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I don't need to say this again, we all know it, I'm Courtney and I'm addicted to buying skincare products. I love looking after my skin and the money and time pays off big time, and when I came into some birthday money on Friday, I couldn't resist not making some new purchases. I have been really enjoying all of the products pictured above, we all know I've recently been all over The Body Shop's skincare ranges, so it's no surprise I went and spent another wodge of cash on more. (I swear this is no ad or sponsor, I just really love their stuff.) My boyfriend also had the joys of having a bath with me to try out all of these new products and I saw results on him pretty instantly, and his skin aint' too good, (sorry.)

The only thing not from TBS was the Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, just look at it, how could I see this in the shop window and not want it? It's so pretty and aesthetically pleasing, and it was a joy to photograph. Besides the appearance, it smells insane and feels so moisturizing, the 'horn' feels like a solid oil, so I'm hoping it works some magic on my dry skin. (I still haven't used this, I don't want to let it go) Why aren't they permanent!?

If you saw my recent post about the Vitamin E fact mist, it'll be no surprise I went out and got some more products from the line. (And what's with all the comments on that post!? What is happening?)
I decided to pick up the Vitamin E hydrating toner, eye cream, moisture mask and intense hydration cream.
I'm not even in my 20's yet, but I think for someone so obsessed with looking after their skin it's acceptable to start using an eye cream, I have the worst sleeping habits and some days it definitley shows in the form of dark circles, I've also noticed my eyeshadow primer clinging to my lids recently so I really wanted some hydration for the poor things.
Me and my puppy Bernie both like this, both for totally different reasons but, I love it for hydration and brightening my under eyes, Bernie thinks it's a bone.

I had to try the Hydrating Toner, I'm currently using a Tea Tree toner from Lush and it can be pretty drying- so now I'm using a combination of the two, getting the benefits of Tea Tree but then restoring the hydration. So far, so good. I also like to apply it before make up just to ensure all the moisturize possible is locked in.

The Sink In Moisture Mask is my favourite of the haul, I don't need to go on about how dry my skin can get in Winter because I've talked about it non stop, but this is a savior for the issue...and it doesn't need washing off! Lazy Courtney is happy. The mask has a texture of a gel like cream so a little goes a long way, it sits on the skin for a while and then sinks in leaving it baby bum soft. My skin has been drinking this up! I think I might enjoy it more than my Emma Hardie oil...

I needed a moisturiser, so why not try one from my new favourite range? I picked up the Intense Hydration Cream and I've found it to be absolutely perfect for my skins needs, it gives me the perfect amount of skin drink. Again, it's very rich and quite thick in it's texture, so a pea sized about will cover my face. So far I've had no issues with it clashing with any of my primers.

Away from the Vitamin E line is a couple of purchases from the Aloe range, a line of products all about calming and soothing upset/sensitive skin.
I picked up the Aloe Soothing Toner and the Soothing Rescue Cream Mask.
My skin is definitley one to get a little red and irradiated sometimes, so calming products are a must have. The Soothing Toner does just that, it's cooling, hydrating and really refreshing, I feel like it will be a rescue product if I have a skin meltdown.
I saw the best results of the Rescue Mask on my boyfriends face, it almost banished his redness completely and his blemishes really calmed down.

You can expect a lot more haul posts in the upcoming weeks, from birthday presents to my hefty Sephora haul. Stick around if you're up for some massive enabling. (Also thank you to the handful of you for the birthday wishes on Twitter! I had a lovely weekend.)

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