like I eat my 5 a day and have 8 hours sleep.
Like the foundation, it does live up to what it claims to do, it feels refreshing on the skin, it feels like a breath of fresh air and my skin loves it.
Not only all of that, but it's my favourite type of primer, it isn't thick or full silicone, it doesn't roll off my face or feel heavy, it's such a light, breathable liquid that feels like water on the skin.  AND again, packaging goals.



First of all, sorry for the crappy image, the lighting right now is impossible to work with!
I hope you're ready for some serious enabling today, because you need this foundation in your life. I've never had anything like it, and I've tried a lot of foundations. I'm all over this new foundation from Marc Jacobs Beauty, (now available at Harrods for us lot in the UK, yay!) It's the Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. Whatever your skin type, keep reading.
Foundations that claim to be full coverage always send me running, because when I picture dry skin and full coverage, I see cakeyness, tightness and patches. This one however, really had me stumped because it claims to be a 'concentrate.'

The texture of this base is so unique, it's applicator is a small, silver, metal ball that you roll around on your face to apply the product before blending. I find that one 'ball full' is all I need for my full face, and I actually really enjoy rolling it around and putting patterns on my face.
To blend this I used my Beauty Blender, using bouncing motions to spread and work into the skin. Of course, it blended like a dream, seamlessly and looked even better with every bounce. First impressions were that it had a mild but nice scent, and the shade is literally the best match I've ever, ever, ever had. My mums reaction to this was 'it's white!' and that's a really good thing, just call me Wednesday.

It certainly gave me a full cover, it even covered freckles and blemishes I would usually top up with concealer. Not only that, but it worked under my eyes as well, this foundation is so glowy and dewy that it really lifts and lightens my dark circles. It's an all in one, so worth the hefty price tag, right?

Despite it being the highest coverage foundation I've ever used, it was also the most glowy, healthy looking and partly dewy. It looks and feels like a serum on my skin, it's so comfortable and feels nourishing. It gave me a really healthy and even glow, and it works amazingly with or without powder on top.
I literally cannot express in words how much I loved the finish of this, it really is 're(marc)able', (funny.) I love all 12 foundations I own, but this has just over took the top spot instantly, holy grail status for sure.
It would tailor to any skin type, give you any finish you wanted and you can experiment with coverage, so if you buy 1 thing this payday, make it this.

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