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Some things are worth waiting for, and this palette was one of them; Months ago I made a post raving about the original Tartelette palette, and I'm here to do the same again with the new Tartelette (2) "In Bloom" palette. Nothing on this world makes me more excited and happy than a good new eyeshadow palette, they are my ultimate make up weakness.
I purposely kept money behind from Christmas to buy myself this because of how much I love the original, and it seemed like forever waiting for it in the UK, (ordered from QVC, £35.00.) but I'm so happy to finally own this.

Unlike the first palette, this new one includes a mix of matte, shimmer and even metallic shades all with a warm hue, which is a huge bonus for me because I can't seem to get along with cool toned shades. The palette also comes with a decent, full sized brush that features two heads, one perfect for packing a shade on and the other for all over lid application, as well as a very decent sized mirror.
Even though I'm very much a monochrome, minimalistic lover, I do love the packaging of this palette, it perfectly suits the Spring time inside and out with the gold plastic surrounding the 12 shades. The embossing of the Tarte logo into each shadow also makes this palette look extra luxurious, paired with the spring themed names.

Although Tarte shadows aren't my favourite for formula (Too Faced forever, mmm the butter) they have amazing pigmentation and colour pay off. I don't find myself having to go over and over with the light colours to make it recognizable, but even if I did, these shadows are so comfortable and light on the lids you won't even know if you're accidentally wearing all 12 shades...
I love Tarte shadows mostly for their amazing colour pay off and the lack of/non existent drop down that comes with applying them.
The more metallic and shimmery colours in the palette have quite a thick buttery formula, where as the light shades seem to be more chalky- (neither of which are bad!)

I'll be sure making very good use of this palette.

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