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Well if you know me at all you'll know how much I love skincare, I really enjoy looking after it and it's something I do every day without fail. I tried out Tea Tree products from The Body Shop that I received for Christmas and I was really impressed. Ever since I've been really keen to pick some more bits up. My skin seems to be going through a little dry phase, probably due to the weather, so with that in mind, as well as it's sensetivity, I picked up the following...

Vitamin E Face Mist
Easily my favourite product of the bunch! This is totally what my skin needs right now, a refreshing, soothing moisture boost. This is such an excellent multi use product, today I used it in many ways as possible just to really give it a good test run. I applied it after moisturiser and primer and it made my skin look and feel a lot more comfortable ready for foundation. I then also sprayed this onto my Beauty Blender to blend foundation completely, it made my skin look more dewy and natural and made the foundation feel comfortable on the skin. Finally, I used it as a 'setting' spray over all my powders, contour etc. I really love this so far and I think it'll be one of those products that I can't live without.

Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator 
A gentle and deeply cleansing product that doesn't leave my face irritated, red, but silky smooth and soft. I used this in the bath tonight instead of my usual Lush Cup' O Coffee and I must say I like this a lot better. Unlike my usual option, it doesn't make a mess, and it isn't a nightmare to remove. It left my skin feeling extremely soft, I felt like it really had a deep clean right into my pores, and it also had a little effect on pore size. This product is a balm like texture with grains within it, so it's super gentle and didn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Strawberry Born Lippy Balm
It's Winter, my lips are dry, so I got this. I like Strawberry, need I say more? It works.

Aloe Soothing Day Cream
The 'soothing' drew me into buying this, I didn't need it and I don't particularly like it...if I'm honest it was just to fill up the basket a little more. It's not moisturizing enough for my dry Winter skin, it might be perfect in Summer but so far I've only noticed that it calms redness very slightly, it doesn't smell too great, it's just, meh. I suppose it'll be put to test better if something really upset my skin and it started burning/itching, but that doesn't really, this was a bit of a waste of money.

Instablur All-In-One Primer
The product I was most excited about, yet pretty disappointed with. I've seen a few rave reviews and I was expecting to really really like this, but I almost hate it. The only thing I like is the packaging, the logo just looks cute. There's a very small amount of product and it doesn't spread well or evenly, it's a clear, gel texture that feels quite heavy on the skin, I could feel it suffocating my pores as I applied it. Worst of all, when I was applying it seemed to really roll off the skin, it felt like it stripped my moisturiser away and I really had to apply a lot and really blend and push it around my face. The whole experience just wasn't nice, but however, it does blur pores really well. 

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