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Who doesn't love smelling good? I hate leaving the house without being drenched in scent, I aim to be one of those people you walk past and think 'Jesus Christ that's strong.' I never quite feel complete without a good spritzing, I have different fragrances to match different moods and different styles of dress, and some that I just love endlessly.

The one for special occasions: Jo Malone Cologne Intense, Velvet Rose and Oud (£105.00.)
I lusted after a Jo Malone fragrance for so long and Santa kindly brought one of the intense bottles my way. I love the look of it, the smell of it, the feel of it, and just knowing I have it. It's such a wonderful luxury to own and be gifted. It's so expensive so I'll be saving this for special occasions! It's quite musky and 'different,' but you can smell that it's expensive.

The girly, floral, elegant scent: Love Story by ChloĆ© (£50.00.)
This is the one I'll be saving mostly for Summer/Spring time, it's really floral and light and girly, but still really strong and lingers on my clothes for hours and hours. It's my boyfriends favourite and he always says he can smell it on his bedding when I've been over, so it must be pretty good. It's not my personality at all, but I still really love this, it's so different to all my others. Packaging is a solid 11/10.

The edgy, musky, modern option: Si Intense by Giorgio Armani (£55.00.)
Insane. Gorgeous. Luxurious. Modern. Sophisticated. I am so heart eyes about this, it's my favourite bottle to look at too, the packaging is so me and so is the scent. It smells expensive and slightly musky, again, one I'll be wearing on special occasions, it's one of those scents that stay strong all day and get people asking what you're wearing. I imagine if you walked into a Chanel boutique, it would smell something like this.

The fun, quirky, fruity sweet one:
Viktor & Rolf BonBon (£68.00.)
This is one for everyone, you can't not like this no matter your taste. It's so fruity, fresh and quirky. I totally get the name, it totally smells like something you'd find in a sweet shop, maybe not a bonbon, much nicer than a bonbon. However, I do think it's quite young and I can't imagine anyone over the age of 30 wearing this and suiting it. LOOK AT THAT BOTTLE.

The sophisticated, grown up scent: Chanel Chance, Eau Tendre (£55.00.)
I've sadly come to the last couple of uses of my Chanel, it's been well loved and attracted a lot of compliments during its time. This was my everyday fragrance not long ago, it's easy wearing and suitable for any occasion, but still smells very grown up and sophisticated, it smells like a woman that really has her shit together. It's so refreshing and clean, but still has a sweet hint, very very feminine.

I really cannot pick a favourite from my collection, I love them all equally and I'd wear them all at once if I could.
I'm lusting after so many perfumes at the moment, mostly YSL Black Opium and Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily (which I'm hoping to get for my birthday.)

Let me know if you've tried any of these or what you're loving!

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